HATE: When Other People Don’t Like Spanish Food

LATINOS hate when other people state that they hate Spanish food. It is extremely insulting and beyond offensive when someone does not have similar taste buds to us. Have you ever given someone one of our dishes to eat and you hope they will eat it, smile and say “Mmm que rico”?  But instead they are repulsed by it and put a face of disgust as they spit it out. That really pisses us off! We want to choke the ingrate and make them chug the rice. There are times we are in denial. If someone out of the blue says they don’t like Spanish food, not only will you look at them in disbelief, but you will try to convince the person that they don’t know what they are talking about. You’ll say, “Really? I bet it was because the person who cooked the food didn’t know how to make it. Where did you go for Spanish food… Poland?”

How could anyone not like Spanish food? What’s wrong with them?  Take it from us, Spanish food is the best food in the world! You dare defy us?



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  1. I hate when you dont like our food and you wont even f*****g try it so shut the **** up hypocrit.

    Whats funny is you will snort your nose and say **** like, eww I cant eat that to non spanish food and make a ugly *** face and makes me want to ***** you in the face. But yeah go ahead and be a typical hypocritical latino, carry on. lol. Mierda.

  2. Hi Yuano.

    I wrote this article and understand the polemic between Hispanic, Spanish, and Latino terms. I wrote Spanish food (though I’m sure most of us know the difference between Latino food and Spanish food) because that’s what we all call it. I never heard any Latino say, “Yum, I’m in the mood for LATINO food.” Even if it is rice and frijoles, most of the time we call it Spanish food. Ole!


  3. 1. what the **** is spanish food? they have colombian food, mexican food, argentinian food, brazilian food, but there is not such a thing as spanish food.

    2. food from spain is what you would call spanish food… paella, tapas and so.

    3. whoever wrote this article is a ******* moron!

  4. You do realize that Spanish food and Latin American food are different right? Spanish food is an acquired taste since it tends to not be as fully seasoned when compared to many others…aka it’s bland to the taste buds of many, especially to Americans, hence the reason it never caught on there.
    Spanish food and English food tend to fight for last place when it’s comes to food taste in Europe.

  5. AHAHAHA!This is so very true. I too wanted to commit violence on someone once when they didn’t like my mom’s homeade flan. The spitting out thing some people do is the worst.

    No no, even worse is when someone just stares at the food without trying it and turning up their nose. Aagh, rage!

  6. Love some Spanish foods not all.Yes I’m latina but some foods are weird or they just taste bad.Also depends who is cooking the food.

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