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LOVE: Conversations in the Doctor's Office

doctors office-lrToday, I had a doctor's appointment, and if anything delights me while I'm in the waiting room, is seeing other Latinos there. They are just warm, friendly, and talkative. I LOVE my people, even more so, how honest they are. I sat next to a Latina elderly lady. She starts conversing with me and says I look like a muchachita which prompted her to ask my age, loudly. I was reluctant to answer at first, as I thought, "Great, what is she going to ask me next, the color of my panties?" But NOT me, no way, Latinos respect their elders. I told her. I would've told her whatever she wanted to know. She talked about her grandchildren, her sons, and how much tougher life is for people her age. She was absolutely adorable. She said that now that she's old she lives in fear of going out, getting robbed, or shot. I said, "Getting shot? By who?" She replies, "Mira nena, la Policíaaa! ¿Tu no ves las noticias? Eso está malo, uno no puede ni levantar las manos, te matan y ya!" :lol:  LVE mi gente.

LOVE: Rosca de Reyes (Roscón de Reyes)

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