HATE: Latinos Who Don’t Speak Spanish

spanishLATINOS hate other Latinos who don’t speak Spanish. We take heed, it is not anyone’s fault. The new generations were raised by parents whose primary language in the household is English even if they are Hispanics/Latinos. However, we do admit it is irritating when you meet another Latino and automatically assume it is cool to speak in your language to him only for the other guy to give you a baffling look and respond, “I don’t speak Spanish.” Of course, you figured that if you are a Latino who speaks Spanish, all Latinos speak it too. And when they don’t speak your language it becomes upsetting. You will say, “Mira este, vino ayer y ya se le olvido el Español” (he came yesterday to the US and now he forgot the language). OR you might just feel that this person thinks he is too good to speak Spanish or that he is one true “Come Mierda.” Either way, we shouldn’t blame a Latino who isn’t bilingual or discriminate on them, but for some reason we can’t help but to hate it when other Latinos don’t speak in our native tongue.



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  1. Hello people here is my story because of my name people assume that I don’t speak English the funny thing is that I was born in Antwerp, Belgium and I speak 4 languages I grew up in Switzerland and moved to America when I was 17 years old (I am 40 now) I have Colombian, Scottish and basque ancestry I had an accident this month and I was asked at least 5 times by the hospital staff if I spoke English I don’t even get upset anymore maybe I should change my name to Olaf or Hans 😪 lol

  2. Oaky. My grandparents don’t like that I don’t speak their Germanic dialect all the time, but that doesn’t really affect a whole lot of anything.

    Your dialect is still very young, and people are apprehensive about losing it. It still has many transformations to go though. This is normal. It’s not going to disappear any time soon.

  3. I dont speak spanish but i speak alittle spanish and im fuckn proud of it. The real reason why i dont speak spanish is due to racial discrimination, especially those trump supporters and i’ll personally tell these latino trump supporters that they elect a fuckn gringo that talk shit about latinos and hispanics. We can do better than this fuckn shit.

  4. Frankly our roots go back to the 1700’s before 1862 when Texas became a republic so my relatives born in what is now Texas assimilated…That generation is gone and after 6 generations so is the language.. But it annoys me that people assume I speak Spanish because of my image…Matter of fact I feel I have no connection to Mexico other than orgin and I do not refer to myself as Mexican American but rather American Mexican even though my birth certificate says “White” I’m clearly aware of my lineage and I do celebrate “Cinco De Mayo” but that’s it….I think all those Latinos whose families have been here over 100 years should also refer to themselves as American Mexican. (example) raised in a Caucasian culture do not have or feel any real connection and were assimilated from youth…..I’m proud to be an American Mexican who speaks only English…..and anyone from any country legal or not should also assimilate or the ugly truth is you will be discriminated in jobs and benefits for not speaking English…….

  5. All this fuss about us speaking or no speaking Spanish. Newsflash Spanish or English was never intended to be OUR language. Long before Spanish, Portuguese, French or English we were speaking in our TRUE native toungues Quechua, Taino, Nahuatl etc… We are the unwanted by-product of European on American rapes… bastard nations (sorry but it’s the truth). We’ll never get on the level we need to be until we address the issue of use of the word Latino. Take the blacks for instance no matter how much white they are mixed with they are still black right? Are blacks called Britannics because their rulers speak English? NO. Spanish language DOESN’T connect us! Our native american ancestry does! The sooner we realize this and identify ourselves as such (the Latinos who have Native ancestry) the easier it will be to sort out this confusion.

  6. I’m Puerto Rican, and I find that many people don’t speak spanish because they grew up in a house that only speaks english. They have family members who speak spanish, but the relatives probably are embarrassed to speak spanish in america, so they only speak english and make sure their kids only know the english language. There are also people that grow up in a house where their grandparents only speak spanish but everyone else speaks english. I grew up in a house like that. My great grandmother only spoke spanish understood only a limited amount of english. My grandmother and her siblings only spoke spanish until they learned english in school. My grandmother had 9 kids out of those 9 kids only 4 of them spoke fluent spanish, 1 of them spoke spanish but not very good or properly. Since everyone else spoke fluent english. I only picked up on the english language. Then there are people who speak spanish who grow up in a house where people speak both spanish and english, and they have actually picked up on both languages. There are actually people who speak fluent spanish, but they hate speaking the language so they only speak english, and tell spanish speakers they don’t know the language or forgot how to speak the language.

  7. I can relate though not Mexican or from Latin America. I happen to be Spanish-Moroccan with German, Saudi, and Iranian decend. My mother died from Cancer when I was hella young and she was from Spain. My father who’s from Morocco left from his country to find religious freedom when he was young. Me being born in the US with parents of different cultures in a city like Seattle that there’s a mixture of everybody it’s not easy Speaking one or the other language of the parents growing up speaking the language of the area. I speak very little Spanish and less Arabic than Spanish. While at work Hispanics who need help often turn to me because they think I can help them and I try believe me. I’m not like others who say no sorry I don’t speak Spanish. I try to help and when I do I get the confused look. I gotten the head shakes as they look down in shame that reads… “A Mexican that doesn’t speak Spanish.” I should speak Spanish since I’m Spanish, but also the Spanish from Mexicans and Latin Americans is a little difficult for me from what I was used to with my mother whenever she spoke Spanish. Taking Spanish classes in school you notice that they teach you real Spanish from Spain. So when I talk to Mexicans some of the words they use to describe something is different. I have a Spanish from Spain accent when I speak Spanish too which confesses people to since I’m too dark to be a Spaniard.

