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LOVE: Empanadas

empanadasLatinos LOVE Empanadas. The name comes from the verb empanar, meaning to wrap in bread. Empanadas are similar to a Jamaican patty, but not the same. Empanadas are made out of dough stuffed with meat, fish, potato or cheese then they are baked or fried.  Naturally, you can stuff them with anything you desire, but most people favor them with meat. Different countries make them differently, but the majority of the time they come in a semi-circular shape. They are very popular amongst Latinos. They are easy to make and taste divine. Latinos love rellenarlas with beef, chicken or ham and cheese (sort of like an empanada sandwich). You can eat them any time during the day, but most people prefer them for breakfast.

LOVE: Thinking They Are All Doctors

LOVE: Pimpinela