Trump to his Supporters Attacking Minorities, “STOP IT!”

In an interview for 60 Minutes, Lesley Stahl met with President-elect Donald Trump. Stahl asked Trump many important questions about job creation, the border, and recent attacks against minorities. He responded, “I’m very SURPRISED to hear that… I am so saddened to hear that, and I say stop it, if it helps, I will say this, and I will say it right to the camera— STOP IT.” Stahl followed, “I want to ask you all about something that’s going on right now around the country. A lot of people are afraid. They’re really afraid. African Americans think there’s a target on their back. Muslims are terrified.” Donald Trump said, “I think it’s horrible if that’s happening. I think it’s built up by the press because, frankly, they’ll take every single little incident that they can find in this country, which could’ve been there before. If I weren’t even around doing this, and they’ll make into an event because that’s the way the press is.” Stahl asked his family, “Do any of you want to say anything about this fear that’s out there?” Donald Trump, Jr. stressed, “I– I think the fears, you know, while they may be there, some fabricated, some not— are totally unfounded.” The 45th President reiterated that he plans on building the wall. He also wants to repeal Obamacare, but promises to replace it with better healthcare for less money. Watch the rest on CBS News.



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