HATE: Latinos “ASHAMED” of Being Latino

Latinos HATE Latinos que son unos come mierdas. If you’re Latino, and didn’t understand what we just said, shame on YOU. We hate Latinos who are ashamed of who they are to the extent that they negate their roots. If you deny where you come from, you’re denying who you are. And if you can’t be real to yourself, then you cannot be real with anyone. You almost want to slap them silly when they say, “Oh my Gosh, my parents are like Hispanic, but I was, like, born in the USA.” Yes, but that doesn’t change your background sister, with that plantain stain on your face, who the hell are you trying to fool?

What we find so beautiful about Latinos is the fact that most people can’t tell where we’re from due to our exotic looks. So why not remove all doubt and clarify you are a smoking hot successful Latino/a.  Our culture is FIRE. Latino pride all the way!



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  1. The person who said he lies about being from Spain is STUPID. You’re the reason Americans think Spain is Mexico and are surprised I’m white and not brown when’s I tell them I’m half Spanish (directly from Spain). Sad I have to clarify that as self hating latinos like to call themselves, their food and people ‘Spanish’. Sorry to break it to your but you’re not. Also the person who said Spaniards love South Americans, they’re being nice to your face. They’re not happy about the South American immigrants coming in large numbers to Spain. My family aren’t happy my cousin is dating a South American.

  2. I don’t Cre what no says. Am Puerto Rican and I am proud of who I am. I could crea less about blacks and whites who don’t like us. They talk mad shit about us when they are with white and whites do the same. I will never be ashamed of my people or where I come from. Let the haters hate. I will never change my race to be white or black. Be strong Spanish people are good people. Just do you best to get ahead. I am proud of all Spanish people no matter where they come from . Love yourself and others . Don’t worry about what blacks and whites think. They are notting to be worry about.

  3. This is what upsets me about ”Latinos”, the whole hypocrisy and denial, knowing that there’s an immigration problem in America and acting like there’s no problem at all, and suggesting that if you say anything against illegal immigration then you are being ”racist”. There has been hundreds and hundreds of cases were illegal immigrants have killed people, raped people, killed people by accident because of DUI, and while you may say that illegal immigrants commit less crime, that’s not an excuse, they shouldn’t even be here, period, one murder is too many, you go ahead and tell the parents of the victims and tell them ”most illegal immigrants commit less crime” if your child was killed by an illegal immigrant then, and only then, you would understand that we have an immigration problem. I’m Hispanic myself, but I hate to see what has been happening in California and Texas, and I hope Mr Trump can deport all the illegal immigrants. And I don’t feel bad for them, if they wanna stay in America they need to fix their papers, they got time

  4. @JohnPerez, experts and researchers have proven that undocumented workers are less likely to commit crimes. What are you basing your “facts” on? Opinions? Rhetoric? Are you an expert in the field? Just curious. Hope what you’re saying is right regarding this person being a good man. And I hope he stands for your statement in the next 4 years.

  5. To be honest with you, I voted for Trump, and I never saw anything offensive about his comments towards some Mexicans, since I’m not Mexican. Trump is a good man and God bless America. To all the Latinos who wanna act so ”offended” by what Mr. Trump said, I’d say get over it, many of the illegal immigrants have committed horrible crimes like rape and murder

  6. Tash, thanks for your comment. Sadly, it comes down to assimilation and internalized racism. However, not all Latinos try to pass as white. And some of us acknowledge that not even dating, let’s say, a White person or Spanish Canadian 😉 means we’re in the “IN” club. There’s nothing more beautiful than being who you are. This post is controversial, and most people avoid the topic, but we need to have an open communication of what it means to be a Latino in the US, and at the global level. When we have our next President saying that Mexicans are rapists and criminals, how do you think it makes people from Mexico feel? It’s degrading, hurtful, and straight up telling them they are not valued or accepted.

  7. I skimmed through the comment section and was shocked. People who are so ashamed of their heritage that they disown that part of themselves. Countries in South America are so diverse and beautiful. I would love to travel there and experience for myself. Back to the point though. Pretending to be something that you are not is only going to lead to self-hatred and feeling like you don’t measure up. Why not embrace your background? Celebrate your culture? Learn about your history? Myself, I am Stoney, Sioux, Cree and French. So I look predominantly Native but get mistaken for other nationalities. I am quick to correct that though. Many people have died so that I may live and to deny their blood is just shameful. I was having a discussion with my boyfriend about him growing up as a first-generation immigrant to Canada. He is originally from Spain but moved here in his teenage years. He told me of a girl (Peruvian, I believe) that he knew before who was absolutely ashamed of her heritage and how she thought that made her ugly. He spoke of how Latinos/Latinas try to pass of as white. I just could not comprehend that.. Anyhow, interesting read.

  8. As a non-“Hispanic”, I have a problem with the label “Hispanic” in and itself, as if it were a racial label comparable with “White”, “Black”, or “Asian”. While I perceive any self-professed “Hispanic” as someone with Latin American roots, regardless of his or her language preferences or linguistic abilities, making “Hispanic” a sub-racial group or category by designation is, to me, more counterproductive than otherwise. However, it seems that the “Hispanic” designation is here to stay (even USCIS forms now use “Hispanic” or “Non-Hispanic” as a major category of ethnic designation), regardless of the reason, or sinrazon, behind it. As a non-“Hispanic”, I prefer to deal with Mexicans as “Mexicans”, or Peruvians as “Peruvians”, or Indians as “Indians”, regardless of where they live or what language preferences they have. Identifying a whole continent of people as “Hispanic” simply because of their cultural heritage as descendants of a Spanish colonial past does not make sense to me.

  9. I wanna call myself ”john perez” when in reality, my name is something else, my first and last name are Italian names, I’m Peruvian and I came to America at the age of 15. I must admit, I always hated the label ”Latino” and ”Hispanic”, even til this day, at age 39 I hate those labels, I can pretend that I’m ok with those labels but I’m not. My background is mostly European with some indian in me, my dad is white 100% European of Italian, Spanish, French, German and Danish background and my Mom is Italian, Spanish and Indian. I estimate my blood to be easily at least 90 % European and I can pass for an Italian any time. I am Hispanic though, Peruvian, but I’m also very European I even consider myself ”white” although this is something that I’m not willing to confess openly. My Dad’s side of the family is very proud of being white. Some of my Mom’s side is a bit racist too and very proud to be of Italian descent. I guess I’m a self hating hispanic or a white wanna be hispanic, whatever you wanna call me. I want my wife to be white I don’t feel attracted to non-whites for the most part. I don’t consider myself racist although there was a time in my life when I was

  10. can you blame them? who wants to be a low i.q, poor, brown skinned, square bodied second class people?

  11. @Frank, I enjoyed reading your comment. I’m glad you’re out of that dark place in your life and inspiring others from what you experienced. As for you stating that Latinas don’t like Latino men, I beg to differ. Don’t know what’s the lifestyle in CA, but up North, you see many Latinas who love Latino men. Sometimes we get caught up in what we see in our surroundings that we fail to see there’s other wonderful places filled with wonderful people and what we “think” we see is very different from what’s actually in front of us. Perhaps, Latinas in the West Coast like Latino men too, maybe no one approaches them or asks them out on a date? Just a thought. Anyhow, thanks for sharing this detailed post. I definitely see a writer or motivational speaker in you! Good luck with all of your endeavors and keep moving forward.

  12. I can’t be responsible for how America and the rest of the world views us.
    It is unfortunate that many of my kindred choose to live centuries behind and
    lack the ambitions shared by people other ethnic groups. I have awakened later in my life
    to take action for myself and care less of the negatives that others may think of me. Today, I am going to share my thoughts, opinions, and emotions, with the ‘super-conscious’ – which is you. And you, and the other you. All part of me at this moment. Whether you like or dislike. We are one. One is all. Just different parts of this super mind.

    In fact, for many years, I have lived in a blur, wandering through time. I just thought “I could get by”. Little discipline, little values. In fact, I wasn’t even conscious of many virtues. I just existed. When I see a young Latino teen, just glaring. I see the old me. Just ‘getting by’.

    That didn’t come without consequence – As we grow, we become aware of a few more things – maybe slower than others, but we do become aware. I was never raised to be aware of having a ‘bank account’. (That’s what rich white people did). I never thought of choosing a major in college. (After all, it was whites who ran all the businesses.) I’ve always thought that someone else would have a space for me. And just pay me to wander through. Yes, sad I know. But that’s part of the blur.

