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LOVE: Pan Cubano (Cuban Bread)

cuban bread-lrLATINOS love Cuban bread or Pan Cubano. It doesn't matter if you are Peruvian or Puerto Rican, if you are Latino you love bread, ALL breads. It is inarguable! You like pan largo, pan corto, pan dulce y sobre todo you love Pan Cubano. Oye chica no lo niegues que tus caderas dicen otra cosa! Cuban bread is so soft, cushiony, and tasty you can eat an entire loaf by yourself and not even realize it. I know you're probably thinking that all breads are made like this. Not true. Cuban bread is the bread of all breads. They should call it the Mother Cuban bread because it rules!

As you can see from the image above, it may not look like the Cuban bread you eat. That's okay. They're made differently, but it is still super buttery tasty especially when dipped in hot chocolate or coffee. What's even better? Eating  la "teta" del pan before you get home cuando todavia esta calientito. Once you eat the ends of the bread that is it. You violated el pan.  And if somebody else in your family likes las tetas and you ate them, it is certain que se van a enojar. 

Congratulations! Gracias a ti, you just ruined breakfast para los demas.

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