Cuba’s Former Leader, Fidel Castro, Dead at Age 90

Fidel Castro was born as Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz on August 13, 1926. Castro was a lawyer, politician and dictator who overthrew Fulgencia Batista’s government during the Cuban Revolution. Castro served as the 16th Prime Minister of Cuba from February 16, 1959 to December 2, 1976, before becoming the 17th President of Cuba. He promised the working-class a better life that came with great education and healthcare for everyone. But later censored freedom of speech and limited their economic opportunities. Many Cubans in Cuba, praise him. It’s not as if they can say otherwise. The ones living in the United States have a different opinion, usually negative ones, which is clearly shown in places like Miami, FL, where many Cubans are celebrating his death.

Castro died on November 25, 2016. His younger brother, Raúl Castro, has been serving as the country’s leader since 2006.



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