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HATE: Saying "Left" Or "Right"

LATINOS hate saying the words "left" and "right". Not in purpose. We're not even conscious about our hatred towards these two terms/form of directions. They are just not widely used in our vocabulary. Don't believe me? Fine. Sit a Latino on the passenger side of your car. Ask him/her for directions. Notice how the individual who is directing you will say, "Dobla para alla (pointing to the left), y cuando llegues a la luz, dobla para aca" (pointing to the right). They are signaling you with their hands where you need to turn.

It doesn't matter if you don't speak our language. You will still understand where you need to go even if "u na spika Spanitch". So no worries. But make sure you listen. If you ignore them, screw up and turn the wrong way that will really make them mad making them retort with a "Mijo te dije pa'ya, pa'ya, y ahora pa'ca, pa'ca!"

Rings a bell?  We thought so!

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