    In my early 30’s the deep pain I’ve experienced began to grow, driven by envy and hatred against others. The consequence of my failure to act earlier began to display my losses in life. Women were not as abundant as they were in my early 20’s. I wasn’t that young sex friend anymore. By now, men my age, (yes men my age) were buying houses. I was barely starting a full time job. I began to look at other men, with glazing sore eyes. I didn’t even want to look at these happy couples. I didn’t want to admit that I was responsible. I still wondered why those females valued in these guys. (Not thinking that my credit scores, living at home, and not having a car were part to blame…) Instead, I began to hate. Because of race, because of money, because of everything I thought was to blame except me. The more I hated, the more disdain I had myself and those who looked like me. I tried to ignore the facts, I felt inferior to whites, to blacks, and to hide these feelings; I turned to drugs. Which then took me to darker places. And the rest was history. A long road to come back to some sanity. I’ll never claim to be normal, or cured, but today I am focused
    on building my inner-genius, I appreciate the struggles and sacrifices that other people face to achieve their dreams. The little things I do today make me happy. Make me realize that what I thought about myself and the world around me doesn’t matter and much of it is in my imagination. The most important thing I learned, that I am not responsible how people think and feel about me. I am responsible for me. For what I think and feel about me, for what I do to better myself, and maybe someone will appreciate what I have to offer. People don’t want to be intimidated or coerced. Most people want things that benefit them or arouse their curiosity. Whatever it is, what I want for me is what matters most. Being Latino does not affect anything else about me than being Latino. Speaking two languages is a blessing and I want to learn at least one more human language and a few computer programming languages. I love being me. Whatever my parents did they did the best job. They are the best parents in the planet for me. If I hate being Latino, then I hate Whites, Asians, and Blacks. In fact, I would hate my parents. I love me, even if I don’t like being shorter than others. But oh well. I walk.

    I’ve gone from self-hatred, to hating others, finding only more pain. Professional
    therapy, psych medications, rehab, psychiatric institutions, and even spiritual explorations have proved useless
    for me. I got tired of questioning why I was born. Why my life is so long. Instead, I’ve decided to become the best at
    what I do and live the moment. I’m older now? That’s not gonna stop me today. I’m doing whatever it takes. And to focus on how to use what I learn to influence
    others, like myself – younger, older, doesn’t matter – even people of different races, cultures, and ethnic groups,
    because in the end; I may become allied with people I once believed were superior to me. People, I once envied. Some of them may even require my service and value my intelligence — and pay me for it. Now that’s better than double edged hatred. But that doesn’t come without hard work and sacrifice. I’m still moving forward.

    There are many feelings these responses trigger within me. But I came to this
    site seeking them. So I won’t bash anyone here. I came here, because I do feel
    that I am an inferior race, or creed.

    I constantly cross Asians and Whites managing most business enterprises. Indians and Perisans
    excelling in complex fields such as medicine and computer sciences. Men of African liniage dominate
    sports, entertainment, and social mediums. Native Americans, Polynesians, and Tribal Africans carry mysterious
    and exotic histories So I ask myself. What about Hispanics? Latinos? Us? Me? Who are we in this world?
    What place do we hold that is so significant to others? What have we done to change history for the
    betterment of man kind? Are we limited to “Mariachi Suits”, “Tacos”, dishwashing and gardening?
    Why aren’t we a motivated powerful genetic beings to be Supermen like the Whites, like the Blacks,
    or anything better than what we are?

    These are some of the depressing questions I ask myself. These questions are part of the reason,
    I stay focused. I am tired of how people of all races see me. A lowly failure. A “Spic”. Even Latina
    women are disgusted with my kindred. Because up to this point. Hispanic, Latino, (or whatever you
    call yourself) — We failed — but failure does not have to be forever. There’s always a choice. I choose
    victory. When I succeed, I’ll introduce myself.

    I tell myself this every day, and I want to share it with you:

    To every Hispanic and Latino male — This is your wake up call. Get your ass up and take the world that belongs to you.
    Stop idolizing drug dealers and gang bangers. Start populating Colleges instead of Prisons. Create fraternal
    brotherhoods instead of futureless street gangs. Accept that the only two people keeping you company
    are your reflection and your shadow. Slow down on the beer, weed, and other drugs because they only make
    you dumber over time. Read more, exercise more. Demand what you deserve. Be proud and influence your
    younger peers. The old ways are obsolete. And obsolete leads to extinction. I made my choice.

    If you are so tough, why don’t you get into sports, MMA, or something instead of bragging about
    your little bar fights? Instead of hating other races and ethincities; stop and think as to what they
    are doing right and learn something from them. Maybe, Latina women will be attracted to you once
    again. And if they are not, then there’s plenty of beautiful East and West Asian women that may be interested in you
    if you are educated, fit, clean and are making more money.

    Show yourself that you love yourself by doing things that make you a better person.

  13. To all the hispanics who don’t like themselves. I like you. If you don’t hate me, why should I hate you? In fact, if you like me, I love you for jumping over the prejudice fence! But heck, they all hate me. What did I do? I’m fair skinned, my dad fought in Korean war and was a fireman in LA City.
    The amount of racism towards me is unbelievable when what did i do? I don’t ask to be worshipped either, it’s gross when the mexican kids look at you like you’re a god. Please hispanics train your children differently (read to them, make them do homework, get an education and remove chip on shoulder).
    Mexicans need to turn this around. I do NOT see them as chubby or ugly that is ridiculous.

  14. Seriously, I’m a Hispanic and I rarely speaks Spanish, it doesn’t mean I’m not a Hispanic. Personally I don’t give a shit, this is why i hate racial pride its like the fuckn kkk. I still respect my Latin roots and american roots. I’m multicultural dig it!

  15. I am proud of who I am. I am a mixture of italian and mexican. I grew up in a great area a mixture of white and brown. Cursed because the spanish people even in my family were not nice and do not treat me well. Give me attitude and are very short to me ad conversation goes and it makes me sad and disappointed. Spanish people “not all” but a large percentage of them are mean stuck up and very socially enept to me. I live in NYC and they give me dirty looks. I accept they dont and never will like me. I am grateful that not all are like this. I am short to tell people of my heritage. Spanish people meaning Puerto ricans and mexicans and Dominican are not the nicest or welcoming. Europeans and Caucasian are nice and welcoming to me so that’s good to me. As I am getting older I am loosing my faith in them and more at a standoff with them. Maybe one day this world wont be so sad and hurtful. Maybe just maybe spanish people wont be so mean. Keep faith I hear.

  16. I’m creole mixture of French Hispanic black native american when I say I mix most ppl say native american first then they say white and I say no all 4 races the race of the future to end racism black white Hispanic native american

  17. Wow the comments here are insane. Im very proud of my culture and heritage. I have natives in my family so I look more like them, dark hair, dark skin. I get told by many people i look “indian” and they mean like a native and I love it. They think I look beautiful and I never had a problem to attract people. We are not ugly we are unique and beautiful. I persoanlly do not like latino men due to drinking and other things. I have met a few who i would date but i am already taken. As a teenager i really liked this native in Ecuador and he had a long braid and a very different face. Beauty is not only eurocentric standards. I for one am sad that the mixed people in my family did not allow my mother to learn quechua. I prefer it over spnish but well spanish is what we were forced.
    I would not get surgery to my face to make me look more eurocentric and im not ashamed of speaking spanish even if we were forced to

  18. It would be cool if latins had more money. Other than that, the women are the only thing really going for us atm.

  19. I’m ecuadorian and peruvian and I’m fine being peruvian but I’m hating every second of being ecuadorian, like… Everything is ugly about ecuadorian culture, the music in horrendous, the clothes are ugly, the food is meh, the people have very ugly and assymetrical faces and poor body shape, and thier personalities are terrible. I really hate it when other hispanic people guess that im ecuadorian, I just take it as an insult because Ecuadorians are truly hideous. I honestly wouldn’t mind being from any other latin country except Ecuador and Mexico because a lot of mexicans are ugly too…

  20. Paulru, darling, you’re beautiful! And I don’t care what you look like. The qualities you expressed you have make you unique. Have you considered getting therapy/counseling? Sometimes, it’s good to talk to someone about how you feel and not bottle it in. Look at me, I’m Latina, proud, and I created this blog for all, especially people like you. We’re all special and have something great to contribute. Don’t doubt yourself. Thanks for sharing your comment. Hugs!

