LOVE: Brazilian Jeans

Latinas LOVE Brazilian jeans. Brazilian jeans are made out of cotton and spandex. They tend to come in a low-rider fit, skinny, and bootcut styles with no back (or very small) pockets making our derriere look curvier and sexier. Brazilian jeans are a must in a Latina’s closet. We mustn’t give all our secrets away, but it keeps the guys going gaga hooraying for BJs!



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  1. I love love love Brazilian jeans! They have the perfect amount of stretch for my Boriqua booty…. And….. I never have camel toe.
    If they look slutty, it’s not the jeans! If they’re too tight in the front…. Go up a size.
    Plus it’s all in how you wear them. ; )

  2. These jeans are overrated. They make the butt look great but they give you the most obvious camel toe. I want my jeans to look sexy not slutty.

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