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LOVE: Cojer Fiao

LATINOS love buying things FIAO. Fiao is more like an I.O.U. You get the goods now and pay for them later. Back in the day business owners (in Latino communities) were known for allowing customers to take things on a "FIAO" basis. But a lot has changed since then. There are very few people who do this. Business is business. However, there are still some individuals who are short on cash and may want to take home what they need NOW and pay the grocery or retail store at an agreed time. It isn't like a layaway plan. With layaways you don't take the items home until they are fully paid for. When you buy something fiao you are allowed to take everything with you immediately. It is to the discretion of the manager to tell you by when you need to pay him back.

It may be with or without interest, whatever his interest may be.

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