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LOVE: Believing in Voodoo

Latinos LOVE believing in Voodoo, even those who are quite religious or skeptics, still acknowledge that evil exists. We mentioned Santeria and Psychics before on this site, but it is not the same as Voodoo. When you practice Voodoo (which by the way is a syncretic religion said to be created by African slaves that were brought to Haiti), you're casting a spell on someone to see their downfall.

Voodoo is some sort of sorcery/necromancy where you make a prayer to a saint, spirit, or demon and invoke them to give somebody a living hell. Some people go to the extreme as to interring raw meat with a person's name in a cemetery, or buying a doll, giving it the individual's name you want to destruct, and pinning the toy in areas where you want to torture the person you so much love hate. It is also believed that if someone does voodoo on you, and a pet of yours dies, it means that your beloved animal caught the spell and saved you from it.

I have an aunt who suffers from paranoia and is really into this. She's quite neurotic always thinking someone is doing voodoo on her. When I was a little girl, my mom took me over to her house that was always dark and cold adorned with candles/saints. The only place I didn't find eerie was her living room where she had a huge fish tank with the most beautiful fishes ever. I found peace and solace just staring at it. One day she came in running saying she forgot to feed the fish and she did, but she gave them sprinkles of food. I thought, "Well, that's a whole lot of fish, they're killing each other for those crumbs, that won't fill them up!" So when she left, I gave them almost the entire can. I was happy thinking I did a good deed, watching them eat away.

The next day my mom gets a phone call.  It was my aunt screaming and crying. My mom urged her to relax and asked what happened. She yelled, "I told you, I told you someone was doing voodoo on ME! And who caught the spell? My fish! I woke up this morning and they were all dead!"

My mom glanced at me with a doubtful look knowing I had something to do with it (since I spent the evening quietly, behaving extremely well in my aunt's living room).  She consoled my aunt by replying, "I guess you were right, relax, and let's pray." A few minutes later she hangs up the phone, turns to me  as she chuckled and said, "You're lucky she's a nutcase. This time I'll let you slide."

Bless my mom, but most importantly, bless the believers!

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