17 Nov

LOVE: Inequality for All (Documentary)

I love watching documentaries and “Inequality for All” is by far one of my TOP favorites. In this film you will see the former Secretary of Labor in the Clinton administration, Robert Reich, explaining why we’re facing this Great Recession. Reich is an economist, professor, and author of thirteen books. He said, “People from both parties were looking for someone to blame, but most people have no idea how it got this bad or why.” He said many people blame immigrants, but it’s not the case. The cause of this recession has to do with stagnant or reduced wages, inflation, governmental deregulations for Wall St., tax-cuts for the wealthy, downsizing, and corporate greed in the last three decades.

17 Nov

LOVE: Justice Louis D. Brandeis

quotesLouis Dembitz Brandeis (November 13, 1856 – October 5, 1941) was a brilliant Jewish lawyer (Harvard Law School graduate) who became a member of the U.S. Supreme Court, and a leader of the Zionist and Progressive movement.

“I believe that only goodness and truth and conduct that is humane and self-sacrificing toward those who need us can bring God nearer to us … I wanted to give my children the purest spirit and the highest ideals as to morals and love. God has blessed my endeavors.”
-Louis D. Brandeis

He believed in equality for all, and fought strongly for women’s rights. Brandeis faced prejudice himself from anti-semitics who tried blocking his path. But he surpassed all obstacles and became a huge success. Brandeis is someone we will continue to commemorate for his integrity, contributions, boldness, beliefs, and service to society. 

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17 Nov

Latinos Have a Good Memory

memoriesLatinos have such good memories. They remember everything. Let’s take one of my sisters for example. She called me today to tell me she caught up watching an entire season of a series I’ve been meaning to watch (but managed to see just one episode). She starts rambling…

  • SIS: Well, recall the cute guy the girl’s engaged to, but she’s cheating on him?
  • ME: Yes, he’s cute and such a good guy!
  • SIS: Nope, he’s the bad one. Yup, he’s the villain!
  • ME: Why would you tell me that?! I wanted to watch it!
  • SIS: Remember when I wanted to see “The Fault In Our Stars”? I told you I bought tickets, but feared that the girl would die in the end, and you blurted out, “Go see it, she doesn’t die, her boyfriend does!” Well, consider this payback! 

Such good memory. That happened months ago. Need I mention that’s my mean sister? The one who used to pick me up by my pigtails when I was little, would raise me up real high and then drop me. Ah, the perks of being the youngest. What a meanie! I should start sending her calls to voicemail.

15 Nov

LOVE: Which Way Home

Finally, I found the time to watch the documentary “Which Way Home” directed by Rebecca Cammisa. The film shows children fleeing Central America as they embark on their journey to the United States. They face many obstacles and put their lives at risk in pursuit of the American Dream. Sometimes the smugglers kill, beat, kidnap, or rape them. It is disheartening to watch such young souls put their lives in peril as they search for a better life. Wonderful documentary. You can learn more about the film via whichwayhome.net.

06 Nov

Latinos who are RACIST

stop racismMy friend recently got back from a country that has one of the largest Latino populations, but being that he is dark-skinned, he was treated harshly by the people there. Despite that Latinos face strong racism in the U.S. it does not take away that many of us are also racist against each other. Some light-skinned Latinos tend to look down upon dark-skinned ones calling them “Negros” or “Indios” believing white is right. I have to say that Latinos are one of the most discriminated groups. If you don’t like people treating you unfairly, why would you do to others that which you hate being done unto you? Something to think about. We are all ONE mi gente. Spread love NOT hatred.

01 Nov

LOVE: Using Brown Paper Bags as Book Covers

brown paper bags
One thing about Latinos is certain, they can survive on a budget. I recall when I was in elementary school and I had to get book covers for my books. My dad took brown paper bags, cut them according to size, and wrapped my books beautifully creating the most boring and durable book covers ever. Not one to be easily impressed, I demanded my $2 and got me some normal book covers like everyone else had.

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