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Latinos are More Ambicultural

ambiculturalWhat does this mean? Basically, that Latinos don't have to assimilate or choose sides. They embrace both cultures and feel as much of a Latino as they do American. Fronterasdesk.org elaborates:

Because of her unique place in the multigenerational Hispanic family, and her willingness to seek relationships outside of it, the modern Latina is innately ambicultural® --able to pivot from English to Spanish, Latina to American, and back again without thinking about it. Ambicultural® connotes a willingness and ability to function competently in two cultures which is a very attractive cultural destination for Latinas. Hispanic women who feel equally Latina and American overwhelmingly want to stay that way (87 percent). Fifty percent of those who culturally feel more Latino than American and 71 percent of those who culturally feel more American than Latino, want to shift to the ambicultural® middle. The gravitational pull is to be culturally both American and Latino, without denying either end, and to fully embrace their duality.

Which category do you fall under?

Lisa M "Tu Pum Pum" (TBT)

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