  21. I was born in Honduras and came here when I was 9. My mother married a German American and I loved the new culture. I still love my culture I just hate looking latina, Going to an all white school filled with gorgeous white girls I never felt pretty. I get told I look pretty but I never feel it. I feel like a monkey compared to them, no matter how hard I try I never feel like I’m enough. My step siblings make fun of me and say I’m a white wanna be latina. And it’s the sad truth they don’t understand how low I feel compared to the people around me. Also when people hear me speak Spanish they say cool what country I you from, when I say “Honduras” they’re clueless of its existence, and to the other Latinos Honduras is considered nothing also, so that just adds up to my nothingness.. :/ 🙁 I don’t know how to be accepting of my looks. I’m dark, hairy and short! I feel like a little zoo monster no matter how hard I try to be beautiful I never feel it. I am intelectual, I speak 3 languages, I’m giving, love so hard, I serve and listen but thats all my soul qualities.. inside this body I can never feel happy. I hate to say or admit this, I feel ashamed.. I don’t hate my people I just hate looking like this. How can change this stupid mentality of mine?

  22. I was raised by a white father and a Honduran mother. And to be honest I was raised in the south , I was raised to hunt, fish and do everything out doors. I came to this country at the age of 9. I can honestly say as Americanized as I have become, I have no hatred towards any other country or color may it be black white or mexicans. The deal is like this I was raised here by a half white family. But I proudly when asked what I am I say Catracho. If you see me on the street you would think I’m white. That doesn’t stop me from been what I am. Yes did I encounter racism and horrible people but that’s life, I agree with some points said here like the fact that there is some people that make our people look bad. Because they go and act stupid and there will always be people that way. But through out the little of life I have had I always try to show people not every Spanish person is that way. Be proud of where you come from. Like manuelito said when I was in high school girls wanted to be with me because of my curly hair and my nice tan it all about who you are and how you Cary yourself. I love been Latino and will be proud of it till the day I die. Plus come on people we are the best lovers, the best laid, the best dancers, should I go on?

  23. Hmm. “Latin”??? With banana stained faces?? Haaaa. Do your relatives come from the plantations? Do not feel ashamed of being an amerindian, black, mulatto or mestizo… how about that?? Oh no sorry ..you are a “latino”…

  24. So since my mom is from Poland and my dad’s parents were German does that mean I should learn German and polish and start blasting techno rave music while eating kielbasa?

  25. First off SUBCULTURE that’s what is don’t deny Spanish is Spain Hispanic is nothing were just bastard children of Spain who don’t even care about us I’ve been debating on whether to commebt here but I’ve gotten the courage to do so first off my mother is Puerto Rican and my father is Dominican sounds as Caribbean and ethnic as it gets right? well that’s not so true I don’t speak a lick of Spanish nor do I have any interest but I have to deal with looks my tan almost light brown skin my nose with is unlike most chiseled noses it’s pointy large and un cornered it has no edges it’s just rounded off it makes me cry that I look and are profiles as some Hispanic Mexican or “Hispanic” when I hate it with a fiery passion for many reasons first off I’m very ashamed of it, the people from my parents islands were savages and were treated as (Puerto Rico Dominican Republic) so when the spainiards came when I look back at their history it’s sickening I have no great and inspiring history like Europeans they were just stupid savages and monkeys they were a Neanderthals and natives how could I be proud of that? How can I embrace that I decend from a bunch natives whos culture they’re so proud isn’t even theirs it’s just a Spanish mix they’re true Taino culture is lost and abandoned, most Puerto Ricans and Dominicans from my family are Catholic or Christian which was forced upon them long ago by the enslavers how can I truely be sure if I’m suppose to be Christian if it’s just been forced upon me from my parents from their parents and so on until it reaches their enslavers it’s madness now that that’s covered lets get to the betrayal part of all this as I’ve said I’m Puerto Rican and Dominican however I’ve spent my life since I was teenager to hide this I noticed often I was frequently mistaken as French, Native American and what really grinded my gears was middle eastern (I don’t hate the people just the culture, it’s complicated yes)
    I have been so sick of my parents and their culture so much whether it’s loud music playing and being loud in general, perverted behavior and especially the cloud of ignorance that clouds all of them into thinking that Dominican Republic is the the best island in the world,but I’m off topic I’ve abandoned Spanish culture and adopted at first French by wearing french oriented clothing etc.. But finally settled on Native American culture I live off the idea that my since Puerto Rico is a territory technically I’m native but none the less I grew my hair out long to my shoulders while I have loose curls brushing it did the trick of native hair I learned some phrases from language learned all about the Cherokee people and after 2 years have built a life around people believing I’m Native American while it doesn’t seem like much of an upgrade from a savage it gives me more leverage to deal with white prejudice for one thing I essentially thrive off of white guilt I deal with my some racist comments calling me brown skinned despite me being a light almost gold red colored skin I simply embarrass them by pointing out that white men are cowards and pathetic and how they stole my land and essentially make them feel like crap just as they make immigrants feel it’s a good kind of power and I have no my grandpa from my Puerto Rican dad has strong ties to Spain despite being born in Puerto Rico for one thing he was white and I mean Caucasian white not light brown just never seen the light of day white he had green eyes and straight blonde hair and his 2 daughter had this except for my mom who got the short end of the stick having loose dark brown curls and while not being brown was tan unlike her dad she’s the only one in her Cortes side of the family to act Spanish my aunts and uncle look act and talk like white peoples and are treated with more respect than my Dominican dad has ever received thank god they have strong spainiard ties unlike me but that’s essentially my life I’ve taken up the Native American life style and abandoned my disgusting subculture heritage and I’m damn proud that I did for anyone not proud of being Spanish realize that if you’re from any virgin island and even South American countries to a degree your a sub culture and practically not Spanish no matter what your parents say it’s wrong it doesn’t get better there is no silver lining except maybe that white people are becoming the minorities and that there won’t be any whites to compare to when the Caucasian race essentially fades away with multicultural relationships I guess that eases things a bit

  26. I think that better – hatter people they hate their self and there origin regardless where they are from .

  27. I spent 8 yeaes in Los Angeles , watching a lot of mexican , yes most of them are not good looking ,but it totally unfair how you describe them about their personality , they are good people , har worker , very nice with their families , and they seem happy people .I am latino , mostly from Italian background , and I can tell the only one who hate being latinos are those who look like European but were born in south america and want to be Usa American and European ,but again there are millions of latinos very happy and proud of being latinos and proud of their roots , like cubans , braziliana , puerto rican , mexican, .

  28. Mexicans are the lowest of the lowest in Latin America.

    For example southamericans in countries like Uruguay, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina,Brazil,etc. (at least the ignorant ones) Use “mexican” as the last resort of insult. Like the worst of the worst of all insults.

    Not all latin americans hate each other but most feel disgust for mexicans. They are ugly, law, ignorant, stup..d, have a severe inferiority complex which they try to hide with a disgusting nationalism.

    My Brazilian friend told me the most low of Latin America is
    1. Mexico (nobody will even want to date them, not even if they look hot which is extreeeemly rare)
    2. Peru
    3. Chile

  29. Becoming assimilated does not mean you are ashamed of your roots; it just means becoming assimilated. I guess we should all wear sombreros and ponchos lest we be accused of “being ashamed”. What joke.

    “que son unos come mierdas.” ?? I speak spanish but I don’t know what the hell that phrase is suppose to mean; it just sounds like bad grammar or ignorant slang. If there’s one thing I can’t stand is cultural snobbery. Latinos are latinos regardless of whether they fit into someones idea of what he/she should be. Nothing more annoying than a latino born in the USA but who pretends to come from ‘la patria’ and hates on everything american. Whatever ese. Our parents came here from the fatherland/motherland for a better life, not to hear their children whine about everything.

    Regarding the “like, born in the usa” comment (an obvious jab at white culture), I don’t hear the same complaint when latinos adopt “black ghetto culture” – how is that any different? And yet people think you are being a ‘real’ latino. Que pendejez.

  30. Man all you people saying hispanics are dumb, disgusting need to chill with that especially if you are hispanic, you guys sound so dumb trying so hard to act white because you are ashamed to be hispanic im mexican and proud of it f**k any who have a problem with it, call me a spic i dont care i was born in the United States and who cares if some white people dont like you, not everyone is going to like you. I dont know where you live at that made you have such a bad experience to the point that you just hate yourself but whatever thats you.

  31. Its very sad for me to see so many young Latino and latinas having a very difficult time in finding a comfortable social identity. Every person of every race has dealt with this issue for as long as the usa has been a country. This isn’t a new problem but with Latinos it seems to be one that never goes away or diminishes. In fact it seems to have gotten worse. The time has come for all Latinos to stop looking at the false image that social media portrays us and believing it . Its not true! Its a bad false image and I encourage all of us to stop looking at TV or Hollywood for leadership they don’t have our best interest. Admire the successful Latinos all of them from George lopez to Loretta sanchez or Oscar de LA hoya. We need to look up to ourselves and when you see another Latino In the office or on the street or in the store give him or her respect and look up to him or her not just white or other race people. We deserve respect form you to .That will go a long way in your children’s self image and self respect.

