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LOVE: Believing In El Cuco

monsterLATINOS believe in el Cuco (monster). And do you know why? Because our parents made us believe that the *cuco* a.k.a. a monster, exists, and he would come after us if we didn't behave or fell asleep on time. Cuco is also spelled Kuko. Either way, it still means the same and if there's one living in your closet, you're toast! You better shut your eyes and start counting sheep if you don't want it to come out and get you. Only heaven knows what will happen if the cuco gets a hold of poor little you. Of course, if you were sort of a smart kid you probably didn't believe in any monsters. That was until your mom convinced you that she personally knows el CUCO! She has met and seen him and she means business. If you are playing around and your mom asks you to do something and you are insubordinate, brace yourself. Once your mom says, "Sigue, que esta noche va a venir el cuco y te va a comer." (Keep it up, tonight the monster *cuco* is going to come get you and eat you.) You know that's NOT a joke.

El cuco is your parents' hitman. If you don't do what she tells you, you are a dead kid walking!

LOVE: Piraguas o Raspado

HATE: When Other People Don't Like Spanish Food