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LOVE: Valentine's Day (Día de San Valentín)

valentines dayLatinos LOVE El Día de San Valentín (Valentine's Day) that is also for us El Día del Amor y la Amistad (The day of love and friendship). What does this mean? That for Latinos, it's not a day to show only our partners love and affection, but also to our friends and family. Till this very day, my mom always gets me a Valentine's Day gift. My Latino friends also text me, send me a card, or give me chocolates (my favorite) to express how much they care. While Valentine's Day is observed for many Latinos on February 14th, it does vary by country. Brazil celebrates it on June 12 ('Dìa dos Namorados'), and in Bolivia is on September 21 (Día del amor y la amistad').

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