LOVE: Pedir La Bendicion [Asking For The Blessing]

Latinos love to ask their parents/grandparents/other significant relatives for the blessing. Not in any weird way, it is just the norm for us. We see our parents, aunts, uncles, or abuelos and we say, “Bendicion”. It is tradition. They reply with a, “Que Dios te bendiga” (May God bless you). It is a must and rather customary. Every time we see them it becomes second nature to ask for and receive our blessings. So if you were wondering, then there you’ve got it. Now you know why Latinos are truly blessed!



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  1. You know you’ve messed up when you forget to say it to relative, cause you know hell is going to rain all over you.

  2. Maybe the Cubans and Dominicans you know don’t do it but if they’re from the motherland they do so. It’s like hearing south Americans say “Mande” bendicion is our word and custom in the Caribbean and Mexico. My Honduran stepsister doesn’t do it but my ecuadirian best friend growing up did so I can’t speak for the other Latino countries

  3. I think the “Bendicion” tradition is indigineous to Puerto Rico. Dominicans, Cubans and other latinos don’t have that tradition.

  4. That is so true gracias. But. When my grandma gives me the blessing my cousin always says TE JODISTE!

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