Pope Francis: “Most of us were once foreigners”

pope francisWe’re thrilled about Pope Francis’ visit to America! Francis was born in Flores, Buenos Aires on December 17, 1936 as Jorge Mario Bergoglio. The Argentinean religious leader was born of Italian immigrant parents and has been a priest since 1969. He speaks six languages: Spanish, Latin, Italian, German, French and English. We truly love his speech about equality and unity. Let’s fight the good fight and continue battling injustices together as one. We’re glad he shared his words of wisdom. Powerful message indeed!

LOVE: Belly Dancing

Latinas LOVE Belly Dancing. I don’t know of any Latina who doesn’t like this dance. All of my Latina friends always invite me to a belly dance class, “Nena, tienes que ir, es bueno para perder peso!” You don’t say! It’s the new way to shed weight while having fun and being seductive. Grrr! If one more person asks me to belly dance, I’m going to stop walking and start shaking my hips to my car.

LOVE: Tanning

tanningThe browner the better! Latinas love to tan. If I could sit all summer long on the beach (if those UV’s weren’t harmful), I would. Many Latinas are natural bronze goddesses or black and beautiful, but as for the lighter ones we love tanning. Whether it is the fake tan or slathering up oil to soak up some sun, count us in when it comes to getting golden skin.

LOVE: Leather Jackets

leather jacketsMany Latinos don’t like fur. But leather jackets? We love them! Latino men and women alike. Relax, PETA fanatics, some of us are against the cruelty of animals and we opt for the faux ones. *ahem* Leather is just beautiful from the supple napa and nubuck to full and top grain, suede, vintage, distressed, or glazed, ugh, I’m weak in the knees! We love them so much that we will pay a lot of money for the ones we really want. We may bargain shop for everything and anything else, but for the right leather jacket, we will not hold back. It is pretty, durable, and stylish. The way we see it is if nobody wears’em somebody’s gonna eat’em!

HATE: Comparisons

hate comparisonsLatinos HATE comparisons. When you compare a Latino to others, even if they’re comparing us to someone who is a celebrity or highly regarded person, it’s not flattering. We tend to believe we are all unique beings. We’ve all got something wonderful to contribute. No one is like you and no one is like me. A Latino will be quick to tell you, “No me compares, porque las comparaciones son feas.” (Don’t compare me to anyone because comparisons are ugly.) So there you have it, many people don’t like to be compared, especially Latinos!

LOVE: Giving Detailed Directions

Latinos don’t just give you directions, they give you DETAILED directions. They provide so much information there’s no way you can get lost. While the average person will say, “Make a left at the light, drive four blocks down, make a right at the second light and you’re there.” A Latino might elaborate a little bit more. We will mention the stop signs, how many lights, the small store or blue house at the corner, etc. The video above is by Puerto Rican comedian and attorney, Elizardi Castro. Eli explains it better than I do and he’s a lot funnier!