LOVE: Pasteles

pastelesIt’s about that time! Latinos LOVE Pasteles (especially during the holiday season). Pasteles are good, but labor intensive to make. They are made out of meat and green bananas, although some people make it differently and may substitute the guineos (bananas) with yautia or rice. Latinos like to add their own magic to them. Pasteles are very similar to tamales, but not the same. In order to make pasteles one needs to know how to make the dough that we call masa. Some people do it the old fashioned way and they grate the bananas with a guayadora (grater) to create the soft dough (masa). Then they place a portion of the dough on the green banana leaf. They add on the center of the masa some meat, olives, spicy peppers, and broth (ingredients vary) then they wrap it into a rectangle, tie and boil them. Pasteles need to be boiled in hot, steamy, salty water for about 45 minutes. The wonderful thing about pasteles is that you need to keep them refrigerated (frozen) and they can last days if not weeks in your fridge until you are ready to cook them. They are delicious!



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