17 Jul

LOVE: Asking the Obvious

question markLatinos LOVE asking questions with obvious answers. Preguntas necias! As an example, let’s say you’re walking down the street, stumble, and fall. A Latino will be quick to ask, “Did you fall?” Um, no, I just figured I’d hug the sidewalk while on my way. Or if you’re expecting. Don’t be shocked if a Latino asks, “Are you pregnant?” Nope. No. Just swallowed a watermelon for breakfast. And let’s not forget when a reporter once asked Juan Gabriel (the most flamboyant artist ever) if he was gay. He responded, “Lo que es obvio, NO se pregunta!”

13 Jul


argentina flag FIFA
This 2014 FIFA World Cup final game was everything we expected and more. Germany and Argentina played ruthlessly, every second was intense and entertaining to watch. Argentina did not take the cup home, but they did stupendously well. I’ve never seen them play so aggressively, loved every minute of it. Congrats to Germany! Our love goes to Argentina, Lionel Messi, Sergio Romero, Gonzalo Higuaín, Lucio Biblia, Rodrigo Palacio, Javier Mascherano, Ezequiel Lavezzi, and the rest of the team players we love you all!!! Can’t wait for 2018, see you in Russia! 

09 Jul

Congrats Argentina!!!!

los albicelestesHow do we say this eloquently? Woooohoooo!!! Great job Argentina! This 2014 FIFA World Cup has been amazing. The final two playing this Sunday in Rio de Janeiro for the trophy (that oddly resembles a golden scrotum) will be Argentina and Germany. We acknowledge that Germany is a very talented team, but we won’t disregard that they both are a force to be reckoned with. Argentina is hungry, they hadn’t reach this far since 1990. Of course, we’re going for los Albicelestes! We could not be more proud of all our teams representing Latin America! Great game. They gave it their best and that’s good enough for us!

argentina 2014 team

Image: Ezequiel Lavezzi FB

07 Jul

LOVE: Germán Garmendia

german garmendiaLatinos LOVE Germán Garmendia. He may be in his twenties, but this Chilean Vlogger is taking the internet by storm. His YouTube channel, ”Hola Soy German (Hi I’m German) has over 18 million subscribers. It is one of the site’s most subscribed channels. Besides vlogging, Garmendia is also a musician, comedian, and aspiring actor. He has charisma, a funny personality, and many loyal fans. His videos are in Spanish. Without a doubt, he has won over the heart of many Latin Americans. If you know the language, make sure to see him in action, but beware, he will make you laugh until it hurts! 

Image Source: instagram.com/germanchelo

06 Jul

LOVE: Pretending we Speak Perfect Spanish

speak SpanishLatinos LOVE pretending they speak perfect Spanish, only when it is convenient for them. Or is this just something I do? I remember years ago applying for a job that being bilingual was the main requirement. Hellooo. I’m a Latina. I am bilingual. I speak Spanish all the time! I never said I speak it well. Honestly, my Spanish is actually very good, but is there room for improvement? Eh, alright… YES. Anyhow, I landed the job. My boss asked me to translate a couple of things for him. And I immediately tackled the project— on Google. And got caught. He said, “OMG, you’re not on Google Translate? Are you!” *lol* He said, “I can’t believe I’m a gringo and I know more Spanish than you do!” Nothing that I’m proud of. But out of the two I had something he didn’t— a mom whose Spanish is flawless! Woot Woot! Once again, I saved the day. Or my mom. One and the same. We get things done baby!

06 Jul

LOVE: Crying when Listening to Old Songs

Who doesn’t cry listening to a sad song? Most of us. I assume. But if you’re a Latino, growing up, I bet your parents played music of their day that was sad and melancholic. It could have been ballads, rancheras, etc., that made YOU cry your heart out. I remember being six years old and bawling every time my father used to put those songs on. Depressive. All in all, have to admit such music inspired me and those lyrics shaped me. No wonder I am awesome at writing. I am mentally dark and distorted … just like every writer should be. Thanks dad!

05 Jul

LOVE: Keylor Navas

Keylor-Navas-LevanteWho is Keylor Navas? One of the sexiest and best goalkeepers in the world! Let’s not forget Guillermo Ochoa of Mexico’s team who’s freaking amazing! We’re very proud of our players doing a wonderful job aiming for the World Cup from James Rodriguez of Colombia all the way to Lionel Messi of Argentina, great games! You are all winners in our eyes! Brazil and Argentina we’re cheering for you! Feel better soon Neymar! #WootWoot!!!

latino soccer teams

Image Source: http://www.fifa.com

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