LOVE: Cursing The Child’s Other Parent

LATINOS love cursing their child’s other parent. You will always hear them say something along the lines of, “Me cag@ en tu padre maldito lo sea! A mi no salistes!” (cursing their baby daddy and damning him). Or you will hear the father curse the child’s mom, “Maldita sea, salistes igual de hija de p*** que tu madre!” I don’t think we do this in a hurtful way. It is a method we use to remind our children that they have some traits similar to that of  the other parent, in the case the child forgets. Moreover, Latina women are really smart, they will NEVER curse themselves out. Even if they are really upset, they won’t ever swear themselves into damnation. Instead they’d say, “Me cag@ en la madre que te vuelva a parir!” (I damn the mother who gives birth to you again). Do you want to know who is even smarter? The child. The kid will understand that either parent is having a bad day and that they don’t mean what they’ve said resulting in him/her not taking such light comments personal at all.

Don’t underestimate us. Our next generation is so bright… they’ll conquer the world!



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  1. lol thats the funniest shit I’ve ever heard. Latino women are smart in being tricky and having the bitchiest attitude lol

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