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Latinos who grew up to this music by their baby boomer parents, will know and have a deep love for artists such as Puerto Rican singer, Luis Gonzalez. I was five years old when I used to listen to his songs. Fortunately, his music can still be found on Amazon along with many other artists of his time. It has been very difficult for me to find more information on Gonzalez. However, I hear he is still alive and that he resides in Pennsylvania. We hope he is doing well. I have been trying to contact his family to conduct an interview with him, since to us he is most certainly golden. If I hear from them, I will let you all know. For now, let’s just enjoy his songs that bring wonderful memories of when I used to sit down next to my dad and listen to them. This is the type of music that inspired me to be the writer I am today.



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  1. Yo lo conosco por muchos años ahora se encuentra en un hospital esta en coma de tantos amigos q tenia cuando cantaba ya no tiene a nadie da pena ver a mi amigo solo yo voy tadas las semanas averlo y cuando miro la lista de visitas el unico nombre q aparese semanas tras semanas es el de mi esposa y el mio nadie lo visita pero cuando cantaba ay estaba todo el mundo paqui y pa ya pero ahora q el nesesita no ay nadie pero yo siempre estare ay para el tengo fotos de el ahora en el hospital nesesita muchas oraciones

  2. On the topic of Luis Gonzales his a good friend of the family. On the comments that Efrain made are true. But it never stop him from being a good person regardless of his situation. His in the hospital now my parents visit daily I just hope and pray that he makes it. I also grew up knowing but dint believe he was star until we seen him in tv then dinner at my house in PR. Now we in Phila and his always been welcome nothing change from our friendship. Wish him well if you still interested in a interview with him right now will be difficult but if he pulls through this that can be arrange. Even tho his done with being in the spot light. He said it millions of times.

  3. I hate to say that he is not doing that well. I here he is very sick and has several dependencies. He hangs around latino bars and has even been known to ask for money for beer. I am 63 and grew up on his music. I hope I am misinformed, for his sake. He does live in Philadelphia. I will try to confirm his life and whereabouts.

  4. Well, if true, that most certainly makes me view him differently. Violence against women is a huge no no.

  5. When I was 8 years old I saw my mom laying in the hospital bed because a man shot her in the leg her husband at the time what he shooter because he was jealous this man is Luis Gonzalez now I forgive him for what he did I have no hate towards him I’m a man of God now but I do love his music and bring back some good memories when I was a child if I could ever meet him again I will give them a hug and tell him I love him

  6. I have most of Luis Gonzalez recordings. He is well known within the Latino community in New York. I saw him at the teatro Puerto Rico in NYC back in 1974. MY mother was a huge fan, as well as my dad. Luis Gonzalez is a native from San Lorenzo Puerto Rico. I have an LP autograph by him dated 10/2014, seems that he is stil alive. He recorded for Flor-Mex and Serval Records.

  7. OMG that is amazing! Tell him I’m willing to promote his touring information on my site for FREE. I’m a huge fan! And so is my father.

  8. I see him at work, he is getting ready for his tour. He resides in Philly and is on his way to traveling around the globe.

  9. I know of his whereabouts. He is doing well. He is very much alive.

  10. I wish I knew. Last time I heard he was in PA. I tried contacting his family when I created this post, but didn’t get a response. I hope he’s doing well, am a huge fan.

  11. I also grew up listening to Luis Gonzalez as a child and now that I’m 29 years old I have a vast collection of Luis Gonzalez CD’s. I listen to his music ALL the time!

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