  8. I’m not even Latina, and I have people expecting me to speak Spanish. People who aren’t Hispanic think that I am Hispanic, and thinking it is somehow really polite, I guess, start speaking to me in Spanish. It is awkward, because I am Indian, and I don’t know Spanish. Once I was in Mexico, and this lady snapped at me for being “too good” to speak to her in Spanish, too.

    But even as an Indian, I relate! Indians and non-Indians alike – sometimes non-Indians even moreso than Indians, really expect me to carry my Indian cultural root system on my back. Actually, it’s kind of a heavy burden if that’s not your natural thing, and if you are struggling to fit into America and figure things out in your own life, aside from being some kind of culture bearer. The culture I identify with most is my faith tradition, and I find I can’t carry it all – so I focus on that and have left a lot of other things behind. SO annoying when people expect me to know such and such cultural fact because I am Indian, otherwise I am a bad Indian. If I were white, it wouldn’t even occur to them to ask – but because I am Indian, I, and my children, and my grandchildren, will probably always be asked about Indian culture, cooking, yoga, etc.

    Anyway, sometimes I feel bad for the people trying to be polite and talk to me in Spanish, lol!

  9. I’m Mexican born and raise there until I was 13 , and what I don’t understand is people that know Spanish and look more Hispanic than me don’t want to speak it around certain people. They speak with their friends and family and they even earn a degree in Spanish yet they still refuse to speak Spanish. That I really find it hard to understand . One thins is your parents never taught you which I wouldn’t judge that it’s their parents fault but if you know Spanish but you don’t want to speak it , that’s not going to make me like you . I don’t know if I’m the only one that feels that way but I feel that if you speak Spanish you should embrace your roots and not be ashamed for who you are if you smart you have more opportunities when you speak other language that makes you better than the rest that only speak one so why be ashamed just because you speak Spanish that doesn’t mean your betraying your country United States because you were born here. That’s just makes you wiser so if some Mexican person talks to you in Spanish is because they want to feel confortable with you ,makes you likeable. If Mexicans talk to you in Spanish and you repond in English to me makes me feel that you feel that you are too good to speak it and that you don’t want our friendship and if that is the case don’t judge hispanish why they think low of you that’s my opinion

  10. I disagree with this. I DON’T hate latinos who don’t speak spanish. That’s a stupid reason to hate someone. If anything, I hate latinos who are gang members or who are cultural snobs (i.e. latinos who look down on you just because you don’t fit into their stereotype of what it means to be latino/hispanic). What are we suppose to do, walk around with sombreros and a bottle of dos equis in our hand? Que mentalidad retrasada.

  11. Pos yo no hablo inglés y estoy muy orgulloso de ello. Jaja

  12. So my dads parents were from Argentina of Swiss-German and Ukrainian descent. (They spoke only Spanish and English, no Ukrainian or German) so am I Hispanic or Latino?

    I do speak Spanish fluently BTW, it was my major in college. I speak better Spanish than many Latinos I know

    If my ancestors came to the US or Canada I would just be a plain old white guy/Anglo.

    All the worry about being Latino or hispanic is too much. If I go overseas I am an American to the people in other countries. I always liked how Latin Americans consider themselves from their country. My grandpatents considered themselves Argentine,not Ukrainian or Swiss/ German

    An aside: There was a sizable German community in Argentina before World War II. The mythology is that any Germans in Argentina are Nazis in hiding.

    I recall when the movie aWell I am off to bed I am beeWell I recall when the movie Alive came out in the early 1990s there are some white people here in the US who were upset that the cast members are all to white. Again ignorance about South America. The school that was involved in that accident was founded as a British school. People here in the US see Latin Americans as brown people, which is far from reality

  13. I am a fluent Spanish speaking Latino. I am on the opposite side of this argument. I am proud to be an American first and foremost. It is the only nationality I care for. Look I love and respect where my parents are from. I hate that in this country (America) I start out a conversation in perfect English and people want to switch languages on me. If I wanted to address you in Spanish I would have. I hate the “HEY YOU’RE SPANISH! HEY ME TOO” shit. I don’t know you and don’t assume just cause I am brown we share anything in common other then skin tone. I could understand if I were in an ethnic setting. And who gives a fuck if people say spanish/latino… there are huge differences from each Central and South American country. Everyone knows exactly what you mean by Spanish or Latino.

    Anyways to the HATE argument… if you love it so much go back to your country. And yes that is coming from an American with a Latino bloodline.

