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Governor of Puerto Rico Says He is Convinced he will get Re-elected

Puerto Rico is facing a debt crisis. Governor Alejandro García Padilla recently made a statement that they cannot afford to pay their $72 billion debt. A report in The New York Times stated, "Despite its problems, Puerto Rico has strengths that could be better exploited. The island could be a much bigger tourism destination than it is; many of its neighbors, like the Dominican Republic and Cuba, attract more visitors than it does. It has a large pool of educated and bilingual workers. It needs an economic plan that plays to those advantages." Work needs to be done, but there's still hope that they will bounce back and I will be following its progress and updating you all.  As for now, I'm sharing this video. A few months ago, a journalist interviewed the governor of PR and asked him if he thinks he is going to get re-elected, he answered yes. Now look at the reporter's reaction. *Mental slap*

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