31 Mar

LOVE: New Jersey

NJ isn’t that bad. My best friend called me yesterday to tell me he loves Jersey, but hates the people and the weather. I was like, “So do you love it or hate it?!” If I made a post stating that Latinos LOVE NJ, now I need to add one for Florida, California, Texas, New York and all of the states Latinos like settling in. We don’t mind the cold, but to be honest most of us live for the sun, sand, and sea.

30 Mar

LOVE: Penny Candy

close up image of a strawberry candyWho remembers penny candy, or better said, candy that cost a penny? Same thing. I remember my grandpa used to give my sisters and I money every week, and we’d go to the store where I’d buy at least 200 candies. I’d come out with a huge bag filled with yumminess. Did you like this candy? If so, which one was your favorite?

30 Mar

HATE: Showing Off

humblerLatinos are humble people. Let’s put your blognalist as an example. Someone recently told me my wit is insurmountable, and I humbly accepted that compliment without an ounce of arrogance. #totallyboasting

I’m known for my humility!

29 Mar

LOVE: Speaking Spanglish

spanglishSome Latinos are trilingual. They speak Spanish, English, and Spanglish. Spanglish is when one speaks in both Spanish and English. There’s nothing we can do about it. We start a sentence out in English y la terminamos en Spanish. We try to avoid doing this, but we can’t. It gets really weird when you are speaking to someone who speaks only one language and you accidentally throw your Spanglish in leaving them baffled. We must say, it is lots of fun finding someone who speaks Spanglish. Asi las dos juntas pueden irse shopping, y hablar de boys cuando they act stupid y de los latest sales, porque tu sabes que you must buy those shoes you saw last week pero estabas esperando que los bajaran de precio because they were too caro mija!

29 Mar

HATE: That One Annoying Relative Who Thinks They’re Better Than You

liesLatinos LOVE their family. But there’s always that one annoying relative that seeing them even once every ten years seems like a lot. They are constantly competing without you even realizing it. They are the ones who make family reunions awkward. If you tell them you went to Italy they’ll respond, “Really, I visited all of Europe last summer!” If you buy a car, they go ahead and lease a more expensive model (even if they can’t afford it). If you purchase a house, they’d tell you they’re buying a bigger one. The funny thing is that just because they are this way they assume you are too when in reality you don’t give a damn if they live or die. In fact, you hope they hit the lottery, move to a private island and stay there. Why do people do this? Don’t know. Just enjoy life and be happy!

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