LOVE: Ponche de Huevo

LATINOS love Ponche de Huevo also called Jugo de Ponche. Ponche is a drink (usually made with grape juice, malta, or milk) blend in with raw eggs and sugar. It may sound nasty, but it tastes delish! Want to make it? We’ll teach you how. Take two eggs and get rid of the egg white, but keep the yolks. Mix the yolks with two teaspoons of sugar (if you want it sweeter you can add as much as desired) and keep mixing until creamy. Then pour the mixture in an 8oz. glass of juice or milk, blend well, and enjoy!



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  1. love the pretty soft yellow color the eggs and sugar turn once its been beaten for a while.

  2. salmonella is from the egg shells not the egg itself. As long as the eggs are washed it’s fine and delicious although it’s extremely high in calories.

  3. Mix this with coffee and u got what my great grandmother called an amazing drink and pick me up

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