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LOVE: Cuenta De Azabache

evil eye

Latinos LOVE love La Cuenta de Azabache, which is a black stone carved to resemble a fist that supposedly captures all jealousy and envy. It is an amulet meant to protect the wearer against all malice. We call this type of negative energy that someone may cast upon us, "Mal de Ojo". It is usually meant to be worn by infants/babies that when born are extremely beautiful and people may praise the child so much that they jinx them.

La Cuenta de Azabache should ward off all evil, and not harm the person wearing it.  While children are the ones that may wear it more often than adults, adults still may purchase one if they feel someone's jealousy is affecting their positive energy.  We also believe in "Los Ojos De Santa Lucia", which serves the same purpose, but instead of a black fist it is an eye that watches and protects you against all wickedness all of the time.

Superstition or not it is widely used in our culture and many Latinos do believe in it.

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