  14. Here is my problem. I’m Spanish and Dominican. I speak fluent Spanish. I notice that hispanics born and raised in the united states can’t speak Spanish, and they have no idea what country their family came to america from. Another problem is since they are only familiar with america, and hispanics in america have white skin/brown skin and spanish looking features, they assume all hispanics are suppose to look like that. They have no idea that there are white looking, black looking, Indian or native american looking people that are born and raised in spanish speaking countries. They seem to be surprised that a person is hispanic/latino when they met someone from a spanish speaking country that looks different. I had one incident where I came across 2 dominicans one black looking from Dominican Republic and one that was white skinned, spanish features, and was born and raised in the U.S. The one from the U.S started talking to me, and he tells me his friend isn’t black that he is Dominican. He too identified as a Dominican, and he told me he had no idea that there were black looking Dominicans. He thought all Dominicans were suppose to look like him. I asked him if he spoke spanish, and he said he only knew english. I then asked him what nationality he thought I was. He said he thought I was Indian. I told him I come from a spanish speaking family. I even encountered a man who was Cuban and Salvadoran. I asked him if he knew what country his family came from. He had no idea what part of Cuba or Salvador his family came to america from. I asked him if he was fluent in Spanish. he said no. Although, I was born and raised in the U.S. I seem to have this problem with hispanics/latinos from the U.S not even realizing I come from a Spanish speaking family. Honestly, no Hispanic/latino has ever asked me out. I usually get asked out by white men and occasionally black men. The problem is that they claim they want to stick with their own people. but if you don’t have spanish looking features they are naive about the fact that you actually are one of their people. Another problem is since they aren’t fluent in the Spanish language they mistake a lot of Spanish speaking people for Mexicans. They complain that white people call everyone including them Mexicans, but they do it themselves without realizing it. One time some high school kids were mistaking 2 Panamanians and a Columbian for Mexicans. They don’t even notice the differences in Spanish languages. They also don’t realize that every Spanish speaker uses the same spanish words weather they use the words the same or have a different meaning. I notice that some of these Hispanics/Latinos from america will pick up on Mexican or Puerto Rican slang. They have no idea that other spanish speaking countries might use the same slang words in the same way, but when they hear the slang that they are familiar with, they right away say it’s Mexican or Puerto Rican which is plain ignorance. In Puerto Rico they use chocha as slang for a womens vagina, but so do other spanish speaking countries. Just because you hear some one say chocha doesn’t make them Puerto Rican or if they say Panocha that doesn’t make them Mexican.

  15. I don’t like the word “HISPANIC ” ….Where did it come from ? The people I have met while traveling in Latin America were as diffrent as the people I have met in the US !? I have to say as a frenchman from America ( that is Québec…. The United States being just one of the many countries that form the continent America ) absolutely all the encounters I had with Latinos and Latinas in the US were positive. My spanish is not very good but the fact that I try, make for a very positive first impression ! Judging people as Hispanic is a non starter ! Think of me going to black guy in Harlem saying : I had a bad experience with some dude in Beverly Hills, you Unitedstatesians are all the same ! As for me in my country, we have an even worst problem . A person with the frenchest name will live in Québec all his/her life without being able to say a word in french !

  16. Egg yolk and fried cheese? I’ve never tried it. Mr. American Alex I think you may be more Latino than I am, and I’m your blognalist!

  17. so….I am of dominican descent…I was however born here and raised here. I consider my culture..to be AMERICAN…AMERICAN….as pure red, white and blue as the next guy or gal that was born here and raised here as well…I grew up in Providence, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Revere, MA and Florida….I have been around heavily dominican and hispanic populated areas…its not like I lived in the “sticks” throughout my development. There are some things that I naturally and subconciously have kept…I can could a mean plate of rice and beans….mangu, salami, egg yolk and fried cheese is still heaven to me….and nothing stirs me like a good sergio vargas track…..however I still consider myself, American all day long because my experience growing up, has been an “american” experience…watching American t.v. shows (TGIF), listening to everything from U2 to Cindy Lauper…and speaking English, which included speaking with friends as well as my parents, who both came to this country early enough in their development to learn the language.It is within this culture that I feel most comfortable and feel like im not putting on a show….Before you get on me about being a sell out, please understand that I do not care….i am done apologizing for my lack of Hispanization. It is not my fault….it is not even my parents fault….its my grandfather’s fault. It was his decision to come to the United States and set up roots in a different country, with different customs and a different language. If I were to take my kids and move them to Norway, I could not possibly expect them after a generation of two, to be as american as the day I left…take a poll of “italians” in NY and see how many of them actually speak Italian….you’ll find that the same arguments and process affecting “hispanic sell outs” are the same which have been experienced by other ethnic groups coming into this melting pot for hundreds of years.

  18. Amanda, no offense taken. Don’t apologize for how you feel. We tend to judge others based on how we are treated, at times, by a certain few. Thanks for sharing your opinion.

  19. And you know what…I think should put another topic saying HATE: People who are extremely close minded and cannot think outside the box…

    and this includes many Spanish people.

    I grew up with spanish everywhere around me. But I’m not fluent in Spanish. Both my parents speak it at home, but I only speak Spanish sometimes, so I use English most of the time. Therefore I speak Spanglish. However what I hate is that people think that since I don’t speak fluent spanish…I desserted my roots and call me a fucking white washed coconut! Well wth is the definition of roots cuz it does have various meanings. Is language the only thing that makes or breaks you regarding your roots and culture? MYTH!! Though I don’t speak the language well, it no way means I am disconnected to my culture!! I still celebrate holidays, eat food, watch movies, listen to favorite spanish songs even though I speak mangled Spanish. I go to SA every 2-3 years with my family to see relatives and I still have a blast and bond and get along with everyone. Luckily my cousins don’t judge and we get along well even though I speak English with Spanish mixed in. We love each other still and don’t believe in ‘language wars’. Who cares what language you speak. It’s more important to be a good human being and welcome everyone. The fact that most hispanics believe in pride, extreme arrogance and judging harshly on trivial shit like language actually makes me ashamed. Our culture should show humbleness, love toward everyone and respect to EVERYONE. Instead it’s like a high school clique that is given a very BAD reputation.

