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LOVE: Allowing Children to Drink Coffee

As if Latino children needed a boost on becoming more hyperactive. Before you judge, let me express how much we LOVE coffee— Latinos LOVE coffee a lot! I remember, ever since I was a child my mom made coffee every morning for breakfast, and when we had guests over in the evenings, she made black coffee for them as well. My mom drinks decaffeinated coffee and my niece and nephews always have a bit of her coffee. They love it. They call her "Mamá", which is customary in our culture to call our grandmothers either that or abuela. Now, when you tell a non-Latino that the children in your household drink coffee, they will react as if you're giving them hard liquor. Knowing so many people are against this, I don't go spreading the word that the children in my family drink the black stuff.

I enjoy spending time with my familia. Sometimes I take my nephews shopping and although I do NOT like coffee (I am the rare exception), I like going in coffee shops to get one of their baked goods. Sure enough, in one of our recent trips, my 6-year-old nephew asked that I get him some coffee. I refused. The lady behind me quite flabbergasted asked, "Oh my, he doesn't drink coffee, does he?" With my best straight face ever I replied, "Noooo. Of course not!" And my bratty nephew went on a tantrum screaming, "YES I DO!! Mamá gives me coffee all the time. I want coffee!!!" Could you imagine the TERROR? I swiftly made my exit as some people shook their heads. I nearly died of embarrassment!

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