  32. I am Colombian and I am classy and I LOOK DOWN on USA latinos who are vastly uneducated, trashy and worship and treasure ghetto lifestyles!!! I don’t consider myself, nor I feel any connection to any person from the US who calls themselves latinos.

  33. If I was a disgusting SPIC, I’D be embarrassed and ashamed of my ethnicity too. You SPICS in Miami are a disgrace. The majority of you are pedophiles that are supposed to be registered offenders but aren’t. You have positions in office and ate the first ones to land on WSVN 7 for all types of fraud and embezzlement. YOU PEOPLE think UR following someone with your PRETEND TO WORK HARD ETHICS. THEY ARE THE LAZIEST AND ARE INSISTENT ON TAKING SHORTCUTS. I SEE IT DAY IN AND DAY OUT RIGHT HERE IN MIAMI. WE WON’T EVEN GET STARTED ON HOW SHAMELESSLY RUDE THEY ARE AND POSSESS ABSOLUTELY NOHOME TRAINING WHATSOEVER. I GUESS WHEN YOU COME FROM A COUNTRY OF SAVAGE BEASTS THAT’S EXPECTED. Unfortunately, the U. S. is insistent on continuing to let those cockroaches over here. Move here AT YOUR OWN RISK…. ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE SMALL CHILDREN. THE FLYERS I GET WEEKLY WITH ABSCONDED AND REGISTERED SEXUAL PREDATORS AND KIDNAPPERS ON THEM ARE 95% SPICS WHO FILL THE ENTIRE FLYER. ON THAT NOTE, GOOD LUCK WITH UR MOVE HERE. SMH

  34. Let’s be real here. The vast majority of Latin people who are ashamed of being Latin are Latin women. That’s why the vast majority of Latin people who date outside their race are Latin women. The Latin men who date outside their race in America are miniscule relative to Latin women.

    Truth is Latin men are at a competitive disadvantage relative to white and black men in America even when it comes to Latin women. Most other women of other ethnicities generally aren’t attracted to Latin men because of the way they are portrayed in American society. The only ones who are able to do so are the more “European” looking Latin men which there are a small amount of. I have more European features but really despise the way my fellow Latino brothers are portrayed in this shithole society. As soon as I make my money from my investments and hard work I am moving my ass to Mexico where real Latin women really appreciate their Latin men. Not these fake Americanized trashy women who rep being Latin but are in fact ashamed of their roots.

  35. What’s up with all the self hating Hispanics in the U.S.? Spaniards hate Hispanics? Latinos are ghetto?
    Only the UNEDUCATED ones who have never stepped outside the U.S. think that what they see is the only thing that exists. THEY’RE the ghetto ones for being ignorant. I feel such a HUGE pity for them because the Latin American culture, especially Mexican is VERY well recognized and well known around the WORLD.
    Hint hint: life in the US is not the only life that exists in the world. There are nations that HATE the US with a passion, and most of you are here fighting amongst each other. You who speak bad of other Latinos are the ones who listen to everything the racists say, you never travel, you never learn,you never see anything else. THAT’S your problem.
    As for Spaniards, I’ve yet to meet ONE who hates Hispanics. My experience has been the opposite! I’ve met Spaniards who LOVE and have an affection for Latin America. One Spanish lady even told me “bendito sea a Dios que existe un pais tan hermoso como Mexico y un lugar donde hablan nuestro idioma”. And all my life I heard from racist gringos that everyone hates us Hispanics and when I did my own travelling and meeting people, I found the complete opposite! I found a general ‘amistad’ between Latinos IN Latin America. I’ve learned many countries love Mexican culture. I have friends from Japan who have gone to Mexico. I love them so much! I have white friends who have a genuine interest in Mexico/Latin America. I LOVE making friends from other countries, especially Latin ones. Ay la Republica de Chile que hermosa gente tiene, de Argentina como son de buena gente, los de Colombia los amo, los Franceses como me gusta su forma alegre de sonreir, los Italianos y Espanoles que gente tan calida y hospitable! All those I’ve met have been very nice to me and love where I come from lol.

    GUYS: THERE IS MORE TO THE WORLD THAN RACIST U.S.A.! ¡Y que viva Latino America, cuna de gente valiente y alegre!

  36. The only self haters are Mexicans, Even some “White Mexicans” try to act All American and White on Mexicans I’ve seen it a lot here in Texas, it’s embarrasing on how Mexicans think and treat each other, it’s obvious that Mexico treats white people like God’s, gives them the high paying jobs while other don’t have shit, it’s obvious that Mexicans come to America to change their lives cause they know in Mexico they have no opportunities, that’s why Mexico is a shitty corrupt country. Also many Mexicans are self haters cause the world thinks all Mexicans are brown and Indians and are ashamed of being brown. GET A LIFE MEXICANS

  37. I have a problem with being Latina. I’m Dominican, but I do notice things that hispanic/latinos do that are dumb. I notice some hispanic/latinos that I consider to have asshole mentalities. They know who they are. They sit on their front porches telling their dogs to attack people that pass by or they make some asshole comments. Then their are hispanic/latino teenanger that go around doing stupid shit to adults. They have no respect for their elders. They complain about white people being stupid, but they do the same shit white kids do. Then there are hispanic/latinos that are related to gang members telling all their neighbors if they want to get killed. They don’t stop to realize that some of the people they tell this too are related to gang members themselves or the mexican orginization. They can get themselves killed for threatening a persons life. They are dumb, and believe the gang members their related to are just gonna shoot anyone. They don’t stop to realize that some gang members have never committed a murder or that the ones that have been involved in murders feel really guilty about the murders they committed and have no desire to kill anyone else. I use to be related to a gang member myself. I witnessed one guy in 1993 who was related to someone in the gang get shot because he told kids in the neighborhood if they wanted to get killed. These kids happened to be related to gang members in blue and told the gang about him making threats. A week earlier I witness his cousin get killed by a rival gang member. Then i witnessed him get shot at the 7 Eleven a week later by gang members in blue. If you don’t want to get killed yourself, then don’t be threatening people and telling them your gangster relative is gonna shoot them because they might be related to gangsters themselves or Mexicans in the Mexican Organization, and you could end up dead yourself.(The Mexican Organization has hired hit men from California or Texas that are paid to kill people no matter what city they live in.) I also notice how some hispanic/latinas have bad shit happen to them and then they accuse innocent people of doing the bad shit to them and beat them up. The reason they are stupid in this situation is because when someone does bad shit to them, that person doing the bad shit to them might lie to their faces and say it was someone else. They believe the lies and end up beating up an innocent person. For example, some girl named P will spread rumors about you and do other shit, then when the rumors and all the other shit come back to you, P realizes your gonna find out it was her and beat her up. So she goes up to you and lies and tells you it was N that spread the lies and did all the shit. Then your dummy ass believes N did it. N tell you the truth that she didn’t spread the lies or do the other shit, but your so stupid you think N is lying when she is actually telling the truth. You beat up N, an you end up getting in trouble for it. You girls should be smart enough to realize that if some one comes up to you and tells you another girl is doing the shit and spreading the rumors, it might actually be them that is behind the whole thing. I’s hard to tell who is telling the truth and who is lying, but usually the first person who gave you that information is usually the one who did it. I ntoice a lot of stupid shit that hispanic/latinos do and I think they need to grow up. You can’t blame me for having a problem with being a Latina. A lot of you do dumb shit that makes people like me have a problem with being Latina in the first place.

  38. @Manuelito, thanks for sharing. Couldn’t help but to laugh at your comment, I’m sure you’re guapo! All Latino men are. 😉

  39. It appears that most people on this forum suffer of depression and/or self esteem. My advise for your guys is to wake up/open your eyes! I am a macho latino and so proud of myself and of my heritage. Now, macho in the meaning of strong, down to earth, cool, diligent, smooth talker. All senoritas die for us with brown skin. Our race meztizo (white/indians) is all the white wants in their life time. All they wish to have our tan skin. All they wish to be pampered by a latino men and be wrapped in their arms. Most white people longs for our personality and sentiments/feelings that no other race might have. We as latinos were born with gifts. All white senoritas when I was in school wanted to be with me. I am not kidding. They always told me I was guapo. In my country no girl has ever told me that. I don’t think race is an issue at all, it’s about who you are. What are your principles and what are u stand for. I am so happy with my skin. I don’t want to have a raw chicken white skin at all..Are your crazy? And for latinos who feel the otherwise, it seems like you guys came from dissolved families and lack of values. Wake up!
    Personally, racist is the one who feel inferior in their soul. Racist is the one who will never see the light in the end of this life. I am happy to be latino. You can not judge the white, black or asian or latino if one of them have bad behaviors. Based on data they’re more white in prison per capita that any other race. Remember more white criminal per capita.

