22 Apr

Ismael Miranda (El Niño Bonito de la Salsa)

Ismael Miranda 1 El último románticoLatinos LOVE Puerto Rican singer and composer, Ismael Miranda. Miranda was born in 1950 and by age 11 he was already entertaining the public with his music. Born in Puerto Rico, he later moved to New York. He was signed on to the FANIA label and by age 19 he became the youngest member of the Fania All-Stars. Miranda is also known as “El Niño Bonito de la Salsa” (the pretty boy of Salsa). Just like many in the entertainment industry he fell into the sex and drugs game until he hit rock bottom and lost it all.

Being no longer famous many turned their backs on him, but one. He crossed paths with a friend that introduced him to Christ, he converted, and changed his life around. Miranda dedicates his newfound success to the Lord and has gained twofold everything he lost. He is still with us, gracing us with his presence, and his one of a kind music.

21 Apr

HATE: Commercials that Degrade Latinos

commercial to attract latinosIt truly is a nuisance when companies produce commercials by hiring Latinos to endorse a product portraying Hispanics as if they’re uneducated and inept. From the big screen to the small screen it is not acceptable. Especially, when it is a firm or company that doesn’t hire minorities, but one to be the representative of all. They employ these actors/employees and have them speak rather loudly or in ebonics to attract the Latino audience (recommending their service). I do NOT and will NOT support any business who uses this method of advertisement. It is degrading and shameful to our people. We’re not buffoons. Such commercials aren’t only stereotypical they also lack creativity. No, I’m not calling 1-800- LOLITA because she recommends an attorney or doctor nor am I buying anything from any company/organization that depicts Latinos in a negative way.

17 Apr

R.I.P. Cheo Feliciano

cheo feliciano salsa legendWhat a gloomy day it is for us today. Not only did we lose one of our most beloved writers, we also lost Puerto Rican Salsa legend, Cheo FelicianoBorn José Luis Feliciano Vega on July 3, 1935 in Ponce, PR and died on April 17, 2014 in Cupey, PR in a car wreck. He lost control of his Jaguar hitting a pole, his head struck and trespassed the windshield glass. He was not wearing his seatbelt and was declared dead at the scene.


The talented musician and singer was undergoing treatment for cancer in his liver, his wife believes he might’ve fallen asleep while driving due to some of the medication he was taking. The Governor of Puerto Rico, Alejandro Garcia Padilla, announced three days of mourning in the island, stating that “Today, Puerto Rico lost one of its greatest voices.” Feliciano was 78 years old. We love his music, mourn his loss, and will forever remember him in our musical souls where he brought us true rhythm making our hearts dance!


17 Apr

R.I.P. Gabriel García Márquez

Gabriel_Garcia_MarquezOne of the best writers to have ever lived is Gabriel García Márquez. Sadly, we lost him today. He passed away at 87 years old of pneumonia. The Colombian author is also known as Gabo by his fans. Two of his most notable books are One Hundred years of Solitude and Love in the Time of Cholera. He won a Neustadt International Prize in 1972 and the Nobel Prize in 1982, both for Literature. Márquez has always been proud of his roots, he truly cared for his public, and his work reflected his vivid imagination. Indeed, it is a very sad day for many today.  We will delight ourselves through his wonderful work that will continue to live with us as we will hear in those beautiful books his echo through the silence!

29 Mar

Senator Rubio’s Floor Speech on the Crisis in Venezuela

Senator Marco Rubio delivers an impeccable speech about the crisis in Venezuela imploring that the United States does not remain deaf to the cries of the Venezuelan people. Venezuelans are fighting for freedom and are being killed for doing so. Senator Rubio is proposing sanctions on all businesses and parties associated with the Venezuelan government who are using their power to destroy those who do not support their anti-democratic governance. Please watch the video above. The world is slowly witnessing how President Maduro is quickly deteriorating Venezuela by mercilessly murdering the young and instilling fear in its people or anyone who opposes his political views.

29 Mar

Former Miss Universe, Stefania Fernandez brings awareness of Venezuela’s Frail condition

Venezuela Queen gagged 3

Former Miss Universe (Venezuela 2009), Stefanía Fernández, was photographed crying bloody tears, bruised up, covered in dirt, bound, and gagged with a grief-stricken look in her eyes while wearing her crown to illustrate the raw pain the people of her country of Venezuela are currently undergoing. This image is part of a photo shoot by fashion photographer, Daniel Bracci for the Un Mundo sin Mordaza campaign (meaning a world without a gag indicating that *Your Voice is Your Power*). An organization promoting freedom of speech and paying tribute to Venezuela’s fallen. All killed by the government’s military when they were fighting for peace.

Venezuela Gagged 2

There’s nothing beautiful about the atrocities being practiced by Venezuelan President, Nicolás Maduro enforcing the law by annihilating peaceful protesters and residents who do not support his political views and oppose his human rights violations. Since he took office Venezuela’s condition has only gone downward with inflation up by 57% and the country is in a chaotic situation. Maduro demands his soldiers to terrorize those who are not with him. And the people have had enough. Daniel Bracci (see image below) is pictured holding a sign with four hashtags that read #rediseñandounpais (redesigning a country), #fashion4peace, #prayforvenezuela and #iamyourvoicevenezuela.

daniel bracci Images property of Daniel Bracci

22 Mar

HATE: Diets

It starts out with some of your friends eating healthy, you want to share the joy with them, but just can’t.

the look

You’re happy for them! It’s just difficult to express that happiness. They want you to be healthy too so they encourage you to eat more veggies and salads. So you TRY, you really…  T-R-Y.


Maybe a salad completely covered in dressing is still considered healthy in some countries. Right?


It’s already been a week of trying, you contemplate the menu and after careful consideration you make your decision.

cheese fries

So what if your friends prefer TOFU over fried foods!


That’s when you start thinking that instead of reevaluating your food choices, you have to reconsider your friendships.


You lost something. Not weight. But something. This is why diets NEVER work for me.

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