Jorge Ramos Stares Hate in the Face on his Documentary “Hate Rising”

Jorge Ramos traveled the country to interview Neo-Nazis, hate groups and KKK members for his documentary, “Hate Rising” that aired on Univision/Fusion (both in English and Spanish). When Donald Trump decided to run for President he did so by blaming immigrants for all of United States’ problems. He called Mexicans, in specific, criminals and rapists. He also created the slogan, “Make America Great Again” that many interpret it as “Make America White Again.” This rhetoric isn’t only offensive, but also dangerous. Ramos tells The Daily Beast, “I think hate is contagious,” which prompted him to do the documentary. He follows:

I was checking the numbers for the Southern Poverty Law Center and from 2014 to 2015, the number of chapters of organizations affiliated with the KKK grew from 72 to 190. And that’s really concerning. Last year, 20 people were killed by supremacist groups. Last year, 63 mosques were attacked. So clearly something is going on in the country. And I think that what’s happening is that hate groups and neo-Nazis and white supremacists used to live only on the internet; they used to have secret gatherings. That’s not the case anymore. They’re out in the open. They feel emboldened by the rhetoric of Donald Trump. It’s like he has given them permission to speak.

In the film, Ramos interviews an Imperial Wizard of the KKK from Texas who refuses to shake his hand as he feels because he’s white, he is superior to a Latino. Ramos travels to Ohio, and meets with white supremacists there who allow him to attend one of their meetings where they gave the Nazi salute and shouted, “White Power!” as they burned a swastika. Ramos was given special instructions, he wasn’t allowed to speak. Ramos admits that throughout the interviews he feared for his safety as he was being hated not for anything he’s done, but just for who he is. Ramos goes on to reveal the damage Trump has caused. Many are absorbing Trump’s hateful speech. Some are “emboldened” by it as Ramos says, and in others it is instilling absolute fear, especially children.

Ramos refers to this as “The Trump effect”.  Make sure to watch it and let us know your thoughts.

Two Latinas Against Trump make a fool out of his son and the Trump campaign

Annie, 23, and Ceci Cardelle, 17, are two sisters who happen to be millennials, Latinas (of Cuban descent), and above all… anti-Trump. The two decided to attend a Trump rally in Salisbury, North Carolina, but not to show their support. They told Buzzfeed News they were there to protest “[Trump’s] particular treatment of Hispanics and Latino immigrants in this country.” One sister convinced the other to attend, with hesitance she caved in, but not without expressing how she felt. Annie grabbed a Sharpie and wrote on her white tee “Latina Contra Trump” (Latina against Trump). When it comes to extreme vetting, it seems his campaign started doing so for their photo-ops. The Cardelle sisters added that when Trump’s son, Eric, ended his speech, a reporter asked if they were taking a photo with him, “They have about four people looking every person up and down before you go and get a picture, so we thought there was no way we could get a photo with them.” And so they did. Eric Trump and his wife Lara took a photo with the girls. They were all smiles thinking it would demonstrate Latinas support for the GOP Presidential nominee. This is, of course, until the photo went viral. The story was picked up by all major websites and news outlets. The sisters stated this just shows the lack of diversity within the Trump campaign. They are now selling t-shirts with the slogan “Latinas Contra TRUMP” that come with a printed red rose motif. A blue flower would have been the finishing touch for the Hillary supporters. But we’ll take it. As for the sisters and their newfound fame? One writes…



What’s Latinx? I’m sure you’ve seen it around, and while many may think it’s a typo, it actually isn’t. Latina is the term used for Hispanics who identify as female. Latino describes those who identify as male. Latin@ includes both genders. Latinx is gender-neutral. The word has been used since 2004, but it’s gaining popularity in the last few years. Latinx has caused controversy with those who oppose changing the Spanish language. However, it serves as a relief to Hispanics who embrace the term for not classifying one under a specific sex/gender. What’s your take on it?

HATE: Being Told to “Speak English ONLY”

Oh yeah, it happens more often than you think. America’s the home of the free, but not when you speak Spanish, evidently. The United States has no official national language, it’s true. However, speaking Spanish has been the cause of many Latinos getting attacked or bullied for speaking in their native tongue. Have you ever been demeaned for speaking in Spanish?

UCLA Study reveals Latinos Age at a slower rate than other ethnicities

latinas-celebsA study conducted by scientists at UCLA revealed Latinos age slower than other ethnicities. UCLA’s human genetics professor, Steve Horvath, states, “Latinos live longer than Caucasians, despite experiencing higher rates of diabetes and other diseases. Scientists refer to this as the ‘Hispanic paradox’… Our study helps explain this by demonstrating that Latinos age more slowly at the molecular level.”

There you have it. We will not argue with science. We drank from the fountain of youth and we ain’t telling you the secret. 😉

Selena Gomez is the FIRST person to reach 100 million followers on Instagram

Selena Gomez is an actress and singer loved by many, especially her fans who made it a goal to make her the no. 1 most followed person on Instagram and they succeeded. Gomez reached 100 million followers, topping Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Beyoncé, and Kim Kardashian. She’s sweet, beautiful, and talented, who wouldn’t want to follow her! We love her!

Trump called former Venezuelan Beauty Queen “Miss Piggy” and “Miss Housekeeping”

Hillary Clinton brought up during the presidential debate that Donald Trump called former Venezuelan Miss Universe, Alicia Machado, “Miss Piggy” when she gained a lot of weight, and “Miss Housekeeping” because she is Latina. Machado alleges that she faced a lot of verbal abuse from Trump. She stated undergoing 20 years of therapy to combat her depression, an eating disorder, and how he made her feel. Thoughts? For now, we’ll share that of Machado’s:

LOVE: Aji Verde Sauce

Fresh jalapeno peppers

Latinos LOVE Aji Verde sauce. Now, I know there’s a Cuban and Mexican version. I learned how to make the Peruvian kind and let me tell you, it is sooooo GOOD! It is so deliciously finger licking good that you need to look up the recipe, right now, and make it! It’s VERY SPICY. I’m not crazy about spicy foods, but this I can have every day. Dip your fries, tacos, or cover your chicken in this sauce and you will not regret it. The main ingredient is the jalapeño. You are supposed to take the seeds out, but I don’t because I like living on the edge! Oh yeah, I’m daring. Just make sure to have a jug of water on the side and enjoy. 😉


sa-fireLatinos LOVE Sa-Fire! We can’t write about freestyle music and not include the beautiful Puerto Rican singer, Wilma Cosmé (born January 16, 1966, in San Juan, Puerto Rico) better known as Sa-Fire. Seriously. This. Girl. Is. On. Fire! She was featured in major magazines and had many top #1 singles. Which is your favorite song of hers?