24 Oct

Google Launches The Domain “.SOY” For Latinos

google .soyGoogle has released a new .soy domain that caters to Latinos. Google states, “SOY is the domain name for Latino identity and expression on the web. .SOY can be anything you want it to be. It’s your place on the web for your voice, your business, or your bold new idea. Claim your name and join the .SOY community today.” Many Latinos (that if I may add the majority speak English), may like the concept, just not the domain that can be easily confused with a legume. Wait a minute. We see what you did there! Okay, perhaps Google is not racist despite that their staff is less than 3% Latinos. We’re being generous with the number, see <3%. Perhaps, they asked the janitor for help with this project? While most domains are less than $10 you can get your .soy today for ONLY $31.99 and upwards. At least that’s the quote I got for unpopular names, the most relevant ones are costlier. And what’s up with the hairy dude on the advert? No worries, one thing we’re certain of is that he’s not employed by the company unless he is cleaning floors because he’s not wasting any time depilating. Google, you deserve the whip. All in all, we respect that you want to make change, but for now, actions speak louder than words. Show us the numbers.

24 Oct

Google is Being Attacked for Lacking Diversity

Google chart


Google has come under fire after data was released showing there’s a wide gender gap  and not enough racial diversity within the company. Google’s Workforce Demographics chart illustrates that their employees are 79% men and 21% women comprised of 72% white, 23% Asians, 2% Black, 1.5% Mixed Race and 1% Hispanic. Google admits, “We’re not where we want to be when it comes to diversity. And it is hard to address these kinds of challenges if you’re not prepared to discuss them openly, and with the facts. All of our efforts, including going public with these numbers, are designed to help us recruit and develop the world’s most talented and diverse people.” Apple, Yahoo, and Twitter are all on the same boat when it comes to inequality and racial disparity. Less than 3% of their employees or either black or Latino, none in leadership positions, but rather working invisible labor. Tech companies heavily supported and used by minorities worldwide, especially Latin Americans, have failed to be diverse, despite that their content may make one believe they promote diversity, they just don’t do so within their corporations.

23 Oct

LOVE: Believing Witches EXIST

Latinos LOVE believing in witches. And NO, we don’t mean your mother-in-law or coworker. We’re referring to “real” witches (not saying your suegrita doesn’t come close). My grandmother SWORE to me that witches exist and that she saw one in the 1940s. She says they fly, are ugly, and fall in love with men. As a love-token they leave their precious “neon-colored yellow” stool where their love interest resides. The only way you can get rid of a witch is by setting their feces on fire. Yes, my abuelita is a great storyteller. Hence, where I got my wonderful creative writing ability from. She told me a witch fell in love with my uncle, and it always used to crap on her backyard. Grandma got tired of that witch’s shit and she burnt the excrement and BEGONE! The witch went away for good. Brokenhearted, I’m sure. But, what can I say? Since my grandma told me this I HAVE to believe her. Although, I’ve caught her on a few lies, don’t you dare call my abuelita a liar!

See, it’s TRUE. There you were doubting my abuela. Shame on you.

21 Oct

R.I.P. Oscar de la Renta

oscar de la renta designer

©Oscar de la Renta

One of the classiest and most talented designers that ever stepped foot on this earth, is now gone. Oscar de la Renta has passed away. He was 82 years old. The half Dominican and half Puerto Rican-American fashion designer was born on July 22, 1932 in the Dominican Republic as Óscar Arístides de la Renta Fiallo. He was only 18 years old when he made the decision to pursue his dreams. With a strong love for the arts he moved to Spain to study at the Academy of San Fernando in Madrid. He was trained by the best of the best in the industry. De la Renta has had a successful career where he designed the most gorgeous gowns for celebrities and royalty. The first and only time I saw the designer was when I was a student at FIT. He was invited in as a public speaker and he was such a unique soul. He talked about the good and the bad in the industry, and then he asked, “Where are my Latino children at?” Only a few of us in the audience clapped/stood up (including me) and he said, “Don’t ever let anyone tell you you can’t do anything.” He shared with us that when he was making a name for himself people tried to say he was Spanish (from Spain), or Italian and he had to correct everyone and tell them he was Dominican. Even as tough as it was for minorities in the 50s and 60s, he identified himself as a Latino. He told us to be who we are and to never ever let anyone make you something you’re not. I admired his realness and he always had my respect. De la Renta was such an eloquent man. Let’s not disregard his humorous side. He added that in order to succeed in fashion one must be talented. He said if you try to sell a garment that’s terrible “people won’t care if it was made by 1,000 virgins” it has to be good. I will never forget that speech. Certainly, we’ve lost a true artist. R.I.P. You will be missed!