  40. Hello Nancy, first I’d like to say that it seems like you are a very brave and caring mom. For you to accomplish so much on your own at a very young age shows what a strong woman you are. Being with what you said about your daughter, I think therapy couldn’t hurt. You mentioned she acts paranoid, shouts at you, and that she wants to disappear. Perhaps, she would feel more comfortable speaking with a professional who she feels is there to help understand her and not judge her. Teenagers suffer a lot of peer pressure, it can be something minor or not. Is there a social worker at the school? Perhaps, you can seek a counselor covered under your health insurance. I recommend you search for reviews on counselors in your area, preferably someone who understands the cultural differences and issues youth of color contend with. It need not be a psychologist or psychiatrist. A therapist can determine if it would be necessary for your daughter to seek assistance from other mental health professionals in the future based on what they assess after meeting with her. You said something very important, “she has me” did you know that a strong social support system is sometimes the best therapy? She’s very lucky to have you.

    I think parents should be more vocal. The division in that high school she attends tells the children apart and speaking with the principal or superintendent to seek other options in how they can integrate the students in order for some not to feel one group is better than the other is a good thing to do. You don’t have to tell your daughter you will be speaking with them. Parents should get together. It is not good for the honor students who in the real world have to interact with everyone, and certainly it isn’t good for the students not doing as well academically who are already seeing they are being treated differently.

    As for your heavy accent, no worries. Accents are beautiful, and with an accent or not what matters is that you are able to express yourself and voice your concerns.

    With minority kids feeling inferior has to do a lot with what is instilled in us early on— White is right. We see it in commercials, advertisements, movies, shows, etc., that this is how one should look or behave. When we do see a character on television or in the media that look like us, they are depicted most of the time as criminals and people tend to make a connection. If your neighborhood is predominantly a specific race the people who reside there may want to fit in with the majority. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a White neighborhood. There’s this Indian comedian by the name of Russell Peters who said he grew up in a Jamaican neighborhood and he recalls wanting to be Jamaican when he was younger. Sometimes it is deeper, it can be self-hatred, wanting to fit in or something more serious that only a professional can help diagnose.

    Hope this bit of information helps.

  41. Hello…I was born in Texas raised in Mexico city…I have bow to Texas born girls..one just turn 15..the other is about to be 8.
    Anyways…today..we went to this store that is 99%predominantly. White…being Easter I was trying to have them spend the day outside after the store…going to a park or something… THISbis not the first time I see my teen acting paranoid… In a store..she shouts me..like..callate no hables…she just wants to disappear..she is only comfortable. at her high-school. With her Hispanic or color friends..her high-school has been devided in two areas…first floor is for color and hispanics..and second for high IQ white.. chinese..Indian.kids…this is making me krazy.. I do have a very strong accent…came myself at 15 without knowing any English..I lived in my own.
    Learned and survive on my own in Texas..since 16….not having fear of any other race…no parents.. mom..even friends…just me and my shadow…she has me.. her sister…her dad…what’s going on with my kid to feel such inferior????should I consider taking her to a counselor…???

  42. Luis, great comment. Thx for sharing. I think it is important that we also take into consideration the pressure there is for one to assimilate. I agree it is a matter of people educating themselves and learning why things are the way they are and why Latinos continue to be marginalized. I don’t blame any of the people here for feeling the way they do even if I disagree. I get highly concerned when my readers say that due to this societal rejection they feel like killing themselves. This is why I added numbers to suicide hotlines that can further assist them. I was reading the DSM-5 (Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental disorders) and it states:

    Racial categories and constructs have varied widely over history and across societies. The construct of race has no consistent biological definition, but it is socially important because it supports racial ideologies, racism, discrimination, and social exclusion, which can have strong effects on mental health. (2013, p.749).

    I don’t want these feelings to lead to depression or other mental disorders. I strongly urge Latinos, especially those who are professionals to engage with Latino communities, speak in schools, mentor children, and teach them they can succeed and make change and that if we did it they can do it too.


    Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders: DSM-5. (5th ed.). (2013). Washington, D.C.: American Psychiatric Association.

  43. I’m sorry most of the people who have internalize prejudice towards their heritage lack the proper education to understand that class is endemic in all races and all countries.

    I am Latino and proudly so. I hold a degree and have worked hard to be an outstanding human being. But non if this would’ve have been possible without a sense of pride for my roots.

    If you’ve been expose to a trash like group of Latino it is because of the conditions they were born to. There’s plenty of people in rural areas in America of Anglo Saxon heritage that would be consider ” White Trash”.

    Social, political, economic, and historic conditions all play a role in a family’s lack of values and even heritage: plenty of whites, blacks, Asian, and Latinos can fall into the Derogatory categories mentioned. However, there are also elite individuals as well as hard working individuals in all these groups and countries which have surpass the superficiality of such notion and come about triumphant.

    Culture is something I find I inherited from my family: a set of belief and principles that surpass any ever experience in a society lacking a homogeneous identity other than that of Capital.

    Hope we all stop to reexamine what it is to be human, the meaning of ethnicity, and the essential of culture. Also, how the modern paradigm of economic policy has disseminated entire communities within the US and out; the reason you have seen nothing but a negative environment has nothing to do with being Latino but the lack of it, for such actions are a product of a cultural vacuum.

  44. The only reason why I hate being hispanic is because of white people they judge us no matter what. But yet how come they accept black people and don’t call them ugly even if they are chubby?

  45. Americans see a skewed version of hispanics. They receive the scum from MX and the Caribbean, and the leftovers from South America (bums, trannies, drug dealers, etc.). 1 out of 100 inmigrants has a degree on anything able to make money for the host country. The vast majority are retards who can’t do anything beyond sweeping or lawn mowing.

    I have a few friends and relatives from Uruguay, Chile and Argentina, and they all were shocked at the amount of mexican scum in the midwest and CA. No wonder why Americans hate them so much: ugly, rude, loud, trashy, ghetto…you name it they have it.

    The most shocking thing is the attitude of Americans towards these animals. They even leave water tanks by the desert to help them keep crossing the border illegally (LOL). The police tolerate mexicans raising their flags in American territory and singing anti-white chants on streets.

    If the peruvian/bolivian illegals did the same jokes in Chile or Argentina, it would be a bloodbath and people would be lynching illegals in no time.

  46. Whats the point of denying your ethnicity and saying you’re some other ethnicity when you’re not? Are all white people the same? Black people? Asians? Europeans? Of course not, my ethnicity does not define me or you because if it did don’t you think you would act like the typical latino stereotype?Only an ignorant/close-minded person would judge a whole category of people based on the actions of a few. We all have our issues ALL nationalities have their issues not just latinos! Stop bashing your own people you’re not going to change your Latino background. Are there not worse things to be concerned about then worrying about what others think about your ethnicity? If people don’t like where you come from so what, why feel the need to please such an irrelevant person? If you don’t like your own Latino culture thats you, but do not sit here and stereotype my people or look down on my people because of what you think my culture is about.

  47. I hate being hispanic/latino (whichever you prefer) because I have lived with the very worst kind. The kind that collect welfare to buy coronas, block driveways because they are too lazy to look for a parking spot in the street, put hispanic music at a loud volume because they think everyone wants to hear it, and leave trash on the very property they live and share with others, all while proudly displaying the flag of where they came from. I am the first American born in my family and therefore, grew up with American values and interests. I have no attachments to my hispanic roots at all, often times not even revealing my background when asked (thankfully i don’t talk with a hispanic accent and so I say I am French American instead since I taught myself French and prefer French interests). To so many I am a disgrace for turning my back completely on my roots, but obviously I am not alone in feeling this way (the fact this page exists proves it, along with your very educated and intelligent “Latinos HATE Latinos que son unos come mierdas” intro). My previous neighbors were so respectful and educated so I didn’t have this problem. But now that I live with the worst, if anything, I should perhaps thank them for helping me understand more of who I am. So now I will be continuing my search for a new apartment far away from this sh*thole while listening to Cirque Du Soleil music. “Secure the borders.”

