“Animal Rights Activist” María Celeste Arrarás Gets Scolded by a Fan for Using a Leather Bag

maria celeste

María Celeste Arrarás©

Latinos LOVE María Celeste Arrarás. Arrarás is a Puerto Rican reporter, author and producer of her television news show, “Al Rojo Vivo” on Telemundo. She is beautiful, smart, a mother of three and an animal lover. Arrarás is a strong animal rights advocate. When reporting the news any chance she gets to speak in defense of animals she doesn’t hesitate to express her opinion. It seems one of her fans did the same. In an image she posted on social media with her daughter, she’s pictured carrying an Hermès handbag (their Evelyn III shoulder leather bag that retails for $3,375.00 USD). Hermès makes bags in many finishes ranging from fine leather to crocodile skin. (The Hermès Himalayan Crocodile Birkin bag is priced at $432,000 and their Ostrich skin bags sell for $32,000.) The fan brought it to Arrarás attention and reminded her of the animal cruelty the brand engages in highlighting that they must care about the welfare of ALL animals. The successful journalist (who is also a multimillionaire) responded:

“It’s a copy that was given to me on Mother’s Day.” She added, “I don’t spend that amount of money on pocketbooks because I have three school tuitions to pay.”

Below is a photo of the original handbag. What do you guys think?


That’s a good counterfeit! However, being what she says she stands for and knowing what the company does and it symbolizes, it’s quite contradicting to advertise the label. Nonetheless, we’re going to side with Arrarás on this one since I’m a vegetarian who refuses to give up her nubuck shoes, and I sometimes eat KFC only because everyone tells me is not real chicken ;) .

Macy’s Dumps Trump

trump macysAfter the comments Donald Trump made about immigrants, he is facing the wrath of many. Celebrities have made public statements condemning him from Shakira and Ricky Martin to Roselyn Sánchez. Many Latin countries are pulling their contestants from the pageant. NBC and Univision decided to cut ties with the real estate mogul and now Macy’s is doing the same. They stated, “His disparaging remarks about Mexican immigrants are inconsistent with Macy’s values.” Trump said it was the other way around, that he no longer wanted to continue selling his merchandise with the retailer. He is also suing Univision for $500 million and threatened to pursue legal action against NBC.

Gun Control in Puerto Rico

On a quest to reduce crime in Puerto Rico the government has made it difficult for people to obtain a gun permit. Puerto Rico has the strictest gun laws than any other place throughout the United States. The women urge that these policies be changed, since they are using their firearms as a form of self-defense. Street gangs say they possess illegal guns in order to protect themselves from corrupt cops. Residents of Puerto Rico feel that if guns are more easily accessible (legally) in the island, it will decrease crime rates.

Ann Coulter Made Jorge Ramos Look Like a Neophyte

It took weeks for me to post this because the entire interview made me cringe. It was so painful to watch, did you spot those hideous kitten heels? Anyhow, this is what I meant concerning my comments about Ramos. Coulter insists that after the interview he was very nice to her. I’m sure he is a gentleman. However, it is good to note that ratings with a touch of a bit more popularity don’t hurt nobody. Many care about immigration issues on camera, but behind the scenes, it’s just business. The show must go on. In response to Ann’s comment… If one doesn’t want to get killed don’t travel to a country that is currently at war, and if you don’t want to get killed in America, don’t go to Waco, Texas. It’s that simple. BTW, we totally recommend her book, but only if it’s in the $0.01 bin and you’re out of toilet paper. Don’t hold us liable for any rashes or warts you encounter afterwards.