LOVE: Maja

majaMaja is a line of beauty products that cater to Latinas. I recall my mom and grandma using them when I was little. When I was four years old, playing with makeup, I took my mom’s Maja powder and put it all over my face with some red lipstick. My mom laughed it off. She said I looked like La Cucarachita Martina.

Ricky Martin and Marc Anthony Urge Latinos to Stay United

marc and ricky martinThis is exactly what I was telling Jorge Ramos about Puerto Ricans standing in solidarity with his cause and ALL Latinos. Three of the most outspoken celebrities against Donald Trump in support of Jorge Ramos are Puerto Ricans (who are born U.S. citizens). Roselyn Sanchez, Marc Anthony and Ricky Martin have written messages condemning the GOP presidential hopeful who is inciting hatred with his anti-immigrant rants. Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory. Puerto Ricans are the second largest Hispanic group in the U.S. and those living on the mainland (4.9 million) can vote to elect the next U.S. President. Shakira (Colombian), J. Balvin (Colombian), America Ferrera (Honduran) and Cristián de la Fuente (Chilean) have also come forward in the past expressing their disapproval for Trump’s hate speeches. We hope other celebrities follow suit. jorge ramos

Latinos stand with all even those who don’t support us. We will not put all people in a box. We will not resort to violence. But we will voice our opinion at the polls. Latinos HATE when people try to tarnish their reputation, but what we detest even more is when they mess with our families and our freedom.

Ramos will not fight this fight alone. 54 million of us are with him. We were dormant on this issue, but they have woken a sleeping giant. #LatinosUnidos #SomosUno