    No offense but it is true.

  20. Shaun, you put my Spanish to shame! I think people assume we speak the language that we resemble. For instance, my mom is Latina, and she looks Filipino, and when we are around other Filipinos (usually older ones) they speak to her in Tagalog (definitely a language we don’t understand). I just think people tend to connect language to ethnicity/race.

  21. Its wild because as a dark skinned black guy who has learned Spanish to fluency I sometimes wish folks would assume I spoke. I get the opposite problem, I walk into a Spanish speaking place and they keep replying in English even though they just had a whole conversation in front of me, in Spanish. And I don’t sound amerocan, it’s a complexion thing. Which is odd considering every Spanish-speaking country I ever went to has folks that are born there that look LIKE ME.

    If you search “American Speaks Dominican” or “black man speaking Spanish bronx 2” then you can hear me speaking.

  22. I mean my dad speaks more ENGLISH at his job. And, I was also accused of being a “gringa” in Mexico

  23. My dad was born in America but his parents were from Mexico and my mother is Mexican. But, my father attended school in America so he speaks both Spanish and English. I would say he speaks Spanish better since in his clients are American. I speak more Engish than Spanish, by a long shot. My mother has lived in America for almost 20 years so she speaks English well but is very proud of being Mexican. this year, we took a vacation to Mexico and was judged by all the girls my age because I spoke a very broken Spanish. What am I to do? I go to an English school, my dad knows we understand English better so he mainly speaks that at home. My mom and grandparents teach us Spanish occasionally, but I rarely see my grandparents and my mother doesn’t teach us any complex Spanish. Plus, I mostly hang out with my dads side of the family and they were raised here, so they speak more English. I like to think I can speak Spanish, but when I go to Mexico it is so difficult to keep up and I always feel ashamed when I ask them to repeat the question! I embrace my Mexican heritage but I was born in America, so my father calls us Mexican American.

  24. I was born in Colombia but was adopted by white parents as a baby. My dad’s from Denmark and my mom is Italian so I grew up with mostly Italian and Danish customs, foods, etc and I never learned Spanish (or Danish). I never identified with Hispanic people and as you can see my name is Kevin (changed from Edgar Vergara). I’m not particularly fond of people who get upset when they learn I don’t speak Spanish.

  25. I’m Mexican and English, and My Native languages are English and French and a little bit of Spanish.
    When we have other Latin Americans or Mexicans over and they try to speak Spanish with my Parents (Except for the Rest of my Family, Including Aunt,Uncle,etc.) They are always surprised that we speak more French thank Spanish.
    The only reason that my Speak more French than Spanish is because where my Family used to live, There was a French Colony there during the First Mexican Empire. After the Colony diminished, Some of The French left and the other stayed.
    The Ones that stayed, I suppose Mingled with the Spanish Speaking Mexicans and then… VOILA!! Here we are.

  26. I’m Mexican American from Los Angeles and I don’t speak or read spanish fluently. My father comes from a family who are Mexican/Native American that don’t speak Spanish but my mother is first generation Mexican American. I was not taught Spanish when I was young but look like I’m from Mexico. lol My mother’s parents and family all can speak Spanish fluently and have family in Mexico. I find it annoying that people assume I speak Spanish because I’m brown. I don’t hate Spanish and think it sounds cool in it’s own way. Portuegese also sounds cool. I don’t hate on folks if they can’t speak English. Give respect get respect.

  27. @David, I had that happen far too much when I started to study Spanish and was mortified with myself when I’d just assumed, felt like a grade A moron, so I ask before launching into Spanish right away….. >.<

