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LOVE: Class Dismissed: How TV Frames the Working Class

Class Dismissed: How TV Frames the Working Class is such a great documentary and one worth watching as it explains the portrayal of women, minorities, and the working class in the media. It's by Dr. Pepi Leistyna, written and produced with Loretta Alper. Leistyna is a Harvard grad and professor of Applied Linguistics at the University of Massachusetts Boston. The narrator, Ed Asner states how Latinos continue to be marginalized in the media, "While the growing importance of the Latino demographic has resulted in a small increase in representations, most Latinos are still confined to cable and Spanish language networks" (Alper, 2005). Leistyna adds, "On television, you can really see what this assimilation process is supposed to look like. According to this advertising driven media, is the acquisition of consumer goods, you know… becoming less ethnic and looking more like these aspirational middle class American families.” Through pop culture the working class is constantly being depicted as savages, lazy, and uneducated people. What are your thoughts? And how are your favorite television shows illustrating people who look like you? Do you find it realistic? What subliminal messages are they sending? This documentary will definitely get you to think intently about these questions.

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