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Latinas Are Taking the Entrepreneurial Route

jlo businesswomanLatinas Are Taking the Entrepreneurial Route. The National Women's Business Council reports that the number of Latina entrepreneurs is rising. Latinas who are the least paid in the workforce are looking for other alternatives, and that is—working for themselves. The NWBC states:

  • One in 10 (10.2%) of all women-owned firms across the country are owned by Hispanic women.
  • There are 787,914 Hispanic women-owned businesses in the United States. This reflects a tremendous 45.7% increase in number since 2002 and a 133.3% increase since 1997. In comparison, Hispanic men-owned businesses grew 84.1% from 1997 to 2007.
  • Hispanic women-owned firms across the country have total receipts of $55.7 billion. The total receipts of Hispanic women-owned firms grew 57.8% since 2002.
  • The remaining 6.7% of the firms have paid employees, employing a total of 363,430 people across the country with a payroll of $9.3 billion. These employer firms have average receipts of $745,729.

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