    And I'd be a rare "yes", I treasure the French language…it's a part of me 🙂

  28. Let me see if I have this right, dyed in the wool Latinos who find it objectionable that other Latinos don’t speak and or understand Spanish. Well guess what wanna be Pancho Villas and Che Guevaras, WAKE THE F… UP! It does not matter whether you are fluent in Spanish in both speaking and writing, WE ARE STILL THE MOST HATED CULTURE IN THE UNITED STATES! Don’t believe me? Have you been watching and or reading the news in both English and Spanish? WE ARE NOT WELCOME IN “THE LAND OF THE FREE” ever since the racist Tea Baggers took over Washington and Obama has since wimped out and now has the highest numbers of deporting our brothers and sisters otherwise known as “illegals–undocumented” people from Spanish speaking countries where the U.S. Government does a multi-billion dollar trade for decades. If you were lucky enough to have been born within the walls and confines of the so-called “Land of the free and the home of the brave” consider yourself lucky, for now. WAKE THE F… UP FELLOW LATINOS!! THE UNITED STATES IF RACISM IN 2014 IS THE REINCARNATION OF 1933 NAZI GERMANY AND WE ARE THE JEWISH POPULATION BEING LINED UP FOR SLAUGHTER! Sound paranoid? Start reading the GD news in either and or Spanish and you’ll see WE are no better than the Jewish,the Polish, the Russians,the Italians and the Chinese during the terror reigns of Hitler, Stalin, Tito and Mao Se-tung. We are in the midst and time of hateful history repeating itself and we are the new targets. There is a 24/7 propaganda effort on the part of the racist talk Right wing talk shows, FOX News and all of the other media outlets taht are bound and determined to “dehumanize” who we are as a people, a culture, a way of life. So JUST STOP the BS infighting about who speaks what languages and how many. As long as you have Latino blood you are most definitely a marked person in the eyes of the Racists in Washington and only a vote for the Democrats. Obama lied through his teeth about “Immigration Reform.” All he did was set the record for the most people deported–more than any other president–Republican and or Democrat. My solutions: 1. Start respecting any and all Latinos, regardless of the color of their skin and what language they speak and or don’t speak. 2. Start looking for ways to increase our educational levels–reach out to someone who you know who needs educational guidance. 3. DO NOT–I REPEAT DO NOT START HATING ANYONE WHO IS NOT LATINO! IF YOU START THAT SILLY SHIT YOU ARE NO BETTER THAN THE CURRENT NAZIS IN AMERICA. YOU [WE] ARE MUCH MUCH SMARTER THAN THEY ARE. Please take the time to read the timeless poem by Corky Gonzales, “I Am Joaquin.” You will see yourself in it and will most certainly come away with a different outlook about your Latino Sisters and Brothers. Please fellow Carnelas Y Carneles–we need each other during these very trying times in a country that does not practice what it preaches. Regardless of our political viewpoints, we need to let the Racists next door, the Racists in the media and the Racists in the educational systems we will not be denied everything that comes with self respect, cultural freedom, and all freedoms everyone has a God human right to practice no matter what Spanish country we are from and or are American born Latinos.
    For the record, I was born in Detroit Michigan in 1948 from parents who were first generation immigrants from Mexico. I am also a very Proud Vietnam Veterano with a college and paralegal education and both educational pursuits served me well during my years of employment. I do not speak Spanish but the history to that is directly from parental fear of being deported even though I was born in Detroit Michigan!! I have just been way too lazy to re-learn Spanish which was my first language prior to being forced to speak English. I do not fear the racists, the haters, and or other people hell bent on making my wonderful life miserable. We owe it to ourselves to let anyone who is anti-Latino to step way way back lest they incur our wrath for being disrespected as a very proud people–no matter how many languages we may speak or not speak. It’s still a very free country last time I checked.

  29. The Spanish had dominated the New World for more than three centuries:

    “Many people have this popular vision of Latinos as people who ride day before yesterday, but when you think about the first European settlement and what would become the United States, St. Augustine in 1565… that predates Jamestown in 1607, the first European language, spoken, in what would become the United States— Spanish.”

    —Vicki Ruiz, Historian, Foreigners in Their Own Land (PBS Documentary)

  30. @Grace Franklin, in the USA “American English (NAE)” is the dominant tongue, but it is NOT the official one. The US has NEVER declared a national official language. NEVER. Spanish is the second most spoken language.

  31. Thx for sharing your story, Cecilia. Glad you enjoyed this post. Knowing or not knowing the Spanish language does not make you any less Latina. Congrats on being on the top percent of your class, keep doing well in school!

  32. To admin,
    I’m Mexican American, born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, and I’m 16. I don’t speak fluent Spanish. I’m 4th generation on my dad’s side and 1st on my mom’s side.
    My dad doesn’t speak it at all and my mom was born in Mexico and is fluent. My grandparents lived with us too for about 8 years and they only speak Spanish. My mom didn’t speak it when I was younger because my dad didn’t speak it.
    understand all the basics and the basic animals and sentence structures and I use clues when listening to other people’s Spanish conversations so I figure it out. The problem is I get shun by people. One time I went to my old best friends house to adopt one of her kittens and pick it up and leave. Her mom was talking to me and interrupted me and said “tú no hables español?!!!!!!!!” And she had this face of bewilderment. I wanted to punch her so bad because she kept repeating the questions and I was so embarassed. It made me embarassed of being an Hispanic and I didn’t want to learn Spanish. She’s shunning me to make me feel that I’m not superior and stupid. Well, she obviously doesn’t know I’m in the top 1% of my high school class. And I’m pretty good at speaking Chinese (understands more Chinese than in Spanish) because I’ve been learning it in class for the past 5 years. Probably something she didn’t accomplish, but hopefully, you see my point. Lol And my friends as a joke call me a “white Mexican.” They assume that white people only speak English and that’s really racist because obviously they were from Europe and other parts of the world where each country had its own language. But all these comments for this article made me realize that there are other Hispanics who don’t speak Spanish and make me feel that I’m not alone in this. Lol I think I’ll use that fact about 24% of Latinos not speaking Spanish in a household around my friends. I like this topic a lot.

  33. To Admin,

    Yes, I know the difference between bi-racial and bi-cultural. I just personally choose to identify as bi-racial. It’s my choice and it feels right on a spiritual, physical and mental level for “Me” to identify as bi-racial.

    Personally, I believe that we as a human race are bi-racial in many ways. If you go back in history many people intermarried within different ethnicities. For example, the Philippine Islands has a rich history of people coming from different Asian, Spanish, Middle Eastern and other different countries. Also, when you look at Mexico and most of South America, over the years, those countries intermarried with many different people from other parts of the world. People from Spain brought their language and customs and intermixed with the people of Mexico. The list can go on and on. Get my point.

