19 Jan

LOVE: Gina Rodriguez (Jane the Virgin)

Gina_RodriguezGina Rodriguez is a Puerto Rican actress. She was born on July 30, 1984 in Chicago, Illinois. She’s the youngest of three. She started her career dancing salsa as early as the age of seven. She later decided to pursue acting. Rodriguez tells OK! magazine, “I wanted to be an actress because I didn’t see anyone with my face up on the screen.” Knowing how important education was to her parents (her sister is a doctor and the other an investment banker), she attended NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. She has appeared in Law & Order, in the soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful and worked alongside Jenni Rivera in the movie, Filly Brown. Her most acclaimed role has been for starring in the TV series, Jane the Virgin. She recently won a Golden Globe for her performance under the category for best actress in a TV comedy. Rodriguez is beautiful, bubbly, intelligent, and talented. She’s definitely un orgullo Latino! Below is a video of her lovely and touching acceptance speech at the 2015 Golden Globes.

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18 Jan

LOVE: Casting Spells

ghostLatinos LOVE Spell Casting. Latinos are scared of demons, but they are not afraid to curse you and send one out to haunt you. Yes, by now you know we believe in Voodoo, that demons exist, and how afraid we’re of them. I like to go against the current. I am one of those people who is not afraid of evil spirits. I was raised in Newark, NJ. There’s not much you can do to frighten me. I think we should be afraid of the living not the dead. I recall in my old place, I would see black shadows pass by me, my dishes would rattle at night, and I would hear strange noises. Yet, it was me, home alone. I told my friend and he came over with a psychic who said someone cast a spell on me. There are so many people who love me, I had no idea who sent it. Not being your typical girl, when my friend and his buddy left, I said loud and clear, “Listen up, I now know. If you want to stay, you have to help with the rent. And instead of rattling my dishes you should start washing them you worthless piece of smoke. I now command you in the name of Jesus to perturb the person who sent you or go back to hell!” Can you believe the door of my apartment opened and closed? I had my windows open, I guess it was the force of the wind! Amen! I ain’t afraid of NO Ghost.

18 Jan

LOVE: Believing Demons Exist

kids-ghost-costumeI love White people. I love Black people. I love ALL people (except the ignorant ones). I’m as real as they come, baby. I’m right there with Gabriel Iglesias when he said the only race he hates is the one you have to run. What can I say? I’m asthmatic, not athletic. I have to admit that there’s something in particular I really LOVE about White people. And it’s that they are not afraid of demons. We underestimate how brave they are. I mean, look at Grimm, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural. White people go after demons they don’t allow the demons to chase them. I see it on TV and movies all the time. And if it’s in Hollywood, then it has got to be true. Right? This is why people of color always die first in a horror flick, because we would rather perish before facing a demon. The demon’s duty is to destroy, disturb, and startle you. White people have no fear. They will not only chase it, they’d start a conversation with it, “And what brings you here? Who sent you? What do you want? Do you need light? Well, you should’ve said something, silly! Go down the hall, make a left, exit through the door, look up to the sky, and Oh My Gawd there it is!” If demons could talk they’d tell White people, “MY job was to scare you, but you ruined that for both of us, now didn’t you?” BOO! When Latinos see a demon we don’t run towards it, we go in the opposite direction. We let the demon be. Not only do Latinos believe that demons exist we are very afraid of them. We know when they’re around. You can tell the meanest, toughest Latino he has a demon on him, and he will go home and call his mommy. If it wants to bother us, we would look for a Santero, Priest, or Pastor to get rid of it and send it back to hell (the place where we send all our enemies). If everything goes bad for you, another Latino will be quick to tell you, “Te hicieron algo! Date un baño de agua de mar, llama a alguien que te haga una limpieza, pidele a Dios, y liberate!” Free yo’self!

17 Jan

HATE: When People Think Latinos are Lazy

lazy-clipartThis is the most absurd and racist STEREOTYPE about Latinos. Latinos are extremely hard workers. Many Latinos are successful artists, doctors, engineers, writers, etc. And many Latinos also work invisible labor, better known as “black & brown jobs.” You know, the jobs you’re too much of a hard worker to do. They are picking crops so you can have your veggies and fruits, cleaning after you and even cooking for you. See, we’re helping you stay nourished and kempt. Without Latinos you would be one dirty malnourished bastard. While Latinos are doing all of this, what are YOU doing? Right, you’re sitting on your arse complaining and gossiping about how lazy Latinos are. Seems like people love using projection.

16 Jan

LOVE: Seafood

seafoodLatinos LOVE seafood. Shrimp, lobster, crabs, etc. All I can say is —Yum! I LOVE seafood. Sadly, I am allergic to it. Whenever I do eat it, I get huge, red, itchy bumps from head to toe. Benadryl is my best friend. I never leave home without it. Recently, I went in for a medical procedure. For those of you who love me, it was something simple. Don’t worry. And for those of you who hate me, sorry. It looks like I’m going to live. Anyhow, it was same day surgery. The nurses were great and my doctor is such a sweetheart. I have the ability with my odd sense of humor and sarcasm to make people around me laugh. That day, however, the one who had jokes was my anesthesiologist. Right before the lights went out, the last words I heard him say were, “I viewed your file and saw you’re allergic to shellfish. It must really suck to be you.” What an a$$hole.

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