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LOVE: Drama

Latinos love drama (we're sure the term "hyperbole" was created to describe a Latino's conversation). Latinos exaggerate and overemphasize things. (Just as I am doing NOW!!!). DRAMA. We usually do this subconsciously. When something happens we just don't know how to react. Hollywood needs us, because if we can bring drama into real life, imagine what we can do for the big screen!

I have a friend who is Half-German and Half-Latino. Once he had a terrible headache, so bad he couldn't resist the pain. He was staying at his father's house (his German side of the family). He was a bit worried and he told his father how he felt. His dad's response? "Oh stop being a baby, just take an aspirin and you'll be fine." Not convinced, he called his mom. Her response? "Hijo de P*** te me vas a MORIR!!! Llama a una ambulancia! Ay Dios Santo!" All of a sudden my friend's migraine went away, because now his only concern was that he didn't cause his mom a heart attack. See the difference? Sounds familiar? DRAMA!

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