LOVE: Novelas (Soap Operas)

Latinos love Novelas! Novelas are so important in our daily lives that when they’re on, family and everything else comes in second. Novelas are a ritual. We tune in to watch our favorite soap opera every day, religiously, until the chapter is finished. We fall in love with the protagonists and get all excited when watching it. There’s always a villain who tries to play the good girl and we die of suspense/irritation as we yell, “Hija de la gran p***! She’s lying! No le creas!” As if the characters could hear us. The worst part is, for those Latinos/viewers who can’t differentiate fact from fiction, they actually think is a real life story and they end up hating the actors with a passion. SECRET: Something a Latino man will NEVER admit is that some of them like novelas too!



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