Dr. Robert Ray Says Puerto Rican Women Have the Best Bodies

PR Roselyn SanchezAOL Latino reports that E!’s Dr. 90210 a.k.a. Dr. Robert Rey (who is Brazilian) stated to “Prime Hora” (a Latino Newspaper) that “Big breasts such as Pamela Anderson’s ruin a woman’s appearance. Sizes D and DD are from the 90′s and now the trend is to look like Jennifer Aniston or Carmen Electra. A size B or C is enough… I love the Puerto Rican’s body.  ‘Boricuas’ have the most beautiful hips and booty. They are women with class, and have an elegant and chic walking style. That makes them look pretty… they look European with that style.” The AOL writers were not convinced, and so they ponder, “We wonder if he has said that in other countries where he’s promoting the Shapewear line.”

Obviously those AOL writers haven’t been to Puerto Rico, where most of the women in the island don’t need the Shapewear line!

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