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HATE: Cabbage Patch Kids

cabbage-patch-dollsCabbage Patch Kids® are dolls that were extremely popular in the 80s. I always wanted one! But my mom wasn't trying to hear it. Here's an odd story I am going to share with you that if you're not Hispanic, I'm sure you don't know it. While many Latinos did own this toy, the majority of us weren't fans. There was a RUMOR circulating in the Latino community that the owner/creator of the doll gave his soul to the devil to obtain success and that they were all possessed. As a result, many Latinos abstained from purchasing these big cheeks soft belly wool hair dolls. Did you get to own a CPK? And if so, did you experience any paranormal activity? Not that we believe the rumors. We're just checking!

LOVE: Headbands

LOVE: Coin Collecting