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LOVE: Cosmetic Brands Creating Products that also Compliment Women of Color

colourpopCosmetic brands creating products that also compliment women of color is amazing. And it's also about time! I've always loved fashion and beauty. And in the past, while cosmetic brands say their products are made for all women, there's some women of color who couldn't use their makeup because they weren't made with them in mind. I would always see one or two lines for black or brown women that featured darker hues. But the selections weren't wide enough and the lines had a limited amount of products. However, lately, in the beauty community I've noticed fresh new faces, CEO's entering the industry with gorgeous cosmetics that compliment all women. These startups are now making millions of dollars because they're getting it. Their sales are increasing and that of established companies are decreasing. It's common sense. I think some professionals in the field have caught up and understand that beauty doesn't discriminate and it shouldn't start with them.

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