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Besides being a PROUD Latina, LR is also a graduate from FIT & Rutgers and the founder of TLLOH.

Have any Latinlicious questions? Interested in becoming a contributing writer? Found an error? Want to advertise with us? Would like to be featured on our site to tell us what makes you a FAB Latino? Then we’d LOVE to hear from YOU!  [CONTACT US]

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  1. I love your site. We have the same taste in music. Your work is amazing.

  2. I just want to say I love this blog! You’re also very pretty and obviously smart. You’re an inspiration!

  3. Rosa, thank you so much for your lovely comment. It really does mean a lot to me I read each and every one of them. I’m so glad you’re proud to be Latina. I know SO MANY Latinos who are ashamed of themselves. But to each his own. I’m extremely proud of who I am and what I stand for. It’s a true joy to hear from Latinos like you who stand firm in that pride.

  4. I love your blog. I have to say that about 90% of the blog entries are true for my family and I.  My absolute favorite is the man in the car with the bachata playing.  The only difference is that my dad plays the dashboard like bongos.  I will be showing my parents next time I visit.  I truly appreciate all those times my family members were themselves without feeling ashamed.  I’ m so proud to be Latina.

  5. I’m from Brasil and I laugh so much when I read. Thank for explain that we are proud to be different:-))

  6. You are hilarious! Glad I found your blog! I’m going to recommend it to all my friends and family. Te felicito!

  7. Yo, this blog is fly. I sent this link to my whole family. You right on point with latinos and you bring back a lot of memories, especially with fire hydrant post. There is video I like to watch on youtube called 1590/1571 UNDERCLIFF AVE IN THE BRONX NEW YORK, the video is from 2009, but they still do the whole fire hydrant thing there and you see the cars drive through slow just like you said in your post. Anyhow I really enjoy your blog, so thank you.

  8. You must take part in a contest for top-of-the-line blogs on the web. I’ll advocate this web site!

  9. Hilarious! I am married into a Dominican family and so many of these blog posts just are so true to my experience with them:):)

  10. Thanks doll! I’m open to suggestions, let me know if you have additional feedback! 🙂

  11. I basically stumbled upon your blog, but I LOVE IT! Im still trying to find the thing we hate though so apparently I haven’t dug deep enough but what I’ve read I LOVE!

  12. Excelente pagina, la encontre buscando reviews de Chocolacio. He leido tu blog y tienes muchas cosas interesantes.
    Tienes o tendras en el futuro link a FB?

  13. I’m Puertorican, and I absolutely enjoyed looking through this site because most of it is verrrry true. I have long acrylic nails and I have endless amounts of cheese-wizz in my fridge. One things I did not see was VICKS & how Latinas love perfume and usually collect the little bottles. Oh, and how most Latinas love to sell Avon. Anything to keep us young. haha

  14. Thanks!!! I do it for my readers, you guys rock! As for the papas, we’re starch lovers, you know that!

  15. Any thoughts on Latino’s feelings on french fries/papas/tater tots? Is this a love or hate?

  16. I was thinking…I spent my time yesterday reading your blog and actually I was reading the rest and I haven’t read yet Love:”Hacer huelga” jajajaj seria una buena entrada,pienselo aqui a la gente le encanta hacer huelga hasta por la luz solar LOL es algo como cultural

  17. Gracias Florecita! This is why I love what I do, your comments/feedback means a lot to me!

  18. Hola, me encanto su blog esta buenisimo!! lo encontre mientras navegaba para buscarle precisamente a un amigo americano una foto y me tope con su extraordinaria pagina, me gusta muchas veces porque es buena para que entiendan lo que compone la cultura puertorriqueña y lo mas interesante es que lo hace de una manera graciosa y que no ofende a nadie. Felicitaciones!! Saludos desde la isla del encanto PR!!! 😉

  19. Not true. Las chicas of Primer Impacto son u nbuen ejemplo. Una es blanca y una Morena son preciosas las dos! Univision en el programa Despierta America tienen a morenos y blancos. Hay mucha diversidad en Univison y reprenta todas la razas de Latin America.
    “Que bien!”

  20. Good question. There are dark-skinned Latinos in Soap Operas (i.e.,Adrian Esta de Visita) and we have many caramel-skin actors and actresses (a very popular Latino look). Unfortunately, as in EVERY culture/race we won’t say we’re perfect and that there isn’t bias amongst us (see my post: Latinos Hate Latinos). It is unfortunate, but there are certain mindsets we can’t change. If we see it in Hollywood (limited number of black and Latino actors)it is no shocker that we see it in our market. It isn’t ethical, but it is up to television networks to call the shots and advocate more diversity within our own kind.

  21. I have a question…If Latinos are so diverse, why is that we don’t see Latinos who look like Sammy Sosa(before his skin bleaching) on the soap operas? Why are there NO black Latinos on the news channels? I don’t understand. I know you all have black people in Latino communities in the States, especially Dominicans, but why are they so deemphasized on your Latino programs. Where are the morenos y morenas??????

  22. OMG! (or should I say ADM!!!) I just saw your blog and it was FANTABULOUS! loved Loved LOVED IT 🙂
    Keep ’em coming TLLOH!!!

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