LOVE: Going to Disney World For The 1st Time At Age 30

This post does NOT apply to the younger generations! But for the older ones, perhaps. LATINOS tend to have it rough, we love America and its people, but some of us don’t got it like that. The older generation of Latinos might not have had the money or luxury to travel frequently and that includes seeing Mickey Mouse for the first time in Disneylandia. We go when we’re on our honeymoon or when we decide to give our kids what we didn’t have. So we do what we can to give them the opportunity to meet Minnie up close and personal at Disney world. Of course, we may say that the trip is for our lil’ Alexandra, but it really is for us to enjoy. AND Yes, we do feel like smacking some of our friends when they say, “My parents took me a whole bunch of times, but I don’t remember because I was like 1, 3, and 5.” Show off!



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  1. What a riot!!! I think I was EXACTLY 30 when I went for the first time. But Mami and Papi can definitely say “don’t say we never took you anywhere” because they went with me.

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