  34. David & Cynthia, thank you for sharing your thoughts on this post.
    According to the U.S. Census Bureau:
    “Out of the 53 million Hispanics who are in the U.S. 37.6 million ages 5 and older spoke Spanish at home in 2011. This is a 117 percent increase since 1990 when it was 17.3 million. Those who hablan español en casa constituted 12.9 percent of U.S. residents 5 and older. More than half of these Spanish speakers spoke English very well.” The NCLR, National Council of La Raza states that “almost one-quarter of Latinos (24%) speak only English in the home.”

    Having parents of two different races. (TFD)
    Bicultural: Bicultural identity is the condition of being oneself regarding the combination of two cultures…In regards to bicultural identity, an individual may face conflict assimilating into both cultures or finding a balance between both. An individual may face challenges assimilating into the whole, collective culture. Similarly, an individual may face difficulty balancing their identity within themselves due to the influence of both of their cultures. Bicultural identity also may have positive effects on the individual, in terms of the additional knowledge they acquire from belonging to more than one culture. Furthermore, with the growing number of racial minorities in American society, individuals that identify with more than one culture may have more linguistic ability. (Source: Wiki)

  35. I am a 3rd generation Mexican American but I identify as bi-racial because I don’t feel fully connected to any one particular cultural. Rather I can identify a little with each cultural that I feel connected too which is why I identify as bi-raical.
    I don’t get annoyed so much if people assume I speak another language, it’s only when they shame me; especially if the person is Caucasian. It’s like, who are you to judge me by the color of my skin or my surname? Also, I will ask them if they speak the language of where there ancestors are from. For the most part, they will say, “no”. It’s like, then don’t judge me; especially if you are not bi-lingual. I don’t go up to Caucasian Americans and ask them if they speak French, German, Greek, Italian, Dutch, Irish, etc. Get my point!

  36. Alright so heres my 2cents. Im 20 full mexican born in the states raised in Georgia by my single mom. It was not a conscious decision i made to stop speaking spanish so dont judge me for not speaking it. I cant remember far back enough to when i spoke spanish my mom was always working and didnt have time to make us speak it. i remember in 5th grade i tried to start speaking spanish again but only to get ridiculed by mexicans when I didnt speak it properly sounding more like a tourist. Since than i dont attempt spanish unless its with family that only speak spanish even than i find myself at loss for spanish words. In highschool i was ridiculed by latinos calling me whitegirl or guerra and shit like that. I was definitly shunned it was tough but im strong i got over it. The latino community left me feeling ashamed and very embarassed. I practice spanish in my head sometimes but i wouldnt dare speak it and sound stupid. Oh and i hate Giving my autobiograpy to every person that doesnt understand how it’s possible i dont speak spanish. Ugh. Rant over

  37. I have posted another problem we hispanics have in the USA and titled the post “Don’t look stupid-Not all LATIN MUSIC is Mexican!”. Here’s the link so you all could enjoy it and comment. http://latinzonemagazine.com/latin-music-mexican/
    And in accordance with other people’s comments, Love, don’t Hate. Hate is negative and we attract what we give. 🙂

  38. Try LOVE instead of hate my brother I’m a Mexican born in the USA don’t speak a lick of Spanish because in my country English is the primary language

  39. Instead of hate try LOVE believe me my brother it works. I am a Mexican born In the USA I don’t speak a lick of Spanish and its all good my brother let’s live and let live make peace

  40. Hello Frank, thx for sharing your comment! 🙂 My 2¢ … I don’t think it has anything to do with Latina women liking white or black men. When it comes to relationships one tends to gravitate towards people with common interests. If I love rap music and I meet a man who listens strictly to Jazz… I may find him boring. It doesn’t matter if he is white, black, or Latino… if we’re not a good match, then we’re not a good match. Perhaps you share more with white and Asian women, nothing wrong with that. Or maybe there’s a Latina out there who feels the same way you do and you haven’t met her yet. Love is love. It has no color.

  41. Being an American born Latino has had a social impact in my life. Spanish was my first language, but at very young age I picked English up and naturally used it more than Spanish. My influences from television and music have always been in English. Rock music, Rap music, horror and action movies — cartoons, (yeah I saw a bit of Chespirito and Burbujas) but “Transformers and GI Joe” were more exciting to watch. School was in English, my friends and enemies spoke English. The only Spanish I spoke was mainly with my family. I am not ashamed of it. I speak Spanish to people who speak Spanish to me. But at the same time, there is a barrier between Latinos and myself. In fact, the barrier with Latina women is even wider between me and them. A user on this blog posted the comment below:

    “Hispanic men have never really noticed me. When I was in high school I was never acknowledged as a hispanic person.”

    I feel the same way about Latina women. I am 41 now, this is not a self esteem issue entirely – Since elementary school both American raised and immigrated Latinas always have seemed to look past me.

    As a result, my interests in women broadened and found myself with happier connections with both White and Asian (English Speaking) women. For example, today due to a mistake I made and recovered from left me single for some time. Now things are coming back together in my life and I want to date. I won’t lie, I am on websites like Badoo and others seeking a date. My profile is written in English because though it’s my second language, it is the one I speak and write most fluently in. English is my dominant language. So here’s the dilema. The Latina women that write their profiles in English show me no interest. It seems that English speaking Latina females are only interested in White or Black males. On the other hand the Latina women who take interest in my profile write their profile in Spanish; and though I can speak some Spanish, they immediately lose interest because they seem to expect me to be as fluent as they are in Spanish. The few I have chatted with ask me about Latin music which I don’t relate to or feel. I mention rock music and they have no connection. I’m sorry, but I was raised on Iron Maiden, Led Zepplin, Slayer, Black Flag, Pennywise, and some rap such as Ice Cube, Tupac, and Eminem — but hell no I don’t listen to Julio Iglesias.

