23 May

LOVE: Tercer Cielo

Tercer-cieloLatinos LOVE Tercer Cielo, a Christian Latin pop singing duo composed of Dominican Juan Carlos Rodríguez and his wife, Mexican-American Evelyn Herrera. They’ve sold nearly 2 million album copies, their Facebook account has 12 million followers and their YouTube videos have over 41 million views. The couple continues singing and touring. They have two beautiful daughters, the oldest looks just like her dad and the youngest just like her mom. Their songs are soft and inspiring no wonder why they have such loyal fans.

22 May

HATE: Doctors Who Treat Minorities Poorly

doctor symbolMi gente, if you go see a doctor make sure you receive proper medical care. It doesn’t matter what insurance you have, the bottom line is that these doctors are getting paid, they are NOT seeing you for free. I’ve noticed many doctors who treat minorities or work in urban areas tend to provide poor services. Usually their offices are in deplorable conditions, the staff members lack professionalism, and some may even bill insurances for services that weren’t even rendered to you. REPORT them to your insurance company IMMEDIATELY that’s fraud, make sure they’re abiding by the HIPAA guidelines, and if their conduct is unprofessional or unethical file a complaint with the American Medical Association. You do not need to be treated like an animal. Animals may get better services than minorities do by some of these health professionals. Make sure their office isn’t unsanitary. (Take pictures! Call the media if you must!). They can’t disclose extremely personal details about your records without your consent, there are exceptions, but make sure they haven’t violated your privacy. Many Latinos and other minorities may not know their rights and some doctors are getting away with this kind of behavior and exploiting you. Sadly, some of these doctors are minorities too serving underserved communities, profiting from them, and aren’t delivering adequate services. You do not have to take it. If they don’t know how to behave like a professional their physician license needs to be suspended or revoked. Don’t be merciful with them, you may be saving someone’s life or your own by taking the necessary steps to get the appropriate medical attention you deserve.

20 May

LOVE: Seashells (Caracoles)

seashellsLatinos LOVE seashells. They are fun to gather at the beach (or you can purchase them at an Arts & Crafts store) and are excellent to decorate with. I think they are beautiful for home decor. You can color them with spray paint in any color of your choice or cover them in glitter. However, I must stress that many Latinos HATE seashells because they think it brings them back luck. They will not bring seashells inside the house due to this belief. Do you love or hate caracoles?

17 May

LOVE: Lobster (Langosta)

lobsterLatinos LOVE lobster. Not me. I’m allergic to shellfish, but that’s fine. I don’t like food I need to struggle with to eat it. Besides, lobsters are the cockroaches of the ocean. Don’t mind me. I’m just hating. I’m sure they’re tasty. Enjoy your giant cucarachas.

17 May

LOVE: Greeting You With a Kiss

hiThe Latino greeting involves a kiss on the cheek and at times even a hug. It doesn’t matter if we’ve never met before, if someone introduces us to someone else, it is cultural to greet them with a kiss. However, since most of us are Americanized, we refrain ourselves and go for the handshake. It’s definitely something I am accustomed to, and I always find myself holding back quickly extending my hand before going for a friendly peck. I don’t want non-Latinos to think I’m a pervert!

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