HATE: Pyramid Schemes

Throughout my life, I cannot tell you how many Latinos I know who have been tricked into promoting products for companies that are, let’s be real—pyramid schemes. From selling protein shakes that miraculously make you lose weight to outdated makeup no one under 150 years old would be interested in, one thing that is undeniable is that Latinos are being targeted. Why is this so? There’s not enough talk in the community because people aren’t informed. They are promised riches, depending on how big they dream, yet it turns out to be their biggest nightmare. In the end, these pyramid schemes enrich those at the top leaving those at the bottom poorer than they were before. John Oliver (who we LOVE!) has a video explaining what Multilevel Marketing is. It’s very informative. Do tell us if you are in the MLM business and what the outcome has been for you.



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