    The ironic thing here is that they speak English too. But they don’t seem to want to connect with me unless I speak fluent Spanish. In the end. I find more luck in meeting women of Asian (English speaking) or White descent.

    It would be nice to meet a Latina female that speaks both English and Spanish but who relates to me and how I was raised. The same kind of Latina that would like a White or a Black man would be ideal to me, because they seem to be the only ones who prefer to speak more English than Spanish and someone who won’t look at me strange when I play the song “Children of the Grave”.

  42. Spanish isn’t even the true language for Hispanics learn your history.

  43. A.T. Sorry to hear! And I regret not responding to this post sooner. Keep being who you are and ignore close-minded people.

  44. I haven’t spoke spanish in 26 years. My spanish is rusty. Also for some reason hispanics don’t seem to notice I’m of hispanic heritage. I’m Spanish and Puerto Rican. They are always mistaking me for another race which usually is native american. Hispanic men have never really noticed me. When I was in high school I was never acknowledged as a hispanic person. My first boyfriend was white. I’m 38 years old. To this day I only date white guys. I stopped speaking spanish in 1988 because my great grandmother who is a spaniard died. She didn’t speak a word of english and my grandmother use to take care of her. So everyone in the house use to speak spanish to her. When she passed everyone just resumed speaking in english only and would only speak spanish if they were around spanish speaking people. Apparently, I never really spoke spanish to anyone outside of my house because no one ever acknowledged I was spanish. The only ones that spoke any spanish to me were Mexicans but that’s because they thought I was Mexican.

  45. So I’m really tired of the shade I get from native Spanish speakers. I came to the states as a toddler, so Spanish was my first language technically but then I grew up in an English world. My parents didn’t strongly enforce Spanish only to be spoken at home and so I spoke Spanglish! When you don’t strongly enforce the speaking of a language, then it tends to go away!! that is how languages work – use it or lose it. So there are a lot of parents who don’t make the effort to be very strict about this, not because they “hate Spanish” or “want to forget about their country” blah blah bullshit reasons, its because they are extremely busy working!! and maybe don’t have a lot of energy to make their kids speak a language that they are otherwise never speaking!! its hard work and parents don’t have a lot of energy yaknow?

    I do wish they had “made” me speak Spanish at home, that is true. But they didn’t so thats the reality. I don’t appreciate my american accent being pointed out and laughed at, I don’t appreciate the nasty comments, ignorant assumptions, etc, etc..that all come from native speakers. I practice Spanish on my own now and hope to one day speak kick ass Spanish but it could be years away – especially since there are so many nasty not encouraging people out there.

  46. I’m in 40’s, was born in L.A., am half Latino+half English genes.
    It turns out that I’m very brown looking,
    (I even look darker than most ‘Hispanics)

    I understand how to read some Spanish, but I don’t speak it.
    I also studied Latin and French in school, but I don’t speak those either.

    I’m quite happy with just English, which is the language all my friends speak.

    A lot of both white people and ‘Mexicans’ are often rude to me, in all sorts of
    weird ways.

    Here in California, drive-by insults happen to me.
    ( Did you even notice that only whites do this? It’s true. )

    I’ve had it where some young white guys would drive by me
    and yell absurd things at me, such as “Gracias!” or “Hola!”.

    They do it to make fun of me; Obviously they’ve noticed my skin color.
    They’re too stupid to know that I’m also half Anglo, and that
    I love being American.

    Man, white people are so prejudiced. I’ll give you another example.
    One time I walked by this white contractors work truck, and he
    called me “suspicious”, and accused me of wanting to steal his tools.

    I have no interest in that dumb hick’s tools or any of his possessions;
    All I did was walk by; That was my own neighborhood These kind of people think
    I want their stuff. I don’t want their stupid stuff.

    You want to know where there are lots of stupid white hicks?
    In Rolling Hills Estates, and P.V. These well to do people are so
    polarized and isolated from the rest that they think the only purpose
    of a Latino is to be their “gardener”, or “plumber” or dumb-ass roofer.

    Even in church they are prejudiced. White women quickly grab their
    purses and shove their purses closer to their body after glancing at me,
    as if I’m a “purse snatcher” in Church.

    As for Mexicans, their a stupid bunch too. They don’t want to have anything
    to do with me either. They abandoned me, just like my deadbeat father
    abandoned me. He was a selfish gold-digger. Married my mom, because
    she was well off so that she could support ‘him’. Looks like this is what Mexicans do. They are leeches.

    Frankly I’m very disappointed in the human race.

