LOVE: Plastic Sofa Covers

Latinos LOVE covering their furniture in plastic, in order for it not to get ruined. This is irritable! Yes, we get it, they’re childproof, but they also stick to your skin like hell and it hurts when you get up. It is torture.  Especially when we have extreme humid weather. It makes you feel uncomfortable, sweaty, and you must get up off your seat slowly, because if you get up too fast it will feel as if you’re peeling off a layer of your skin. You know what’s even more worse? When the house is cold, that plastic feels like an ice cube on your derriere!



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  1. I think it’s funny that all the commentors WANT the covers, one lady for good reason. However Angel – if people bring bugs into the house and the bugs don’t get into the sofa, don’t you think they will still get into the HOUSE? Oddly, I thought these were a Jewish grandmother thing so it was funny finding them here.

  2. Susie, don’t know. Sorry. Try asking at a furniture store, they may be able to refer you to someone who does this.

  3. Where can I buy the zippered furniture covers like in the picture ? I am desperate. My cats brought poison ivy in the house & we have breathed it in until everyone is very ill & having to take steroids to get over it. I went into anaphylaxis (toxic shock syndrome).

  4. Where do I find plastic covers like that. It’s not kids or pet’s I’m worried about it’s bugs. U never know when someone could come over w/ one on them and then they make a nest in ur couch.

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