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LOVE: Pork Fried Skins (Chicharrón)

Chicharrón is pork fried skin. Chicharrón also called Chicharrónes or pork rinds, are very popular amongst Latin Americans, but also favored in the Philippines. Some people like to mix them in with other foods, while others prefer to eat them as a snack. Especially in the United States where they are sold in plastic bags and eaten the same way as potato chips. They tend to be deep fried, puffy, super salty, and crunchy. You need a good set of teeth for these.

They also come flavored in spicy hot (because we love hot sauce). Chicharrónes are extremely high in fat and sodium so for those of you who suffer from hypertension, we don't recommend them. In general, they serve as yet another unhealthy snack those days you're hungry, on a hurry and on a go.

Damn it if you are what you eat, then we've got two words for you— OINK*OINK.

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