17 Apr

LOVE: Using Lipstick as Blush

lipstickYou all know many Latinas LOVE lipstick, but what you didn’t know is that some of us like using it as blush too. I feel it is more the women of the silent generation who do this. Both of my grandmothers are in their late 80s (still alive) and they always do this, in specific with red lipstick. That’s a lovely thing about those two, they never go out without putting makeup on. Gotta love em’. I don’t totally knock this trend. There are days I forget my makeup bag, and if a lipstick is all I have handy, it is the shade you will see on my lids, lips, and cheeks. That’s right sista! Thanks to my abuelitas for this fashtabulous tip that keeps me looking purrty!

12 Apr

Racism in Latin America

Throughout Latin America researchers are interviewing children to hear their thoughts on race. They did the Kenneth and Mamie Clark experiment.Kenneth Bancroft Clark and Mamie Phipps Clark were African-American psychologists who conducted research among children using dolls to study how they viewed race. In the video above done in Mexico, most children felt the black doll was ugly and bad. I found it interesting when they ask the children which doll do they look like the most, they were hesitant to answer, but ultimately, the majority opted for the white doll. This research has been done in Guatemala, Chile, and the Dominican Republic (DR). Below is another video of the same experiment performed in DR:

This one is also very interesting, some of the children linked the black doll to negative things, but many felt the white doll was bad because it was “white and racist” and said the black doll was more likely to end up in poverty. In another study performed in Guatemala, they used a brown doll instead of a black one, and the kids once again preferred the white doll over the Latino looking one. What are your thoughts on this? Do you feel it is society, pop culture, the media, or one’s upbringing that mold children into thinking the way they do and how they see themselves? Who do you think is responsible for the way children perceive things and others?

12 Apr

LOVE: Bengie

bengieI couldn’t write about Christian entertainers and not mention the super talented Puerto Rican artist, Bengie. Bengie also preaches the gospel, sings Christian rap and Bachata. His music speaks strongly to everyone especially to our youth. He tells those suffering from AIDS, Cancer, and other illnesses that nothing is impossible for God to stay in faith that victory is near. One definitely doesn’t need to be religious to absorb his inspiring lyrics.

12 Apr

LOVE: Redimi2

redimi2Latinos LOVE Redimi2. Redimi2 (Redimido means in English “redeemed’) was born as Willy Cruz on June 3, 1979 in the Dominican Republic. He is a Christian Latin-Hip Hop artist. He reaches out to all especially people who are depressed and feeling hopeless. He dedicates his songs to them and encourages that they see their true self-worth and how valuable they are to God and the world. Very positive and beautiful music.

12 Apr

LOVE: Alex Zurdo

alex zurdoLatinos LOVE Alex ZurdoZurdo is a famous Christian “Reggaeton” rapper with millions of followers. He was born as Alexis Vélez Alberio in Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico, on June 10, 1983. His music focuses on sending a positive message. He raps about homelessness, drug addiction, prostitution, and sheds light on what one can do to help the oppressed.

Zurdo urges his listeners through his music not to judge, but to assist those who need it as this is the true Christian thing to do.

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