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HATE: When Other People Don't Like Spanish Food

LATINOS hate when other people state that they hate Spanish food. It is extremely insulting and beyond offensive when someone does not have similar taste buds to us. Have you ever given someone one of our dishes to eat? And you hope they will eat it, smile, and say "Mmm que rico"? But instead they are repulsed by it and put a face of disgust as they spit it out. That really pisses us off!

We want to choke the ingrate and make them chug the rice. There are times we are in denial. If someone out of the blue says they don't like Spanish food, not only will you look at them in disbelief, but you will try to convince the person that they don't know what they are talking about. You'll say, "Really? I bet it was because the person who cooked the food didn't know how to make it. Where did you go for Spanish food... Poland?"

How could anyone not like Spanish food? What's wrong with them?  Take it from us, Spanish food is the best food in the world! You dare defy us?

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