LOVE: Vicks Vaporub

VICKS cures everything… even terminal illnesses! Not true. But Latinos swear it saves lives. VICKS VapoRub is an over-the-counter medication by Procter & Gamble that helps one when having difficulty breathing. Vicks promises “Fast Cold Symptom Relief” and they deliver! It really opens up the nostrils. There probably isn’t a Latino household that doesn’t have Vicks in their medicine cabinet. Have a cold? Vicks! Sore Throat? Vicks! Got a cut? Vicks! Headache? Vicks! Runny Nose? Guess the answer… Vicks!!! Vicks needs to have commercials featuring only Latinos because thanks to us, we’ve brought them wealth galore. We’re expecting a thank you commercial. As a matter of fact, we’re demanding one. And yes, in the case you are wondering, we do have a few potes of Vicks lying around the house as well, it’s a lifesaver!



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