13 Oct

Victor Cruz for HUGO BOSS

NFL star, writer, and now model, Victor Cruz is one of the new faces for Hugo Boss‘ “Success Beyond the Game” campaign introducing the relaunch of three of the label’s parfums that “emphasizes the aspects of success across all facets of a man’s life” (PRNews). The New York Giants’ player is representing “Hugo Man.” Cruz is a true Jerseyan (from Paterson, NJ) known for being an exceptional player, role model, and for his salsa dancing skills that he proudly exhibits every time he scores. The super gorgeous half Puerto Rican and half Afro-American athlete says he learned how to dance from his grandmother and does this in her honor. So just when you thought he was showing off, he’s paying respect to his abuelita. How sweet! This is not all. Cruz is also an author. His book, “Out of the Blue” is about his journey and all of the obstacles he had to overcome to attain success. No question about it, Cruz is un orgullo Latino!


11 Oct

HATE: Speaking Spanish

not speaking spanishEvery time I write about Latinos not knowing Spanish, I get a lot of heat for it. But don’t get your panties in a bunch, ALL of the children in my family don’t speak Spanish and my Spanish isn’t flawless either. Which is okay. Anyhow, wanted to share this story with you that I found quite interesting. I went shopping with my sister today, and we were debating whether or not to buy a particular product. My sis was speaking to me in Spanish, and a Latino associate who works at the retail store interrupts us and says, “I hope you’re not addressing me, because I do NOT speak Spanish.” I said, “Yeah, well, learn SPANISH, you’re in AMERICA!” (I’m a jokester. Hardy Har Har.) Then my sister said, “Your name tag reads your name is José not John or Joseph.” To which he responded, “I don’t know what the hell my mom was thinking of when she gave me that name!” Muy, pero muy, interesante.

11 Oct

LOVE: Hablando Inglés

hablando inglesLatinos LOVE being nice and making others feel better about themselves. Let’s take a relative of mine as an example, who knows very little English and sometimes has trouble with saying “he/she” as she tends to confuse the two. Every time she sees a cute baby, she tells the mother of the child, “It’s cute!” Could you imagine the look on the mothers’ faces. If she’s with me, I try remedying the situation quickly following up with a “Yes, your baby girl is a doll!” or “Isn’t he handsome!” Trying to soothe the offended mother when a total stranger compliments their child as if they were a pet. Que será, será? I guess, we love hablando Inglés!

29 Aug


Latinos HATE to R.S.V.P. In invitations, it is meant for one to respond if they’ll be attending the event or not. R.S.V.P. is French for Répondez s’il vous plaît, meaning “Reply if it pleases you” or “please reply”. Latinos hate to R.S.V.P. for the following reasons:

  • We’re not sure if we’re going, because we may get invited to a better party, and then we’ll feel terrible canceling at the last minute (we hate giving others false hopes).
  • There’s a limitation as to how many people can attend with us (for those who put “1″ all we have to say is, “Reeally?”). That’s not going to work.
  • We do not like the person enough to get them a gift.
  • When they add in fine print “NO children allowed.” Well, uh, that’s a no-go.

And last, but not least, we prefer to show up! Or as my sister always says, “Yo voy si tengo tiempo, cuando me vean ahi, sabran que llegue!”

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