  48. Some of you have expressed discontentment for your background. Whether I agree or disagree with your opinion, one thing is for certain, as someone who studied and continues to research race, gender, and class issues, I can say that I totally understand where you’re coming from. If you feel these feelings are disrupting you emotionally please seek therapy. I assure you that it will be helpful. I’ve included some numbers below:

    National Suicide Prevention Line in the US

    CONTACT WE CARE, they are based in NJ, but they assist anyone throughout the US, if you need someone to talk to, they’ll listen.

  49. Kaacy77, so sorry to hear darling. Your race/ethnicity shouldn’t determine anything about you. You are perfect just the way you are. You will find your place in society, don’t let anything or anyone bring you down.

  50. Yawning Admin – heritage is from both North and South America – it’s a play on words, that what it means. It should be very clear and if you were really into what latinos hate or love, you would of understood that off the bat.

    And a few? A few??? Oh man.

    Ultimately, YOU can’t speak for a whole Latin American world in which the ethnic and cultural backgrounds are so diverse. Good luck with your site.

  51. I hate being hispanic and I feel really uncomfortable and self conscious when I’m surrounded by white people. I was going to transfer to a better school but it’s populated by mostly white people but I had to turn it down because of my race and the people there IVE heard are racist towards other races besides white. Being hispanic is holding me back from doing what I want, I hate it. I rather be dead then be alive and be this tan skin color. I hate being called mexican when I’m not. I refuse to speak Spanish and I will never EVER speak spanish to my future kids, and i will never marry a hispanic man.

  52. *yawn* H, you’re judging an entire group based on your experiences with a selected few. I’m happy you’re happy to be double American, whatever that means. I’m sure many “Double American” blogs will appreciate your input. Give them a try.

  53. Admin. If you want to internalize your oppression, that’s fine. The most discrimination AS A LATINO that I have EVER encountered was from another Latino – Mexican. I’m sorry but it is what it is.

    Of course I can see how Anglos, certain ones, can oppress you, I have had that in very subtle ways happen, but not as much as that other discrimination. And I’ve seen it played out in front of me towards others.

    Not trying to divide here, the divisions are coming from them. You’re “but still stand by and for Mexicans and all Latinos” shows how you yourself even differentiate it, you’re a contradiction. I bet you admire Pocho dot com and that racist’s and inter-Latino ethno-hating coward.

    That or these kinds of Latinos hate this or love that like as if you speak for us all, means nothing to this Latino DOUBLE AMERICAN.

  54. I’m not Mexican (but still stand by and for Mexicans and all Latinos). I’m not anti-American either. Far from it. I will tell you what I am… a realist. For you to say Anglo-Americans don’t suppress minorities, says a lot. But I’ll let you rejoice in your ignorance.

  55. DerrickV8 – thats sad you feel that way. Sad, sad, sad. Certainly doesn’t represent all of Ecudaorians, but just a sad, sad, thing to say. Jesus.

  56. Excuse me, plantain stain?

    That’s like an inter-Latino slur, why would you complain about Latinos ashamed of being Latino and then throw that one and that thing about mierdas?

    People like you are twisted.

    What you don’t like is that there are Latinos that claim themselves American first, it doesn’t jive with your anti-American sentiments. You sound Mexican, are you?

    Because you are probably the most anti-American Latinos around. And I have to laugh when Mexicans even declare themselves ‘Latino’ when I’ve been told straight faced followed by a Mexican rooster scream that they aren’t ‘Latino’ but Mexican.

    Mariela here in 2010 said that latinos always claim their “Spanish” heritage and that Spaniards look down on Latinos. Perhaps they do, never been in Spain and have known like ONE Spaniard whom I was a brief friends with and we lost contact. I never felt an animosity, I’ve had more inter Latino discrimination, observed it first hand by Mexicans than by Spaniards or other Latinos. It’s strange… almost everything Mexican is Spaniard culture, from your music to your Churros… which are really Spaniard donuts. Ha! So, my grand father was Catalonian and only spoke Catalan, my mother has indigenous Incan in her blood, and I’m part Hungarian. And? Does that bother you? I’m so American which really is a fusion of kinds of people from around the world that I can claim myself DOUBLE American!

    Anyway, I can only speak for myself, I LOVE America the USA baby! I also love my heritage, the food and culture, the mentality that differs greatly from the majority “Latino” hint, hint, and actually FIGHT to preserve my heritage, cultural ways, foods, dishes, etc. over what another, hint hint, “Latino” majority tries to suppress. It’s not Anglo Americans either.

    It can get ugly, but I won’t get into it, other than that majority Latino “hates” others that actually are North, Central and South American whom claim to be American. So what? What’s it to you? We could even claim we’re DOUBLE American if our heritage comes from another American continent. What’s your issue with that?

    What I don’t like is that most Latinos in America have to fight to distinguish ourselves away from the more crass elements in our overall culture, you know, street cholo gang cultures, lowriders, radical MECHA racists, nationalistic brutes that sort of thing. That’s not part of my Latino heritage. But the besmirching happens, and in a professional and maybe a social setting Latinos not of that cultural background have to fight to say, hey, I’m different, I’m not … that. You may not like that but it is what it is and that’s the resentment.

    Other than that, its none of your business to even represent what all Latinos have to say, this isn’t high school where you’re like a little punk kid ganging up on the other Latino kid that doesn’t go along with your bullshit. It is what it is.

  57. I am half spanish. My mother is feom Ecuador. I can’t stand the spanish culture. The men are all chubby pervs and the women are all tranny looking skanks with too much makeup and perfume. Just watch Sabado Gigante. I hate the show. I hate how spanish talk with their hands and do stupid impression when talking. Like some dumb 7 yo kid when I visited Ecuador, he kept saying babies drink his mom’s leche and cupped his chest like he had boobs. He wasnt even joking around…which is the bizzare weird part.

    Plus the music is annoying and dumb with their stupid accordions and annoying gay salsa beats for all their cheesy songs. I am lucky I look pretty white so I can completely distance myself from that culture. I also hate how domineering the mother role is like they are gods.

  58. I have been told I am too pretty and too educated to be a Latina. I get confused for European. Everywhere I go I will take my Latino roots with me representing all Latinos in the best way possible.

  59. Mi Gente!! You are so brainwashed by society. I love being latina (mexican). Yes there are plenty of STEREOTYPES about us Latinos but we are not what people think we are, yes we have our ugly side just as any other ethnicity. Tell me who like us our music (salsa,bolero,mariachi,vallenato,bachata,etc) Our cuisine,traditions,history,language. We are educated people, stereotype breakers. We have Latino blood running through our veins and nothing is going to change that.

  60. Hello Rod, thank you for your comment. Culture has nothing to do with race, religion, or nationality, but do understand why it’s easily confused. Anthropologist, Geertz (1973), defined culture as “historically transmitted pattern of meanings embodied in symbols” (p. 89). The Center for Advanced Research and Language Acquisition, defined culture as “the shared patterns of behaviors and interactions, cognitive constructs, and affective understanding that are learned through a process of socialization. These shared patterns identify the members of a culture group while also distinguishing those of another group” (University of Minnesota). In Symbolic Interactionism, Herbert Blumer believed that we interpret things based on the meanings people place on objects and others through human interaction. He said, “Human beings act towards things on the basis of the meanings that the things have for them,/…/the meaning of such things is derived from, or arises out of, the social interactions/…/these meanings are handled in and modified through an interpretative process” (Blumer, 1969, p.2). Let’s take corporate culture for example, or cultural norms for certain groups. In essence, we’re not bounded to culture, but it seems as if culture is bounded to us.


    Blumer H. (1969) Symbolic Interactionism. Perspective and Method. University of California Press, Berkeley and Los Angeles.

  61. I have a latino name, was born in a latino country, but i am not bounded in any way to my culture for my culture is everything i live, everything i feel and everything i know. Why choose a country? or even a nationality? I speak spanish but i’m not proud of it, i just feel lucky to know an extra language. I replace “pride” by “happiness” of being born in one country, living in another, having ancestors from another country and so on. And also, the same could be said to those who claim to be “citizens of the world” for citizenship is a form of control imposed on the human being. Can’t i be jewish, muslim and christian at the same time? Why be religious if you have faith? That is what i think at this very moment, thank you.

