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LOVE: Black Lives Matter & Counterprotesters Come Together

Black Lives Matter & counterprotesters come together. This is a video that is a few months old, but it is very moving and I wanted to share it here on TLLOH. Black Lives Matter and White protesters come together realizing that unity is the answer. Law enforcement was very supportive at this event and this needs to be highlighted as well. This is a Latino website, and frankly, Latinos are not "one" thing. Many of us are mixed, some of us have biracial children, and we all come from different religious backgrounds. There will be posts on this blog that incorporates many different things that makes us who we are. 

In this video, the media showed how two opposing views managed to see eye to eye with frankness and humility. There's lots of misinformation. And I strongly hold fake news sites accountable for misinformation that has led to the brutal killings of many innocent people. There are also networks that spew lies, stir hatred and refuse to state facts. It's truly saddening what we're doing to our country. We are our country. And if we destroy each other then we're destroying America.


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