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LOVE: Gold Jewelry With Their Name On It

Latinos love gold jewelry with their names on it. It can be a ring, earrings (highly preferred) or a necklace. Either way Latinos think it is cool, pretty, and trendy. And they will pay lots of hard cash for it even if they don't have got it. Can you say layaway? Take heed, having your name emblazoned on a piece of jewelry takes the fun away from things. If you are a hot Latina, or one with a nice rear, and you pass by a group of Latino guys, what is the first thing they do? Latino men are NOT shy! They will try to get with you. And they will start by guessing your name, "Lisa, Maria, Rosa, Carmen..." And they will go on and on until one of them gets it right and you look back. However, if you are walking around with jewelry that has your name in shiny, big, bold, gold, glittery letters, they don't have to ponder, now do they? He'll read it and then say, "Maria huh?  That's pretty like you and such a unique name,  seXXXy!"


LOVE: Candles

HATE: Saying "Left" Or "Right"