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Income Inequality Affects Women of Color The Most

womanWomen have been fighting for equality for over a century, and although we've seen progress, we can't say we're at an equal level with men when it comes to income. Why is income equality so important? Did you know that women who earn less are more likely to suffer from health problems, are prone to experience domestic abuse, and it also threatens their offspring’s survival rate? Women who have children, and work, but do not earn enough will remain and entangle their families in the cycle of poverty. It doesn't matter what vocation they are in, women of color earn less than their male counterparts. AmericanProgress.org states, "Lower income for all women, particularly those of color, means less money to support their families with necessities such as housing, food, education, and health care. Closing the pay gap is even more important for women of color who are more likely than their white counterparts to be breadwinners." Less pay means less chances of succeeding and surviving. It's a silent killer.

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