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LOVE: Iris Chacon

Iris Chacon: Before Jennifer Lopez there was Puerto Rican singing, dancing and acting sensation— Iris Chacon. Chacon was the hottest entertainer in the island of Puerto Rico who later became one of the most well known international stars in the world. Her fiery red hair, bold fashion costumes and killer curves are what put her on the map. Her measurements 38-25-42 is what made this voluptuous babe an all time favorite and the way she shook it had all the guys going gaga.

She had her own show where she captivated her audience. Once it came on ALL men religiously tuned in. Their eyes were fixed on the tube and their attention was all for Iris Chacon. I remember when I was 5 years old, had I dare run past the television when she was on my dad would’ve had smacked me silly. When it was Chacon time, you leave pops alone and every man who was in a trance for that hour.

HATE: People Who Think We "No Habla Ingles"

LOVE: Flag Pride