  62. Right now as I write this, my hispanic neighbors are right outside in the building’s parking lot that all tenants share that we all rent (the owner is Korean) playing hispanic music at full amplified volume unnecessarily without regard to the neighbors including me. The floor literally trembles with the bass from the songs. And they are completely drunk, constantly screaming out loud “me vale v***a!” Is this what I’m suppose to be proud of? I was born and raised in the USA and English was my first language. When I speak I sound like a genuine “white person”. So when hispanics come up to me thinking I am one of them I tell them in clear English with no accent of any kind “I’m sorry I don’t speak spanish”. Needless to say the look on their faces is priceless to me. (this also applies to white people who, because of how i look, automatically ask “do you speak english?”) I don’t think of myself as hispanic now thanks to the surroundings I have had to deal with for so long because I’ve dealt with the worst kind of hispanics. To you all who think I’m full of it, I invite you to spend just 2 hours on a Saturday night when my neighbors do what they are doing right now, staining the positive aspects of good, honest, hard working, and educated Hispanic Americans with their selfish bullshit!

  63. everyone wants a handout with the truth of racism. If you don’t experience it then you truly don’t know. Want to know the REAL truth?

    If you ain’t rich then your f****d. If you got a latino, blck man or Asian man or Asian woman or now black and Latina women who don’t like you for ANY minute point then you are f.*.*.*.*.d and pack it up you won’t last a day in the workforce. The end. oh and white men still get double standards because us white women are the only ones with guts and balls to stand up to the true principles of life. I am not anyones hero nor need to change the world only speaking up for my own rights and dignities. Thanks Obama you only made me stronger foolish man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Tina, sorry to hear you feel that way. I’ve come to realize that where people reside in is a big factor as to why they feel a certain way. I’m from NJ and I also spend a lot of time in Manhattan. There’s racism everywhere, but I feel it is stronger in some areas than others. Usually, I am surrounded by openminded people from all different backgrounds. The minute I stumble upon someone who says something racist about others I QUICKLY dismiss them. Perhaps you are in the wrong zip code? I ASSURE you not everyone thinks like the people who are in your “current” environment do.

  65. i hate being Hispanic.. I feel ashamed of my race, I don’t feel beautiful at all. I always hear people say Hispanics are all Mexicans and ugly I hate being called Mexican when I’m not I’m Ecuadorean. I always feel paranoid when people look at me I always say to myself “if I was white this person wouldn’t have done this, if I was white more people would like me, if I was white I wouldn’t feel out of place. I wissh I was white..I’m scared I’ll never accept myself. Hispanic. I even hate calling myself that. I wish I was born white so bad, I try to fit In when the white kids but my brown hair and dark eyes, and olive skin will always be there to remind me that I’m ugly,Hispanic and not white…I wish I could love myself and my parents culture but I can’t. I just wish I was white..

  66. Isabella, thanks for sharing your comment. Sadly, many Latinos share your sentiment. It seems you’re still growing up, but as you get older is good to ask:

    -Why do I hate myself?
    -Does hating myself help ME in any form? (Remember, you can’t change who YOU are! Let me make it clear, YOU ARE ECUADORIAN. Nothing will ever change that. Just the way that Michael Jackson bleaching his skin didn’t take away that he was black.)
    -Why do I hate that my parents aren’t white?
    -WHO contributed towards this hatred?
    -Am I as ignorant as those who judge me because of the color of my skin?
    -Does hating myself, help those who hate me or does it hurt me more?

    Not only as a Latina, but also as a WOMAN, to me, and for many young girls out there, self-acceptance is key. This is SO important to me.

    Basically, you’re saying that if you belong to a certain group, and everyone hates you, hating yourself will help your situation. How does anything negative serve as a positive for you? It does not. Let me ask you another question… Who helped raise you, put clothes on your back, a roof over your head… your parents (who you are ashamed of because they’re not white) or those “WHITE rich kids” you hate to love so much? Who’s doing for YOU? Who cares about YOU? And who is contributing towards this self-hatred? When you build up enough intelligence to know the difference you will learn there are changes that need to be done in society. You can make a difference, or you can cry your eyes out and whine for the rest of your life because you are saddened by the fact you were not born white.

    Also, I don’t understand why people think white people are all rich, even if you live in an affluent neighborhood. Yes, white people are the dominant group, and in their favor they have what we lack “white privilege.” But all are not rich.

    You really need to read over and over again each word you wrote and reflect on it. You said you want to be white and rich. You can’t change your ethnic background, but you can do something about your income. Maybe, one day, you will be rich. And if you do, you will be a rich, successful, gorgeous LATINA. Let me tell you something about white people, they are PEOPLE. Humans. And if you stumble upon white people who are “REAL” and not fake people trying to fit in. And they can tell you’re Latina and you’re denying your roots they will dislike you for being FAKE. Real people like real people. You will not only be a liar, but a joke to them and everyone else around you. Stick to your roots, nothing or no one defines you. YOU define YOURSELF.

  67. my parents and brother are from Ecuador, but I was born in the US. I really do not like being Hispanic! many reasons! first I live in a city full of white rich kids, WHITE! like seriously everyone is white and rich. I try my best to act white and pretend I am but because I’m fluent in Spanish people know because in Spanish class I speak in Spanish, obviously. but in Spanish class all the books use the worst possible pictures from Ecuador like seriously they pretty much used a black kid(not racist). I try not to tell anyone my family is from Ecuador because I’m so embarrassed! and I hate that people automatically assume you’re Mexican because your Hispanic! I wanna be white so freaking bad! I hate being tan, having dark hair, and dark eyes! it bothers me so much! couldn’t my parents at lest be from Europe or something?!?!? whenever people ask I say I was born in the USA and stop there and if they ask why I speak spanish I just say because I do. I honestly hate being Hispanic and of Ecuadorian race! I absouloutly hate it! I wish I was white, and rich!

  68. I hate being hispanic. I wish I was white they get more respect and are less discriminated. Get real and realize that all around the world people will always worship white people because of their skin and blonde hair etc. I refuse to speak spanish and talk to others in spanish. I will always hate being hispanic ugly tan skin and ugly dark hair ugly features. I wish I wasn’t this trashy disgusting race.

  69. F*** that I say **** the roots,**** everything about being Latino or Spanish because f**k that race I’m sadly Spanish and I f*****g hate it.I wish I was born white and not forced to live inside of a dumb race that should go die.

  70. I use to ask my self that question why? Are Hispanics ashamed of there culture of there looks. I realize it’s all because of the stero types the ignorance of others that brings out the insecurity in you. For example when you say the word Latino or even Hispanic people automatically say you are Mexican.I have nothing against Mexicans they are hard working people but I like to be acknowledge by where I came from.People automatically believe every ones illegal that Hispanic because they don’t think many Hispanic have citizenship pay taxes go to war and contribute to the USA and if you were illegal it doesn’t give people right to be inhumane. Lots of American claim they were here first and no one a native Indian. My point because of these stereotypes people deny who they are because of fear of society acceptance. I could care less what people think…I’m proud of who I’m. My opinion about those who dislike themselves go on with yourself .We Latino ain’t cowards and we don’t hide who we are. The only fear should be God. The funny part everybody think there race is better but when you disrespect others you are a bigot. At the end run we all end up in the same place 7 feet deep.

  71. If you want Latino’s, Hispanic’s or whatever to have pride, post something other than a reference about vanity.(Because we look exotic,Really?) I’m tired of Latinos in this country acting out this victim mentality, like we are entitled to something because we are from a certain race. If we truly want to make a difference in this world, we need to do it by educating ourselves and our families. We need to move up politically, socially and economically. If Latino’s aren’t proud, the question you should be asking is, why? There is nothing to be proud about. And if there is, POST THAT.

  72. No problem, Steve. Trust me, I understand you! This is the main reason why I started TLLOH with all the positive things about us. You’re Latino, and you seem like a bright person, there are many Latinos like you, let’s shed light on the good things about us and stop focusing on the negative. XOXO

  73. That’s true, in chicago i was the only cuban in my school and i would get bullied on a daily basis and i never payed attention to that, because it didn’t bother me. Maybe because my own people well they aren’t my people they just came from the same land as me and i notice it more on them but its true its not that i hate being latino like i said its embarrassing when you see someone of your own race being pointed out. Thanks for the reply sometimes expressing yourself helps you alot.

  74. Hello Steve, thank you for sharing your comment and I can understand your frustration. Is it safe to say you get embarrassed of people who are ignorant? I think what astounds me the most is how when a Muslim commits a terrorist attack, I never hear the people of Islam say they hate being Muslims. They show disregard for the individual and do NOT applaud such actions, but they do not deny their people or religion. When there are white bombers or serial killers I NEVER hear white people say they hate or get embarrassed of being white. Yet, when a Latino behaves unethically, Latinos are quick to say “I get embarrassed of being Latino/Spanish!” When a woman commits a crime, I don’t go around saying I hate being a woman. I am responsible for “my” actions. Hating my group or others will not improve my situation. Even if one doesn’t identify themselves with Latinos and they are Latino, whether you like it or not, you become part of the stereotype. You can be educated, rich, and classy but you will still be treated as a minority, it is a reality. And we live in a very imperfect world.

