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HATE: When Latinos are Portrayed on TV Speaking in a Heavy Accent

sofia vergaraBREAKING NEWS: NOT all Latinos speak like Sofia Vergara. Do some Latinos have accents? Yes. But not all. Many Latinos speak perfect English. I saw a commercial today for a tech school targeting Latinos and the actor playing a Latino (or he could have been Latino) had a very bad accent; he spoke broken English. Why was he chosen (Or asked to speak in such manner)? Just because to them, a Latino is incapable of speaking English well, right? It's saddening that companies and just many people in general don't know or refuse to learn anything about Latinos. They try to attract us as consumers, but they are doing a poor job at it. Obviously, we're no good for America, but our money certainly is. This form of advertisement is extremely offensive clearly showing that the people behind it have no knowledge concerning the groups they are targeting.

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