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Gender Wage Gap Affects Latinas the Most

gender pay gap

The gender wage gap affects Latinas the most. When it comes to the gender wage gap women have been fighting for equality to earn the same as men for the same job they do for over half a century. Yet, the one that the gender wage gap continues affecting the most is Latinas.

The gender wage gap exists in every state, and nearly every occupation (including female dominated ones such as nursing) with no concrete answer as to why. Since the second-wave of feminists it is no denying the battle intensified and there has been progress with White women earning $0.78 out of the dollar (recent findings say it is now a bit higher, but the disparities are still there). When compared to White men, White and Asian women are getting close to reaching equality. But the same cannot be said of all women, especially other women of color.

The American Association for University Women (AAUW) state that in 2013 Asian American women earned 90%, White women 78%, Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander 65%, African-American 64%, American Indian and Alaska Native 59% and Latinas are the least paid at 54% in comparison to what White men earn. AAUW took many things into consideration including education and experience as to why most women of color are more affected and found:

Still, while education improves take-home pay for everyone, many women of color tend to be paid less than their white peers even when they have the same educational background. This tells us that educational background isn’t the whole story. A possible explanation is discrimination, whether overt or implicit. Both forms of bias can affect take-home pay. (Wallace, 2014)

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