  75. I’m cuban from my moms side and Spanish frkm my dads side.. And i seriously am embarrassed of people saying im cuban, i moved to miami after living in chicago for 8 years and I’ve been to cuba 3 times. The cubans in the island are so much different, but the cubans in miami are ignorant and they act like bad asses… Acting like they have millions with their 5,000$ cars.. And the way they act and dont respect shit…… It’s embarrassing. I love my latin family but the cubans in general in miami are complete idiots not everyone I’ve meet some well Menard cubans and ive meet others who start with some stupid ass sentences like ‘mira esos malditos negros con ese carro y ni trabajan’ how do you know he doesn’t work??? Do you stalk him?….. we have black people in cuba why must they hate on everything. I still tell people I’m cuban and Spanish… And some of you said go to Spain and tell them that and see what they say…. I’ve been to Spain and there’s alot of cubans there aswell and they arenot ipocritas como en miami.. And i don’t hate latinos nor i dislike them or any race. I dislike groups of people’s with the same beliefs and character.
    I go to the gym 6 days a week and i see latinos ffighting over a dumbbell arguing ‘BRO I WAS USING THAT’ and much worse…. Cant you share? Can you have a peaceful workout. Or anything in particular just like driving, you put the turning signal instead of letting you pass o_O they speed up and stay right next to your car….. And that was mean for people in general too… You’re not alone in the world learn to share or go buy a fucking planet for you and your selfish self..

  76. Hello Lilian, interesting point. But I think many of us fail to look at the big picture. Stereotypes are the one thing no one can avoid. However, we don’t take a step back to ask where did the stereotypes stem from, who has this misconception about a certain group, and who are the ones suppressing minorities? For starters, the dominant culture (it is not an attack it is a reality) who continue this suppression. And even worse, ourselves, by lacking unity and denying who we are. Many readers are misconstruing my post. This has nothing to do with the languages you speak (I struggle with my Spanish too!), how you look (I get mistaken for Egyptian, Persian, white, etc., and I make it clear I’m Latina. I love the exoticness we possess, but I take them out of doubt. I’m very proud of my roots!). Even when I was in grad school, the few Latinas in my classes would openly discuss how ashamed they are of being Hispanic, and of course I challenged them. In a good way. Must we hate ourselves because everyone hates us? If I’m not myself then who am I? Does hating our people make it better or changes who we are? It does not.

  77. I am Guatemalan American and while l am not ashamed of being Latin/Hispanic, I do HATE most of the ideas and beliefs of the Latin/Hispanic culture. It is not the Latin/Hispanic people I dislike, because each individual is different and there are many that think like I do. I hate the stereotype people think when they hear the word Hispanic or see a Hispanic. When people ask where I am from, I do not lie, “I was born in the USA from Guatemalan parents.” For those who think we should be ashamed of claiming our Spanish heritage because the Spaniards look down on us for being a mixed-breed, guess what, the American Indians look down on us too. Both the Spaniards and Indians disowned and denied the mixed-breed. The majority of Latinos/Hispanics are half Spanish and half American Indian (Aztec, Maya, or Inca). Taffer, those Mexicans who mistreat you because you are mixed and do not speak Spanish are ignorant. If they were a little educated, they would know they are a mixed-breed as well. Well, most likely they are. About 60% of the Mexican population is mixed with Spanish and Indian. There is nothing wrong with being Latino/Hispanic and not able to speak Spanish, especially if you live in the USA. I speak both English and Spanish. When speaking to another Hispanic, I will speak English, unless they only speak Spanish. I cannot change my Spanish and Indian heritage. What I can change is my ideas and beliefs, which not only set me apart from the Hispanics that follow the traditional culture, but every individual in this world. What I hate most about this culture is that they adopted the idea of machismo from the Spanish and took it to its most extreme. By the time the 300-year-long Spanish enslavement of Mexico ended, the Mexicanized cult of masculinity had spread downward and became a way of life. Even though there has been some progress, the cult of masculinity remains strong in Hispanic society and culture. I am proud to be born in the USA. I can exercise my right to speak and pursue an education. I do not have to adhere to the Spanish nor Indian culture. I have a mind of my own with my own ideas and beliefs. I am Guatemalan American. I am Spanish. I am Indian. I am mixed. I will not judge you for being Mexican, European, or mixed, but I will judge for your words and actions.

  78. Latino “culture” in the uS makes me ashamed to partially be one. Its so shallow, happy and in your face that it makes me gag. All over the world latin culture is only associated with partying, having a good time, sleeping, firey but dumb chicks with big boobs, etc. At no time have I heard it being associated with anything constructive or at least worthy of some kind of admiration (other than admiring boobs in tight clothes). So, yes I’m ashamed to be part latin and I’ve distanced myself as much as possible from those roots. I don’t care for it in the least.

  79. The spainards shouldnt hate us. We are a part of them! That is what latin people are. Half spainard and half native indian from whatever country… soo yea we are part Spaniard

  80. los españoles son ibericulos, de peninsulaca, sulacas, hace mucho tiempo que los votamos de américa, y les ahorramos el trabajo a ustedes,jjajajaj

  81. Know what I am ashamed of the most? Humans. You are right, I do have self-hatred. Maybe the Mexican race or humanity in general taught me to be this way? Humans are flawed and weak. They are destined for self-destruction. The things we do to other humans are unimaginable.

  82. Please note that your IP addresses can be tracked down. I encourage you to express yourselves; however, make sure to read our “Privacy Policy” and “Terms of Use” before commenting.

  83. Oh, and maybe Latinos wouldn’t be so mixed if their women weren’t so goddamn ugly. 99% of Mexican women are morbidly obese, disease ridden, have deformed faces, and are annoying as ****. Someday, we will all be mixed so your pretentious pure race wont be worth *** anymore.

  84. Nobody taught me Spanish when I was a kid. I was born and raised in America you ***********, so I speak English. I have seen stupid ***** like you give me ****** looks because I don’t know Spanish. It’s Mexicans like you that I despise the most. Don’t blame it on me. Mexicans have been treating me like **** because I am mixed and not “pure blood”. So **** you and all the **** in this world! There is NOTHING to be proud of Mexico or Mexicans. It’s just a country full of criminals that smuggle drugs, illegally cross the border, and become ******** gangsters that kill innocent people.

  85. the only thing i hate about being latin is those damn natural curves!!! im longing for the day when i turn 18 so i can go get some MAJOR work done! … other than that everything is good. stupid? yes. go ahead and tell me that. i dont care.

  86. I have friends that are so racist against the hispanic race/culture. (they are hispanic) They make comments like hispanics are trashy, ghetto, disgusting, and that their way of talking is also ghetto and not classy. But I think its ridiculous that they express them selves like that of other people. Each spanish speaking person has a distinct way of talking spanish and personally I do not mind it. But they seem to be disgusted by anything that hispanic people do. They say that they are people that are trashy and let themselves be looked down upon my the behavior they present.
    They seem to be white washed because they try to seem white. Yet when they are at home they act just like the words they mention, trashy, ghetto, and not classy. It just baffles me, and then I think when I speak Spanish are they making fun of my pronunciation? I am just so confused because how can the hispanic culture and people succeed when hispanic people are also suppressing their own people. It just saddens me that people like the above mentioned are doing such negavite things.

  87. Latinos saying they “hate” other Latinos as a means of admonishing them for self-hating?
    that’s productive!

    I am a fiercely proud native Venezolana who was raised in the U.S. by English-speaking Americans.

    Language is only one aspect of of our identity. Open your minds.

  88. Eeeeeeh, I say the “My parents are for Puerto Rico, but I was born in the US” line because I live in a somewhat racist area of the south and it’s something my mom taught me to do when I was young. Eeeeh, just something to think about.

    (Also, don’t speak spanish either. But meh.)

  89. Just because a Latina does not speak Spanish that does not mean that they are denying their roots. I struggled my whole life not fitting in Latin or American life for those type of stupid generalizations. I have been learning Spanish all my life and yet to perfect it at 35. My cousins always made me feel inferior bceause I did not speak, eat, or dress like them and my school mates made me feel inferior because my hair, lips, and hips were not like theirs. This type if thinking must stop.

  90. Me too! Latinos always claim their “Spanish” heritage, the Spaniards look down on Latinos, people wake up!

  91. i also hate it when latinos/hispanics try to claim their “spanish heritage”! like, seriously, vete a espaNa y diles a los espaNoles que eres espaNol y VERAS lo que contestan!

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