LOVE: Dominican Hair Salons

Pero como es la vaina? Dimelo! Latinas LOVE Dominican hair salons. Dominican hair salons are very popular in the Latino community. No stylist knows hair like a Dominican stylist! They really know how to pull the hell out of a curl and straighten it until that wave is DEAD. They know the works from treatments to heavy metals. Sure, they tend to torture the strands (and you) with heat irons and blow dryers that literally fry your scalp, but damn it the end result is so nice is worth the extra damage! Leave it to the Dominicans, they know how to decrease the frizz.



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  1. definitivo!!! yo soy la primera que las adoro!tienen una mano santa para tratar este pelo que esta maldecido!…y sus productos ni te cuento de Germen de Trigo, EXCELENTE!!jajaja pero y que paso con los “dubbi”?? El dubbi se ha vuelto parte de la vida del puertorriqueño

  2. Para el pelo crespo y grifo son expertas.Gracias a dios que yo no tengo ese problem.

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