29 Mar

Senator Rubio’s Floor Speech on the Crisis in Venezuela

Senator Marco Rubio delivers an impeccable speech about the crisis in Venezuela imploring that the United States does not remain deaf to the cries of the Venezuelan people. Venezuelans are fighting for freedom and are being killed for doing so. Senator Rubio is proposing sanctions on all businesses and parties associated with the Venezuelan government who are using their power to destroy those who do not support their anti-democratic governance. Please watch the video above. The world is slowly witnessing how President Maduro is quickly deteriorating Venezuela by mercilessly murdering the young and instilling fear in its people or anyone who opposes his political views.

29 Mar

Former Miss Universe, Stefania Fernandez brings awareness of Venezuela’s Frail condition

Venezuela Queen gagged 3

Former Miss Universe (Venezuela 2009), Stefanía Fernández, was photographed crying bloody tears, bruised up, covered in dirt, bound, and gagged with a grief-stricken look in her eyes while wearing her crown to illustrate the raw pain the people of her country of Venezuela are currently undergoing. This image is part of a photo shoot by fashion photographer, Daniel Bracci for the Un Mundo sin Mordaza campaign (meaning a world without a gag indicating that *Your Voice is Your Power*). An organization promoting freedom of speech and paying tribute to Venezuela’s fallen killed by the government’s militia when they were fighting for peace.

Venezuela Gagged 2

There’s nothing beautiful about the atrocities being practiced by Venezuelan President, Nicolás Maduro enforcing the law by annihilating peaceful protesters and residents who do not support his political views and oppose his human rights violations. Since he took office Venezuela’s condition has only gone downward with inflation up by 57% and the country is in a chaotic situation. Maduro demands his soldiers to terrorize those who are not with him. And the people have had enough. Daniel Bracci (see image below) is pictured holding a sign with four hashtags that read #rediseñandounpais (redesigning a country), #fashion4peace, #prayforvenezuela and #iamyourvoicevenezuela.

daniel bracci Images property of Daniel Bracci

22 Mar

HATE: Diets

It starts out with some of your friends eating healthy, you want to share the joy with them, but just can’t.

the look

You’re happy for them! It’s just difficult to express that happiness. They want you to be healthy too so they encourage you to eat more veggies and salads. So you TRY, you really…  T-R-Y.


Maybe a salad completely covered in dressing is still considered healthy in some countries. Right?


It’s already been a week of trying, you contemplate the menu and after careful consideration you make your decision.

cheese fries

So what if your friends prefer TOFU over fried foods!


That’s when you start thinking that instead of reevaluating your food choices, you have to reconsider your friendships.


You lost something. Not weight. But something. This is why diets NEVER work for me.

14 Mar

LOVE: Being Tough Entrepreneurs

portrait of ceo holding his tieLatinos are natural born leaders. Not just any leader, but real tough ones. They aren’t very tolerant. I know a few Latino entrepreneurs and they run their business like it’s nobody’s business! Let’s take a chauffeur/owner of his own car company that I recently met. I was in his car, told him my destination, chit-chatted with him, we asked each other where we were from and he is Colombian. Now, Latinos manage their business in the most unique manner ever. They don’t kiss your arse if you don’t like the service or products they offer. If you don’t like what they have, suit yourself. Their way of thinking is, “Hey, if you don’t buy it, someone else will.” No sweat. Not ALL Latino CEO’s/businessmen are like this, but many are. Let’s take that chauffeur who shared this little story with me:

  • CHAUFFEUR: Thanks for being nice, don’t get many customers like you.
  • ME: It’s my pleasure to be in your company. I appreciate the work you do.
  • CHAUFFEUR: Thanks. Just dropped off a rich spoiled brat on Madison Avenue before picking you up. She had the nerve to call me STUPID. I told her to get the F*** out of my car. She said her daddy’s a billionaire and that they were both going to sue me. I replied, “On that note, F*** YOU and YOUR daddy!”

True story. One time I went to a store and saw that the products there were more expensive than the other store down the block. I told the Latino owner. He told me to walk the extra block and buy it there. No problem. I did. But these two don’t beat MY hair stylist. Lady owns two salons, is never there. And I have to call her in advance, because she shows up to work only for her special clients on HER time. I’m the one who has to work around HER schedule! Thank goodness she works miracles on my hair. And she’s sweet as pie. What’s a gal to do? In the words of 2Pac, that’s just the way it is! God bless mi gente!

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06 Mar

LOVE: Caso Cerrado

caso cerradoMove aside Judge Judy, make way for Cuban-American lawyer, Ana Maria Polo. Polo is gorgeous, smart, gutsy and the leading lady of Caso Cerrado (Case Closed), a court show where Latinos go to dispute legal matters. The show has been televised since 2001 with changes that led to attracting millions of viewers making it one of the most successful shows to date produced by Telemundo. Whether you like it or not, most Latinos will argue that this show esta buenisimooo. And if you don’t agree, TOUGH. He dicho, CASO CERRADO!

Image Source: Telemundo.com

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