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LOVE: Artesanía

artesaniaThere's nothing better than visiting another country and bringing back home with you finely crafted work made by an artisan. Artesanía is a handcrafted artistic piece. It is not to be confused with just any arts and crafts. FONART states it is important to differentiate the two. Artesanía is "An object or product of community cultural identity, made by continuous manual processes. The basic raw materials used are usually obtained in the region inhabited by the artisans" (FONART). Artesanía sometimes can be expensive, but are such beautiful decorative objects (e.g., sculptures, glass, wood, jewelry, or hand painted apparel) that it is worth the added price. If you love art then you'll love artesanía.

Image source: Wikipedia

LOVE: Board Games (& Other Games)

LOVE: Rubik's Cube (a.k.a. Magic Cube)