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LOVE: Baby Oil


baby oilLatinos LOVE baby oil. We just love products we can use for multiple things and baby oil is one of them. It serves as a sun tanner, hair treatment, skin softener, and I refuse to mention other stuff we use it for because this is, after all, a PG-rated site. I tell you, my hair is naturally wavy. My grandmother, mom, and two out of four sisters have that perfect super pin straight shiny hair. My two other sisters and I have body and curls, something my grandma did not know how to deal with when we were little girls. So, what did she do one time out of utter frustration with our tangled strands? She poured nearly an entire bottle of baby oil on our heads literally where drops of oil were dripping down like an unrepaired leaky faucet. What a nightmare. I shampooed every day, twice a day, for over a week, and I still had that greasy wet look!

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