HATE: Cold Weather

LATINOS HATE COLD WEATHER! NOT all of us, but most of us do. There’s lots of cold-blooded Hispanics out there that will gladly tell you how much they love snow, skiing, hail, blah, blah, blah, and blah. They will even brag about how when it is 30 degrees outside that’s actually summer weather to them. They have no shame. Those very FEW Latinos love cold temperatures such a great deal that they will come out in short shorts, miniskirts, or midriff tops in pure winter just to idolize the ice monster. To the point where you look at them and your bones get chilled (no matter how HOT they look). Now that we gave credit to 10% of Latinos allow us to tell you about the other 90% who HATE cold weather. Don’t believe us? Fine. Check how many Hispanics live in Alaska.

See. We told you.

We hate cold weather so much that we would rather hibernate underneath a horny bear all winter. We don’t give a damn about the snowman or snow angels and we could give a flying f***about a white Christmas.



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  1. I love the cold. I actually made the front page of a major newspaper a few years ago while running through the snow in shorts and a tank top. The coldest I’ve run like that was -10 degrees. The heat is a different story. I can’t handle heat at all.

  2. Lo odio con toda mi alma. I hate winter and I don’t give a f%*k the snowman bla bla

  3. This is not true. Many Latin American come from South America where its winter during our summer. It is very cold and snowy throughout the Andes (Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia) and the farther south you go, like in Chile and Argentina.

  4. A moment of silence in commiseration of all the Latinos who have found themselves living in places like Minnesota and Maine

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