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13 Mar

LOVE: Limber

Latinos LOVE Limber! Different countries in Latin America may have different names for it, but I am going with the one I am familiar with. Limber de Coco is very popular, however, some people make it in different flavors. Limbers are basically homemade popsicles where the flavorful juice is inserted in plastic dixie cups, frozen, and ready to be served. Limbers were 25¢ when I was younger (which wasn’t too long ago *ahem*). Now, some people sell them from 50¢ to $1.00. Talk about highway robbery!  For me, as a child, there was nothing more refreshing than eating a frozen limber when the sun was burning outside with all its might. Ever tried making this and putting it inside an ice cube tray instead? It will still turnout yum! Have you ever had Limber?

28 Mar

LOVE: Limber

LATINOS love limber.  Limber is just some sort of juice frozen in a cup, and you lick it as you would an ice pop (in a cup without the Popsicle stick). The only difference is that it is less messy,  because the juice that leaks does not fall all over your hands, it remains in the cup and then you can just drink it.  Latinos are pretty creative when making limber.  They will make limber in as many flavors possible: coconut, cherry, strawberry, tamarind, etc., Limbers are good, you can make them at home out of any of your favorite fruit juices.  Some people even put them on ice trays and make limber ice cubes.  Even if you buy them from the lady down the street (they used to be 25 cents when I was growing up), they are still NOT expensive and remain a lot cheaper than regular ice cream.  You can make your own limber, it is as easy as 1-2-3.  Click on the link below for the fun and sweet recipe.

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