27 Feb

LOVE: Dancing with Passion

Latinos do not only LOVE dancing, they love dancing with passion! They put their heart and soul on the dance floor too. We all have that one friend who can dance the night away and they love all the attention they get for it. Some may call them “lucios” or “trompos” but they always make dancing fun. How many lucios do you know?

27 Feb

Latinos Don’t Support Latina Celebrities Who do Porn

pornIf you want to be rich and famous, many may think that doing porn is a way to obtain money and fame. It worked for Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, and many other stars in the US. However, while some Latinos may watch pornography, they do not like supporting celebrities, or uplifting women who film themselves in the act. When singer Noelia made a private sex video with her partner, it went public then viral. Many thought it would help her career, but it did not. When it comes to the Latino community there’s a certain line of respect one does not cross. When Latina celebrities/women engage in such behavior, they are more likely to be disgraced than applauded. What are your thoughts regarding this?

25 Feb

HATE: Sean Penn’s Insensitive Remarks

At the 87th annual Academy Awards, Sean Penn presented an award to “Birdman” director, Alejandro González Iñárritu and said, “Who gave this son of a bitch a green card?!” Of course, I’m sure it was an inside joke between the two. This doesn’t necessarily mean Penn is a racist, but saying things of this nature, in front of millions of viewers, says otherwise. It also took the spotlight away from Iñárritu. Many Latinos LOVE Sean Penn, but these types of jokes, we are not huge fans of. Too late now, due to this he has garnered a new name in the Latino community– SEAN PENNDEJO. When Penn wins an award it’s okay to ask, “Who let this woman beater in the building?!” All in all, congrats to Alejandro on his big Oscar win!

23 Feb

LOVE: The Dentist

dentistOr is it just me? I LOVE going to the dentist! Every 6 months I look forward to getting my teeth professionally cleaned and polished. I get so happy when they give me my goody bag too. *lol* I know people who hate going to the dentist. Do you love it or hate it?

Image source: clipartpanda.com

23 Feb

LOVE: Camila

Camila_AuditorioBanamex_13Nov10Camila is a Mexican Latin Pop/Soft Rock band whose members consisted of Mario Domm (Mario Alberto Domínguez Zarzar), Pablo Hurtado, and Samo (Samuel Parra Cruz). They have been active in the industry for more than 10 years, but now they’ve gone solo and are still doing extremely well. Their music is beyond beautiful, whether as part of a band or on their own, they are a Latino favorite. Love them!

Image source: Wikipedia (Ocesamonterry)

22 Feb

An Open Letter to People who CLAIM to REPRESENT us, YET are the FIRST ones to Oppress us

sandra cisneros quoteDear Superwomen of the World:

Whether you work as a writer, at an academic institution, or if you dedicate your life to speaking about the oppression of minorities to educate the masses of the social inequalities and bias we continuously face, we thank you. We appreciate your work, time, and dedication. But I will tell you what we don’t appreciate: Read More

17 Feb

LOVE: Romeo Santos (Aventura)

romeo santosAnthony Santos was born on July 21, 1981. His stage name is Romeo Santos (a.k.a. The King of Bachata). He is a singer, composer, actor and music producer. He was born in Bronx, NY to Hispanic American parents. His mother is Puerto Rican and his father is Dominican. He became famous when he formed the group Aventura that became a huge success topping the charts and taking home numerous awards in the industry. Santos later branched out on his own bringing his career to even higher heights. He has sang duets with Marc Anthony, Enrique Iglesias, Juan Luis Guerra, Usher, Drake and countless other talents who have collaborated with the sexy singer who is best known for creating the most romantic #1 Bachata ballads.

15 Feb

LOVE: Jon Stewart

Photo: AP (Brad Barket)

Photo: AP (Brad Barket)

Latinos LOVE Jon Stewart! Or is it just me? If you haven’t noticed by now, I adore this man. I’ve thought about writing a million letters to him professing my undying love, but then realized that would be somewhat “stalker-ish” and so I refrained myself. Stewart was born Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz in NY, but raised in NJ. He is a writer, producer, director, television host, actor, and comedian. He is also the host of The Daily Show, but this will be his last year on TDS. Sad. My life is now practically over. Some people are just irreplaceable. Love this Jerseyan! Who’s your favorite TV host? Don’t you dare say Don Francisco.

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