  47. I am Spanish and Puerto Rican. I don’t speak an ounce of spanish. My great grandmother on my mothers side spoke only spanish, and my grandmother said she dididn’t learn english till she went to school. My grandmothers brother married a mexican woman who spoke only spanish. I never learned a word of spanish and neither did my brother. I can read in spanish but have no clue what I’m reading. I did take spanish in high school, but I don’t remember alot of what I was taught. I never knew my fathers side of the family. I do know my paternal grandmother was born in Mayaquez Puerto Rico and raised in California and Colorado. I’m not sure how much spanish my fathers side of the family spoke. I do find it strange that I can’t speak a word of spanish since I was around people who only spoke spanish. I thought people usually pick up the language because they’re around people who only speak the language.

  48. Im one f those Latinas that can’t stand seeing a Spanish person that doesn’t speak the language. BUT after expressing that I don’t like it, I do help them learn a few words here and there. Sadly, there’s nota lot of people like Renee (who posted above) who CARE to learn the language of which their great grandparents/grandparents or parents grew with. It’s part of your blood, don’t leave it behind. And that’s THE PROBLEM I see often. When people who are American and of Hispanic ancestry want to leave it behind talking bout English is the main language, speak English. Yeah ok. Then people wonder why America isn’t excelling as it should as a first world country. Attitudes like that, “English is the main language” psssh. Another thing to consider is that a lot of these folks who don’t speak the language because of how Americanized they are, at what point are they actually American and NOT Latino(just Latino descent)?

  49. I understand the frustration but as a Latina who understood but didn’t speak Spanish fluently until I was in my teens….this is complete bull****. I’m Latina no matter what language/s I speak. There are Asian people out there that don’t speak the language of their ancestry, does that make them any less Asian? No, it does not.

  50. As far as I know, I don’t have a drop of Hispanic, Latino or Asian blood, but I strongly agree with Renée, and I do not accept discrimination against or within any race or culture by anyone.

    Until my brother married his Colombian wife (who arrived in Virginia via Oklahoma, and speaks English with a Southern drawl), I married my Jamaican & Chinese wife, another brother dated a Lebanese woman, then married a white woman with 2 half Jamaican daughters by her first marriage, and my baby sister started dating her current Jamaican boyfriend (& son of a Tuskegee Airman) 17 years ago, there were no brown family members in the first 8 American-born generations of our family.

    BTW, my family doesn’t discriminate against white Americans either, the second brother mentioned above has been married and divorced twice; his first wife was an average white girl, and they gave me a white niece. Another brother married an average white girl while he was in the Air Force, and they gave me a white nephew. My brother with the Colombian ex-wife gave us 3 nephews and a niece.

    Unfortunately, my wife and I haven’t been blessed with such fortune, and my baby sister chooses not to marry or have children.

    I guess it was because my 3rd or 4th generation Irish-Scottish American mother learned how the early Irish & Italian immigrants suffered discrimination, in the late 19th and early 20th century, that she raised us to love all of God’s children.

    Although my father was in the 9th generation of a proud New England family, who originally arrived from England around 1640, he always supported my mother’s progressive upbringing of his children and has lovingly embraced all of our chosen partners. Prior to that the closest ancestors speaking a Latin-based language might have been our French family members, who arrived in England with William the Conqueror in 1066 or soon thereafter.

    Neither my brother, my sister nor I speak the Olde English, Irish or Scotch of our ancestors, but we’re proud to be part of the American melting pot, and we love the various accents of our new relatives. I feel sorry that my Colombian-American nephews and niece were never taught Spanish by their grandparents and their mother’s use of Spanish was limited to conversations with her parents.

    For those who were raised bi-lingually, consider yourselves blessed, but no better than anyone else. Show empathy for those were deprived of growing up with either Spanish or English, even as a second language. It probably wasn’t their choice as youngsters that they weren’t as blessed as you have been.

  51. I enjoyed reading this blog up to this posting. I’m a third generation Mexican-American/second generation Japanese mix and we only spoke English in my home. Growing up I developed a complex due to ALWAYS being made fun of by Latinos who spoke Spanish. And then you wonder why some second, third, or fourth gen Latinos don’t identify with their culture – as mentioned in your blog from June 12. Those of us who look Latino but don’t speak Spanish grow up feeling like we don’t fit in with the white people nor our own brown skinned brethren. So all of you haters need to chill on that and EDUCATE instead of DISCRIMINATE.

    I wanted to learn castellano so bad that I picked up everything and moved to Chile hace tres anos y ahora vivo en Argentina. Y sabes que? A veces siento que me aceptan mas aca que alla en gringolandia. Instead of talking shit y’all need to be helping each other out and promoting Latino unity instead of dividing. Porque ser latino es mucho mas que hablar un idioma …

  52. “Hispanic” is a product of the Nixon Administration when they wanted to group together all Spanish speakers, but “Latino” didn’t work because of the Filipinos. Thus, “Hispanic.”

    I wouldn’t have a problem with the Filipinos joining our crew if they weren’t so quick to decamp when something is offered to Asians, as they point to their geographical background to justify getting into that line, too.

    I write this quickly before I duck and run — No Habla Espanol.

  53. I used “Spanish” on the title because it is catchy, I generally say on the body of the blog “Hispanics or Latinos” and I try to relate to my public because really, who do you know that says “I like Latino or Hispanic food?” Most people say “Spanish” even if it isn’t properly used. But I stand corrected. Thank you for pointing it out! I will make the changes. Have a lovely day 🙂

  54. Sorry but I’m lost….Why do you say Spanish people when you mean HISPANIC people?
    Spanish is someone from Spain (Europe). It’s like calling English to Americans only because they speak English.

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