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HATE: That One Annoying Relative Who Thinks They're Better Than You

liesLatinos LOVE their family. But there's always that one annoying relative that seeing them even once every ten years seems like a lot. They are constantly competing without you even realizing it. They are the ones who make family reunions/parties awkward. If you tell them you went to Italy they'll respond, "Really, I visited all of Europe last summer!" If you buy a car, they go ahead and lease a more expensive model (even if they can't afford it). If you purchase a house, they'd tell you they're buying a bigger one. The funny thing is that just because they are this way they assume you are too when in reality you don't give a damn. In fact, you hope they hit the lottery, move to a private island and stay there. Why do people do this? Don't know.

Just enjoy life and be happy!

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